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Automated Printed Circuit Board Development Dec 03-09 Team Members Client Faculty Advisor Colin Burnett – CprE & EE Khawaja-Shahzad Butt – CprE Christopher Rieck – EE Christopher Sosnowski – EE ECpE Senior Design Dr. Gary Tuttle Abstract

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Figure 1

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Presentation Transcript

Automated Printed Circuit Board Development

Dec 03-09 Team Members


Faculty Advisor

Colin Burnett – CprE & EE Khawaja-Shahzad Butt – CprE

Christopher Rieck – EE Christopher Sosnowski – EE

ECpE Senior Design

Dr. Gary Tuttle


Many ECpE senior design projects require the fabrication of a circuit board. To aid these projects, the focus of this project is to provide documentation on the available choices to obtain a circuit board by means of “do-it-yourself” methods or out-sourcing to a commercial company. The documentation will be in the form of an interactive web site and a printed document and will contain a flow chart and step-by-step instructions.

Proposed Approach and Considerations

  • Proposed Approach
    • Execute each fabrication process and document with digital pictures
    • Create the flow chart from process execution and research
  • Technologies Considered
    • Static vs. dynamic web page languages for the interactive website
    • Available fabrication techniques: milling, wet etch, & commercial fabrication
  • Testing Considerations
    • Test scenarios to check accuracy and correctness of flow chart
    • Use previous senior design projects as additional test scenarios
    • Interactive website results match the flow chart for identical test scenarios

Table 1

Project Requirements

  • Design Objective
    • Concise, non-intimidating, thorough documentation of each process
  • Functional Requirements
    • Provide documentation to help senior design students obtain a circuit board
    • Provide step-by-step instructions to fully explain how to create a circuit board
    • User friendly website
  • Design Constraints
    • No physical constraints
    • Fabrication process complexity
  • Milestones
    • Problem definition
    • Technology and implementation consideration and selection
    • Process design
    • Process testing
    • Process demonstration
    • Process reporting


  • Many ECpE senior design projects have the need for a circuit board. To save these projects time, effort, and money this project will guide the user to the best decision for their project’s requirements and specifics. To accomplish this important task we will:
    • Research the numerous available methods
    • Document the steps
    • Set up the MRC PCB lab
    • Design & implement an interactive website
    • Provide a document containing full instructions and images to perform each process
  • The interactive website will compliment the document by being more readily accessible and usable. Through this project other senior design projects will be able to focus on their designs and not have to research about obtaining or producing a circuit board.

Estimated Resources

Financial Budget and Other Resources


Problem Statement

  • To reduce research time spent by other senior design groups on circuit board fabrication by providing documentation on how to fabricate or obtain a circuit board

Operating Environment

  • Operating environment to be determined by end user

Intended Users

  • ECpE senior design students

Intended Uses

  • Guide the user in obtaining or fabricating a circuit board

Expected End Product

Tutorial and flow chart document:

  • Flow chart for determining which process to use for circuit board fabrication
  • Fully documented procedures for each fabrication process
  • List of commercial circuit board fabricators and their capabilities

Interactive website:

  • An online version of the flowchart

Assumptions and Limitations

  • Server to host interactive website is sufficient
  • Students have access to web site via the Internet
  • Students are capable of generating a board layout
  • Materials and facilities are available

Personal Efforts

Figure 1

Interactive Website

Project Schematic


Easy do-it-yourself steps

Desired Circuit Board

Your Circuit Board Solution Guide