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Obama on Afghanistan

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Obama on Afghanistan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Obama on Afghanistan Alex Altonji, Kelly Glavin, Rachel Miller Political Science 003U http://www.historynetshop.com/mh0908.html Background Beginning Intention Controversy over troop levels Consult advice of three factions: Advisors Congress Military Troops in Afghanistan

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Obama on Afghanistan

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obama on afghanistan
Obama on Afghanistan

Alex Altonji, Kelly Glavin, Rachel Miller

Political Science 003U


  • Beginning
  • Intention
  • Controversy over troop levels
  • Consult advice of three factions:
    • Advisors
    • Congress
    • Military
troops in afghanistan
Troops in Afghanistan
  • Much division among advisors, military, and congress regarding troop expansion
  • General McChrystal gave new strategic assessment
    • 3 options
      • High risk option- 10,000-15,000 troops
      • Medium risk option- 25,000 more troops
      • Low risk option- 45,000 troops
    • Sparked much debate
advisors against troop expansion
Advisors Against Troop Expansion
  • Vice President Joseph Biden
    • Expansions may distract from what he considers the more urgent goal of stabilizing Pakistan
  • Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates
    • Concerned that it would make the US look like an “occupier”
    • Many consider him key adviser on decision



advisors in favor of troop expansion
Advisors in Favor of Troop Expansion
  • Richard C. Holbrooke, special representative to the region
    • Sees more troops as vital to protecting Afghan civilians and undermining the Taliban and Al Qaeda
    • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
      • Vocal in favor of more troops and an advocate for a more robust force




“There is a unanimity of opinion about what our objective is, and the objective is to disable and destroy Al Qaeda and remove that threat to our national security. Obviously, there are a variety of opinions about how best to achieve that objective, and it’s valuable and important to hear those views.”

-- David Axelrod

(senior advisor to Obama)

As quoted in the New York Times



Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed Afghanistan during a news briefing at the Pentagon on September 3rd.


declaration of war oversight and appropriation of fund establish a draft
Declaration of War

Oversight and Appropriation of Fund

Establish a Draft

Congress’ ROle in Determining Troop Levels

congressional concerns with afghanistan
Congressional Concerns with Afghanistan


  • National Security/ Terrorist Implications
  • Pakistan
  • Protecting Troops


  • Cost of War (Monetary/Fatalities)
  • Depletion of Military Assets (troops, material, etc.)
  • Development of Afghani Security Forces
support for more troops
Support for More Troops

John McCain: “. . . more troops were “vitally needed” in Afghanistan and that any delay in ordering more combat forces to the fight would put American lives at risk.” (The New York Times)

John Boehner: “’I think it's imperative that the American people and members of Congress hear directly from Gen. McChrystal about the situation on the ground . . .’” (CNN)

support for training afghani forces
Support for Training Afghani Forces

Carl Levin: “laid out the emerging position of Congressional Democrats by insisting that accelerated efforts to train and equip Afghan security forces should precede any deployment of American troops beyond those already committed by the Obama administration.” (The New York Times)

  • Levin is articulating the view of many House Democrats
pres obama dilemma
Pres. Obama Dilemma

John Kerry: “’The prescriptions ranged from dramatically reducing the footprint to expanding our commitment of troops and money to a level that would basically constitute pretty significant nation building,’ he said at the start of Thursday's hearing.” (CNN)

obama s stance
Obama’s Stance
  • Conditions for sending troops
  • Conditions for not sending troops
  • Statements


  • Mullen
  • McChrystal
  • Petraeus
  • Advice
  • Statements
  • Why?


  • Security emphasis
  • “Situation is doable.”
  • Troop commitment


recent developments
Recent Developments
  • McChrystal
  • Classified info leaked
  • UN speech Wed.
  • Obama “skeptical”


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