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Web + VO + Database Technologies = HLA Footprints - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web + VO + Database Technologies = HLA Footprints. STScI : Gretchen Greene, Steve Lubow, Brian McLean, Rick White and the HLA Team JHU : Alex Szalay and Tamas Budavari NVO. Astronomical Application.

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Web vo database technologies hla footprints l.jpg

Web + VO + Database Technologies = HLA Footprints

STScI: Gretchen Greene, Steve Lubow, Brian McLean, Rick White and the HLA Team

JHU: Alex Szalay and Tamas Budavari


Astronomical application l.jpg
Astronomical Application

Archival Research is a value added product to observation planning as well as data mining

  • HasHST observed in this location of the sky?

    • Which wavelength?, how long?, what instrument?, what was the exact coverage with respect to object XYZ?

  • Show the coverage for a high level product, e.g. Hubble Deep Field, GOODS mosaics, ALL overlapping ACS exposures of a specific field

  • I have a transient even (e.g. VOEvent notification), what is the coverage in HST?

  • How does HST coverage compare to another observatory coverage?

  • Large scale distributed spatial queries

    • NVO search portal

Hst footprints in the hla l.jpg
HST Footprints in the HLA

  • HLA Footprints are spatially precise geometric descriptions of the HST observed areas in the sky

  • Current holdings include reprocessed ACS fields (~20% of the completed observations), all sky WFPC2 and STIS

    • In transition are NICMOS, remaining ACS, FOS & GHRS

    • Collaborations in process with NICMOS grism spectra, SPITZER….

  • Accessible via web client or programmatic interfaces

Widespread footprint development l.jpg
Widespread Footprint Development

The (GALEX) MAP - (adaptable to other missions)

  • GALEX (STScI )

  • NOAO VO Portal

  • Aladin(via APT)

    • IVOA (International Virtual Observatory) note for Footprint Overlay specification

  • VOServices (JHU)

Sky section or image plane: pans, zooms, downloads data.

Web components l.jpg
Web components

  • Web portal built on a suite of web services (SOAP, http) using SOA

    • Reusable components mostly in form of XML

  • User requirements reduced significantly

    • Network access & a browser (FIREFOX)

    • No installation required

  • Technologies are independent of platformand consistent with everyday lifestyle

    • XML, XSLT processors, Javascript, ASPX

  • Performance on the web client looks favorable

    • accept delay or switch to server side processing for large scale requests

    • Javascript security issues require proxy management

Hla web portal footprints l.jpg
HLA Web Portal - Footprints

Javascript UI manager

(state and form control)


VO Cone Search



Object Parser

XML Instance


IIS Web Server






Web Services

SQL Server

Footprint DB

(with HTM)

SQL Server


(with HTM)

Virtual observatory l.jpg
Virtual Observatory

  • Footprints are built on IVOA standard STC XML data model (Space Time Coordinate)

    • Regions, Convexes, Reference Frames + much much more

  • Data Access Layer services are built on standard VO protocols

    • Cone Search

    • Simple Image Access (SIA)

  • XML across the wire in VOTable or STC format

  • VO client applications can access HLA footprint programmatic services:

    • Datascope, Registry, Aladin, GOOGLE?

  • IVOA note on Footprint Overlay Specification

Database performance key l.jpg
Database => Performance Key

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Client development DOES NOT have to be on WINDOWS

    • Virtualization tools (Parallels, Remote Desk Top)

    • FreeTDS

  • SQL scripts

    • manage footprint computation of STC table objects/fields

    • Build and populate the different levels of representation

  • HTM (Hierarchical Triangulated Mesh) integrated for spatial search index

    • Coordinate based searching

    • Accessed via stored procedures and user defined functions

    • Bounding circles for each region convex have htmids

Db schema stc l.jpg
DB Schema STC

  • DB Tables map to XML elements in the schema

  • HLA Science table associates regions to science metadata tags (target, exposure, dataset, filter, PI …)

Jhu spherical library l.jpg
JHU Spherical Library

  • Spherical geometry library

    • Exact equations for highly accurate region definitions, leverages HTM

    • STC elements are class types (region, convex, halfspace…)

    • C# Assembly (SQL Server dll )

  • Operations for combining regions

    • Unions (outlines)

    • Intersections (overlaps)

  • Mathematical Solutions

    • Area

    • Complex regions can be made disjoint into convexes

Hierarchical representations l.jpg
Hierarchical Representations

  • Exposures (Level 1)

  • Stacks(Level 1 – visualization optimization)

  • Combined sequential exposures (Level 2)

  • Groups (Level 3 & 4)

    • Mosaics, weight maps, use-defined, custom constrained

      • Fractals

  • Performance Issues for crowded overlaps

  • HST unique distribution

    • sparse ALL-SKY

Exposure stacks l.jpg
Exposure Stacks

  • Many cases where exposures lie on top of each other (form a stack)

  • Can reduce overhead by graphically representing exposures in a stack by a single member exposure

  • Define stacks using coarse-grained HTM matching for aperture vertices.

Visualization library l.jpg
Visualization library

  • C# library with building canvas, frame, scaling and drawing methods using GDI

  • DSS background image access using spherical projection and tiling algorithms

  • ASPX is ~ html with C# class associated.

    • ASP controls for basic web gui features

    • Javascript for interactive mouse and cursor state

    • Event handling between the graphics and table paging control for selection

Challenges ahead l.jpg
Challenges Ahead

  • Enhanced capabilities for visualization

  • Completion of IVOA standard footprint services

  • Community exchange of STScI Footprint schema

  • Validation of footprint representations between existing tools (Starview/APT, HLA, external…)

  • Development of higher level product respresentations (MOSAICS, user-defined…)

  • Storing Region binary blob representations