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ISO 12647

ISO 12647. AUSTRALIA: HEADING FOR STANDARDIZATION. Australia TC-130 Presentation. By Yves Roussange and David Crowther 10/2007. CONTENT. How it all Started Why Standardize? What is it all about? The German Experience Aussies’ Success Stories Customer Expectation. ABOUT ISO.

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ISO 12647

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  1. ISO 12647 AUSTRALIA: HEADING FOR STANDARDIZATION Australia TC-130 Presentation By Yves Roussange and David Crowther 10/2007

  2. CONTENT • How it all Started • Why Standardize? • What is it all about? • The German Experience • Aussies’ Success Stories • Customer Expectation

  3. ABOUT ISO • What ISO does • Develops International Standards for anything • What ISO does not do • Carry out certification of conformity to its standards • What ISO standards achieve • Help ensure quality, safety, economy, efficiency, etc • ISO - the name • Derived from the Greek word isos meaning “equal” • Global Agreement “Do it once, do it right, do it internationally”

  4. HOW IT ALL STARTED • The print buyers BMW, Siemens, and Deutsche Bank contacted bvdm (German Printing and Media Industries Federation) • bvdm worked with fogra (Graphic Research Technology Association) to create a printing process based on the international standard ISO 12647. • To improve the consistency of digital proofing and printing results. • In October 2001 Process Standard Offset was introduced in Germany to guarantee best practice.

  5. WHY STANDARDIZE? Power adaptors for 140 countries “Everybody can plug into the power but everyone uses a different adaptor to achieve it!” Wouldn’t it be easier if we only one adaptor anywhere in the world? ISO 12647 is the adaptor you need.

  6. WHY STANDARDIZE? • Press efficiency • Advantages • Reaching & maintaining a high quality level

  7. BENEFITS OF ISO 12647 • For the print shop: • Saving on materials • Internal time-saving • Improved customer relations • Improved company reputation • Improved competitiveness • Process stability • Quality improvement

  8. BENEFITS OF ISO 12647 • International standards: • Have a good reputation • Help to penetrate new markets • Improve quality and consistency • Increase client happiness

  9. The German Experience Fiebrandt Bernd-Olaf - bvdm officer of Baden-Württemberg The negative effect of modern digital technology • The Process Standard Offset is developed by bvdm • ISO standardisation is spreading outside Germany

  10. The German Experience • German printers (VDM-Baden-Württemberg) started to implement ISO in 2001. • Germany today has 250 ISO certified printers. • ISO does not drag printers down to the lowest common level. • ISO achievement provides printers with the highest international level of expertise. • ISO is the first step in responding to clients’ minimum quality expectations in the future.

  11. The German Experience New challenges for print shops • Print buyers are challenging the printing industry • Now print buyers like BMW and Siemens request any quotes for print services to be from ISO certified printers. • Now German printers need to achieve the in-house quality standards of these print-buyers’, which are based on ISO but at a higher level.

  12. AUSSIES’ SUCCESS STORIES • Make-ready and print-run savings • Paper and ink savings • Press efficiency

  13. Make-ready and print run saving ROI OF ISO 12647 Print run description: - 42 forms of 8000 sheets - 6 days’ press run 12 hours planning: - 7 forms in 12 hours’ shift. Before ISO After ISO 10 7 After ISO: - 10 forms in 12 hours’ shift. Saving: - 16 hours or 1.5 day ahead of planning.

  14. Paper and ink saving ROI OF ISO 12647 Print run description: - 42 forms of 8,000 sheets - 6 days’ press run Paper for make-ready: - 1,000 sheets of paper Before ISO After ISO 1000 600 After ISO: - 600 sheets of paper Saving: - 16,800 sheets of paper saved

  15. Press efficiency ROI OF ISO 12647 Daily press efficiency - 69 % press use Before ISO After ISO 93% After ISO: - 93% press use 69% Improvement: - 35% more press use Based on a bvdm study

  16. RAPID RETURNS Alan Rhodes from Printpoint says: • Full ROI after 4 months • Faster client make-ready sign-off • Proofing matches the press • High client satisfaction • Better communication in the print shop

  17. BENEFITS FOR THE PRINT BUYER • Confidence in results • Superior colour matching - proof to print • Consistency over time • Ensure smooth communication • Choosing ISO printers

  18. ISO 12647 AUSTRALIA - HEADING FOR STANDARDIZATION Australia TC-130 presentation Part II By Yves Roussange and David Crowther 10/2007

  19. INTRODUCTION • What is the AU-TC130? • What are the ‘Standards’? • How can ISO 12647 help me? • The Future

  20. WHAT IS THE AU-TC130? • Standards Development • The TC130 • Sub-committees, Working Groups and Joint Working Groups • The AU-TC130

  21. WHAT ARE THE STANDARDS? • ISO 12647-1 Parameters & Measurement methods • ISO 12647-2 Offset Lithographic processes • ISO 12647-3 Coldset Offset Lithography on Newsprint • ISO 12647-4 Publication Gravure • ISO 12647-5 Screen Printing • ISO 12647-6 Flexo Printing • ISO 12647-7 Proofing process from digital data

  22. WHAT IS IN THE STANDARD? • Paper type and ‘colour’ • CMYK ink ‘colour’ • Dot Gain (TVI) information • Tolerances • Relevance to other standards- ISO 3664 Viewing Conditions- ISO 2846-1 Ink colour and transparency

  23. HOW CAN ISO 12647 HELP ME? • The Printing Press – A colour management challenge • Press variables - Ink - Paper - Pressures - Water - Blankets - Humidity - Temperature - Mechanical ‘movement’

  24. HOW CAN ISO 12647 HELP ME? • Production Engineers say of all manufacturing processes: “If you can measure it you can control it, and if you can control it you can reproduce it”

  25. HOW CAN ISO 12647 HELP ME? • Predictability and Consistency • A stake in the ground! • The Solution- Analyze the process- Quantify the variables- Choose a standard set of targets as a benchmark- Tune your system to be in the middle of the tolerances- Print to the Standard

  26. HOW CAN ISO 12647 HELP ME? • Benefits for Customers - Fidelity print to proof- Predictable appearance- Consistent Colour- Improved communication- Print to the Standard

  27. HOW CAN ISO 12647 HELP ME? • Benefits for Printers - Faster make-ready- Critical Jobs run easier- Increased press utilization • Plus, Quality benefits • Keep your finger on the pulse…

  28. HOW CAN ISO 12647 HELP ME? • The ‘wave’ has all ready begun • ISO 12647-2 adoption by small, medium and large companies in Australia

  29. THE FUTURE • Printers that demonstrate good quality procedures will get new business, retain existing business and prosper – those that cannot ARE ENDANGERED SPECIES • Printers that embrace a Total Quality Management approach to improving efficiency – WILL PROSPER

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