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  1. Australia! Top Ten Tourist Sites

  2. The National Gallery of Australia has more than 10000 or Australia's finest pieces of art • Location:Parkes Place, Canberra. • They also feature some Aboriginal paintings • The building was constructed between 1974 and 1982. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on October 12, 1982. National Gallery of Australia

  3. Also known as the Sydney tower • It is the second tallest building in Australia • Has a 360 degree view of Australia • Location: Sydney Australia • has a revolving restaurant at the top • The construction began in 1975 and was finished in 1981 Amp Tower Centrepoint

  4. Also referred to as Ayers Rock • It’s a large sandstone rock formation • Location: Northern Territory, Australia • It is sacred to the Aborigines of the area, who are known as the Anangu • They believe it was formed when the universe was being created Uluru

  5. Port Arthur is the historic site of the Port Arthur massacre • This was when Martin Bryant killed 35 people on April 28,1996 most were at the Port Arthur prison • Location: Port Arthur, Tasmania at the prison • There’s also some restaurants and two hotels there Port Arthur

  6. This park is home to Aboriginal people, four major river systems • six major landforms • and 11990 different species of plants, animals, and insects • Location: Northern Territory, Australia • Was established in 1981 Kakadu National Park

  7. In the valley you can take a glass floored cable car to see the Three Sisters Rock Formation, Katoomba Falls and more • Location: in the Blue Mountains or New South Wales, Australia • you can also bushwalk, camp, and go on hiking tracks Jamison Valley

  8. The Reef stretches along 86 million acres along the Australian Coast • It is the world’s largest coral reef • Location: southwestern Pacific Ocean off the north-east coast of Australia • One way to visit the Reef is to on a cruise starting on one of the cities on the north Queensland coast • A popular jump-off point is Cairns on the far north Queensland coast Great Barrier Reef

  9. Also known as the Coathanger • The bridge is the world’s largest steel arched bridge • Location: Sydney, Australia • It opened on March 19th 1932 • It contains a number of telescopes to look over the whole city Sydney Harbor Bridge

  10. It is the largest sand island in the world • People go here to see its variety of beaches, many lakes and creeks, rainforest, and wildlife • Location: off the coast of Queensland, Australia • The only way to travel on the island is by 4 wheelers Fraser Island

  11. A multi-venue performing arts center • The venues are: The Concert Hall, Opera Theatre, The Drama Theatre, The Playhouse, The Studio, The Utzon Room, and The Forecourt • Location: Sydney, Australia • the opera house was completed in 1973 designed by JørnUtzon Sydney Opera House

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