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Australia Awards Scholarships

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Australia Awards Scholarships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Australia Awards Scholarships. Pre-departure Briefing: June 2014 Intake . 7-9 May 2014, SEDA Abreeza Hotel Davao City. Prepare for Australia! Presented by: Hazel May Brondial-Mallillin. Feeling great in my Morticia Addams outfit! Looking forward to a good day.

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australia awards scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships

Pre-departure Briefing: June 2014 Intake

7-9 May 2014, SEDA Abreeza Hotel Davao City

Prepare for Australia!

Presented by: Hazel May Brondial-Mallillin


Feeling great in my Morticia Addams outfit! Looking forward to a good day.

#goodvibes #notmyusualworkweek

on track for australia prepare
On track for Australia – Prepare!

Travel Documents:

Passport with appropriate visa

Plane ticket

Official Travel Authority

Pre-departure Kit sent by University

Other IDs

on track for australia prepare1
On track for Australia – Prepare!

Document Folder (hand carried, in check-in luggage, at home and scanned)

  • Original & Photocopy of Offer Letter
  • Original & Photocopy of Certified Academic Transcript of Records
  • Photocopy of IDs such as International Driver’s License (English Translation)
  • Phone List of important people (PAHRODF, school, office & at home)
  • Photocopy of passport & visa
  • Photocopy of plane ticket
  • Photocopy of your Official Travel Authority

Mobile phone/s

  • Passport
  • Camera
  • A pair of undies
  • Shirt
  • Jacket
  • Travel Documents

at a minimum 1 set of business attire

  • A week pack of clothes
  • Set of undergarments
  • 1 national costume
  • at a minimum 2 pairs of shoes
  • (casual & business)
  • 1 pair of slippers
  • Small sewing kit
  • Personal effects
  • Documents

Photos of Families

  • Favorite CD/DVD
  • Favorite Recipe
  • Contact Details of families, friends, PAHRODF, organisation, onshore awardees

Research! Research! Research!

  • Check Up: Dental & Optical checks
  • Learn basic computer skills
  • Read all materials provided by PAHRODF
  • Learn Aussie slang
airport reception temporary accommodation
Airport Reception & Temporary Accommodation
  • Provision of airport reception and temporary accommodation courtesy of your university
    • Arrangements will be made for you



Do not Carry:

  • Firearms
  • Steroids
  • Weapons
  • Any kind of illicit drugs
  • Goods for other people
  • Penalties:
      • Delays in clearing custom
      • AUD$220 on the spot fine
      • you could be prosecuted and face a fine of up to $AUD66,000 or 10 years imprisonment which may result in a criminal record

Departure at the Airport (NAIA):

  • Check in three (3) hours before departure
  • If possible, check in as a group
  • Have your passport, luggage and plane ticket ready to be presented at the departure gate
  • Get your boarding pass, passport and plane ticket after you have checked in your luggage
  • Take a look at your boarding pass and take note of the final destination, departure time, departure gate and seat
  • Check the back of your plane ticket and make sure that you have the luggage claim stubs

Departure at the Airport:

  • Once you have your boarding pass, passport, plane ticket and luggage claim stub/s in your hand, proceed to the booth where you pay the terminal fee. Terminal fee is Php550.00 at the moment
  • Complete the immigration departure card or embarkation card
  • Present your passport, ticket and Immigration Departure card to the Immigration Officer
  • Proceed to the departure gate or holding area and wait for your boarding time

“When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.”

Ellen DeGeneres