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TCAP 101 TCAP? A general overview of the assessment umbrella and how it relates to Special Education. TCAP TCAP=Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program TCAP includes: General Assessments Alternate Assessments Diagnostic Assessments General Assessments Achievement grades 3-8

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tcap 101

TCAP 101


A general overview of the assessment umbrella and how it relates to

Special Education.

  • TCAP=Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program
  • TCAP includes:
    • General Assessments
    • Alternate Assessments
    • Diagnostic Assessments
general assessments
General Assessments
  • Achievement grades 3-8
  • End of Course
  • Gateway
  • Writing
alternate assessments
Alternate Assessments
  • Modified based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards
  • Portfolio based on Alternate Academic Achievement Standards
diagnostic assessments
Diagnostic Assessments
  • Diagnostic grades grades 5, 8, 11
  • Constructed Response grades 3, 7
  • ELDA
general assessments6
General Assessments
  • Achievement grades 3-8

    • Based on TN curriculum standards

    • Allowable Accommodations
    • Special Accommodations

general assessments7
General Assessments
  • End of Course

    • Based on TN curriculum standards

    • Currently have 5 operational tests
      • Algebra I (AYP)
      • Biology I (AYP)
      • English I English II (AYP)
      • US History
    • Algebra II field tested Fall 2010
      • Algebra II Braille will not be available until Spring 2011
    • Allowable Accommodations
    • Special Accommodations

general assessment
General Assessment
  • Gateway
    • Based on Old TN curriculum standards
    • On-Line Assessment
      • Algebra I
      • Biology I
      • English II
    • Accommodations are imbedded
general assessments9
General Assessments
  • Writing

    • Based on TN curriculum standards

    • Given in grades 5, 8, 11
    • Allowable Accommodations
    • Special Accommodations
      • Scribe

alternate assessments http state tn us education assessment alt tcap shtml
Alternate Assessments
  • MAAS
    • Modified Assessment based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards

  • Portfolio
    • Alternate Assessment based on Alternate Academic Achievement Standards

alternate assessments11
Alternate Assessments
  • MAAS (Just call it Modified)
    • Grades 3-8
      • Developing MAAS for AYP EOC
        • Algebra I
        • Biology I
        • English II
      • Field test Spring 2011
    • Based on grade level curriculum standards
    • Allowable Accommodations
    • Special Accommodations
alternate assessments12
Alternate Assessments
  • Modified
    • Eligibility
      • IEP Team decision
      • On Grade Level Standards Based IEP
      • Non-Proficient on General Assessment
        • Multiple Data Sources (TVAAS)
      • Instructional Program needs a lot of modifications and accommodations
alternate assessments13
Alternate Assessments
  • Modified
    • 2% Cap
      • System Calculation
      • All students in grades 3-8 are included in the 2% calculation
      • 2% is the number of proficient scores to be counted towards AYP
      • It is not a cap on the number of students who can be assessed
alternate assessments14
Alternate Assessments
  • Modified
    • Accommodations
      • Allowable
      • Special
        • No further accommodations needed is an option
        • Can have all accommodations that are needed
alternate assessments15
Alternate Assessments
  • Portfolio
    • Grades 3-12
    • Based on alternate academic curriculum standards
    • Forms will change for 2010
    • Training
      • In Person
      • Web-Ex
alternate assessments16
Alternate Assessments
  • Portfolio
    • From Scoring:
      • Participation Guidelines
        • Only use EasyIEP
      • Do NOT use page protectors
      • Identification Numbers
        • Student State ID
        • School Number
        • System Number
      • Litho Codes must match between binder sticker and student demographic sheet
diagnostic assessment
Diagnostic Assessment
  • Constructed Response
    • Field Tested Fall 2010
    • Grades 3 and 7
  • Explore/Plan/Act or SAT College Board
    • Have different accommodation rules
    • For ACT accommodations student must apply directly to ACT
  • Allowable Accommodations
  • Special Accommodations
    • Based on Individual Student need
    • May need to schedule with Building Testing Coordinator
allowable accommodations
Allowable Accommodations
  • Based on individual student need
  • May be used by General or Special Education students
  • Must be used consistently over the year
  • Information is located in Test Administration Manual
allowable accommodations20
Allowable Accommodations
  • Information also located on websites:
    • Special Education Site:

    • Testing and Evaluation Site:

allowable accommodations22
Allowable Accommodations
  • Braille/Large Print
    • Allowable for all assessments
      • Extended time requires an IEP or 504 Plan
    • Achievement Braille has audio tapes
    • Have to specifically order Braille or Large Print per grade
allowable accommodations23
Allowable Accommodations
  • Braille and Large Print
    • What can be used to enlarge print?
      • Any device that does not “save” the test
      • What about scanning the test into a device?
        • The test may not be saved to any type of device
allowable accommodations24
Allowable Accommodations
  • Sign/Re-sign Instructions Verbatim
    • Directions normally read aloud to students may be signed verbatim and re-signed if needed by student
    • Only spoken directions may be signed verbatim
    • Directions may not be clarified in any way
allowable accommodations25
Allowable Accommodations
  • Calculators/Mathematics Tables/Ach
  • Allowable-UNLESS system prohibits use
  • The following types of calculators/devices may NOT be used during the test:

• pocket organizers

• electronic writing pads or input devices

• calculators that can communicate (transfer data or information) wirelessly with other student calculators/devices

• calculators with symbolic algebra capabilities (e.g., multiply or factor polynomials)

• cell phones, PSPs, and/or iPods

Some examples of prohibited calculators are:

• Casio models: CFX-9970G, Algebra FX 2.0

• Hewlett-Packard models: HP-40G, HP-49G

• Texas Instruments models: TI-89, TI-92, Voyage 200, TI- NSPIRE - the CAS version (The non-CAS version of TI-NSPIRE is allowable.)

allowable accommodations26
Allowable Accommodations
  • Calculator Use: Basic Points
    • Sharing isn’t permitted
    • Test administrator is responsible for clearing calculator memory
    • Any four function or graphing calculator is permitted IF not on previous list
    • Only on Math content area
allowable accommodations27
Allowable Accommodations
  • Calculators/Mathematics Tables/Ach
  • Math content area only
  • Allowable Math Charts/Ach./MAAS
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Subtraction
    • Addition
allowable accommodations28
Allowable Accommodations
  • Calculators/Mathematics Tables/EOC and Gateway
  • Algebra I (EOC or Gateway) only
  • All basic points from Ach./MAAS apply
  • All prohibited devices from Ach./MAAS apply
allowable accommodations29
Allowable Accommodations
  • Calculators/Mathematics Tables/EOC and Gateway
  • Algebra I only
  • Allowable Math Charts/EOC or Gateway
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Subtraction
    • Division
    • Square Root Table
allowable accommodations30
Allowable Accommodations
  • Square Root Table:
allowable accommodations31
Allowable Accommodations
  • Flexible Setting
    • Students may take an assessment in a setting other than the classroom
    • Prior arrangements must be made with building test coordinator
allowable accommodations32
Allowable Accommodations
  • Visual and Tactile Aids
    • May include magnifying devices, use of templates, masks, pointers
    • If using magnifying device, device may not save test information
    • Examples:
      • Color transparency overlay
      • Mask to cover all information on page except small amounts of text at a time
allowable accommodations33
Allowable Accommodations
  • Auditory Aids
    • Amplification devices as well as noise buffers
    • Examples:
      • White noise machines
      • Headphones to mask sound
      • Hearing Aid
      • Whisper Phones that do not record
allowable accommodations34
Allowable Accommodations
  • Multiple Testing Sessions
    • Within one school day
    • Content Area must be given in one school day
    • Must follow content area test schedule
    • Time allotted for content area must be followed
      • EOC AYP assessments are untimed (Algebra I, English II, Biology I)
allowable accommodations35
Allowable Accommodations
  • Flexible Scheduling
    • Content areas may be given at a different time for individual students
    • Content areas must be given in one school day
allowable accommodations36
Allowable Accommodations
  • Scribe
    • Allowable for EOC, Gateway, Ach., MAAS
    • May answer in test booklet or a modified answer document
    • Special Accommodation for Writing
    • Based on individual student need
    • Requires special packing
      • Contact Building Testing Coordinator
allowable accommodations37
Allowable Accommodations
  • Marking in Test Booklet
    • Allowable for all assessments grades 3-12
    • Includes highlighting and/or underlining
    • Answers must be recorded on answer document
allowable accommodations38
Allowable Accommodations
  • Student Reads Aloud to Self
    • Must be individual setting
    • May include Whisper Phone
      • If device records student voice, this accommodation would fall under Special Accommodation F
special accommodations
Special Accommodations
  • Have to have IEP or 504 plan
  • Accommodation decisions made by IEP or 504 plan team
  • Must be determined per assessment
  • Bubble Special Education hours, Functionally Delayed, 504 plan, or Gifted before accommodations may be bubbled
  • Ensure the accommodations bubbled were actually used
special accommodations40
Special Accommodations
  • More information:
    • Special Education Site:

    • Testing and Evaluation:

special accommodations42
Special Accommodations
  • A. Extended Time
    • Time determined by IEP or 504 plan
    • EOC AYP tests are untimed (Algebra I, English II, Biology I)
    • All content must be completed within one school day
special accommodations43
Special Accommodations
  • Read Aloud Accommodations
    • Internal Test Instructions
    • Internal Test Items
    • Electronic Readers
      • Device must not save test content
    • Human Readers
      • Need content area vocabulary knowledge
      • Development of Teacher Guide for 2010 Spring Administration
special accommodations44
Special Accommodations
  • B. Read Aloud Internal Test Instructions
    • All content areas
    • May be entire content area or specific content areas
    • Students should read as independently as possible
special accommodations45
Special Accommodations
  • Examples of Internal Test Instructions:
    • Directions: Jesse wrote a report about his favorite food. His report contains mistakes. Read it and answer Numbers 1 through 8.
    • Directions: A student wrote the following report. It contains mistakes. Read the report and answer Numbers 13 through 19.

(Above Examples taken from MAAS Item Sampler)

special accommodations46
Special Accommodations
  • C. Read Aloud Internal Test Items
    • IEP: All content areas
    • 504 Plan: Any assessment content area that does not measure Reading/Language Arts
special accommodations47
Special Accommodations
  • Read Aloud Internal Test Items Example:

Taken from MAAS Item Sampler:

12. What is the value of the 4 in the number below?


F 4,000

G 400

H 40

Read: “What is the value of the 4 in the number below? 6, comma, 4, 0, 2 F. four thousand G. four hundred H. forty

special accommodations48
Special Accommodations
  • D. Prompting upon Request
    • IEP: All content areas
    • 504 Plan: All content areas except for those measuring Reading/Language Arts
    • Good alternative to Read Aloud Internal Test Items
    • Student needs certain words or sentences read aloud; not entire test
    • Administrator must read words/phrases exactly as they appear
special accommodations49
Special Accommodations
  • E. Interpreter Signs/Cues
    • Only for a student with Hearing Impairment or Deafness documented in IEP
    • For Internal Test Items
    • Are further instruction in the TCAP Accommodations manual
special accommodations50
Special Accommodations
  • F. Student Reads into Auditory Recorder/Plays Back Immediately for Comprehension
    • Problem last year: Accommodation F was bubbled on the answer doc. and TDOE did not receive any student tapes
    • Student either did not receive the accommodation or tapes were not sent
special accommodations51
Special Accommodations
  • G. Mathematics Tables/Calculators
    • Only bubble if system does not allow
    • See instructions under the Allowable Accommodation section
special accommodations52
Special Accommodations
  • H. Manipulatives
    • May be used on the Mathematics content area
    • Include: number lines, counters, shapes, textured materials, representations of money, etc.
    • State only provides a ruler for certain grades
    • Teacher must supply manipulatives prior to testing
    • Manipulatives must be same used by student throughout the year
special accommodations53
Special Accommodations
  • I. Assistive Technology
    • Must be necessary for everyday communications and post-school success
    • Can include: computers, speech-synthesizers, communication devices, word processors with or without talk technology, and electronic readers
    • Must have Accommodation B and/or C in IEP for electronic readers
special accommodations54
Special Accommodations
  • I. Assistive Technology con’t
    • Use of predictive software, electronic spellers, spell and/or grammar check is prohibited
    • Any device which saves test content is prohibited
      • If in doubt, complete a Unique Adaptive Accommodation Request form and send to State for approval
      • Send all UAARF to Lori Nixon
special accommodations55
Special Accommodations
  • I. Assistive Technology con’t
    • All student responses must be transferred to State answer document (or State Writing paper)
    • All assessments handle packaging differently
    • Consult Building Testing Coordinator as well as specific Test Administration Manuals for additional information regarding packaging
special accommodations56
Special Accommodations
  • J. Scribe
    • Is only a Special Accommodation for Writing
    • May be used for student’s with an IEP, 504 plan, or short-term disability
    • Consider use of computer response instead of student dictated response
special accommodations57
Special Accommodations
  • J. Scribe
    • If student is unable to type response, student must dictate and spell every word of response
    • Student may dictate response into audio recording device, then dictate entire response to impartial scribe
    • Must spell out words letter by letter and use punctuation as appropriate
special accommodations58
Special Accommodations
  • K. Unique Accommodation
    • Complete form
    • Testing and Evaluation Site:

    • Special Education Site:

disability categories
Disability Categories
  • Speech Only
    • Bubble Sped hours
    • Are Special Education Students
  • Functionally Delayed
    • Primary Disability
      • Not eligible for Alternate Assessments
      • Bubble FD and any Special Accommodations
    • With a Secondary IDEA Disability
      • Still not eligible for Alternate Assessments
      • Bubble Sped hours and not FD for General Assessments
contact information
Contact Information
  • Lori Nixon
  • Office of Assessment
  • 615-532-1679