Iran safety policy
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Iran Safety Policy. Kathryn Lizi Susan. Concerned with Iran’s nuclear energy program tries to monitor this by means of the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) inspect to make sure that the uranium enrichment isn’t above the necessary levels. United States. Iran.

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Iran safety policy

Iran Safety Policy




Iran safety policy

United States

Iran safety policy


  • Iran has been researching nuclear energy/weapons secretly

  • Contained uranium that had been enriched to higher levels then necessary

  • Claim to be pursuing nuclear technology for peaceful civilian purposes only

  • A nuclear-weapon design and centrifuges for uranium enrichment were obtained

  • Has a right to a legal nuclear energy program

  • Strong public support

World relation
World Relation

  • Nuclear research is a privilege

  • U.N. monitors nuclear research

  • Nuclear research can lead to abomination


  • U.S. refused to deal directly with Iran

  • U.S. is interested in controlling the nuclear research more

  • Germany, Britain, and France have made a deal with Iran

  • Iran wants to further nuclear research without restrictions

Policy options
Policy Options…

  • Impose sanctions

  • Multilateral talks with Iran and U.N.

  • Bilateral talks with Iran

  • Use force to control nuclear research

  • Monitor nuclear research more frequently

Our policy
Our Policy

  • Multilateral negotiations

  • Allow them to have nuclear research without interference

  • Make Iran an ally


Why not other policies
Why not other Policies?

  • Force would be inefficient

  • Lose our trades with Iran

  • Bilateral negotiations would bring down U.S. position

  • Sanctions wouldn’t work because Iran would continue nuclear research

The end

  • Kathryn

  • Lizi

  • Susan