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Basic Communication on the Internet: E-Mail PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic Communication on the Internet: E-Mail

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Basic Communication on the Internet: E-Mail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 4; Day 3 Basic Communication on the Internet: E-Mail E-Mail Objectives e-mail and how it works A form of communication in which electronic messages are created and transferred between computers about 31 billion e-mails daily – ( IDC )

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Presentation Transcript
  • e-mail and how it works
    • A form of communication in which electronic messages are created and transferred between computers
    • about 31 billion e-mails daily – (IDC)
    • expected to rise to more than 60 billion (2006)
      • A popular form of business communication
      • Fast and inexpensive
      • It can be sent and received at anytime.
how does it work
How Does It Work?
  • Mail Server
    • determines from recipient’s address the route
  • Mail Client Software or E-Mail Program
    • requests mail delivery from the mail server to your PC.
  • Protocols
    • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
      • which paths an e-mail message takes on the Internet.
    • POP (Post Office Protocol)
      • incoming messages
    • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
      • protocol for retrieving mail
    • MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
      • how to encode non-text data (ie: graphics).
e mail addresses
E-Mail Addresses
  • uniquely identifies an individual or organization connected to the Internet.
  • Two parts of email address:
    • Unique User name
    • Separated by an “at” sign(@)
    • Host name (computer to delivered to)
    • About the @...
common of message features
Common of Message Features
  • Message Header
  • Message Body
  • Signature
  • To line
  • courtesy copy (Cc) / blind courtesy copy (Bcc)
  • From line
  • mailing list
  • Subject line
  • attachment
    • viruses
internet etiquette netiquette
Internet Etiquette (Netiquette)


set of commonly accepted rules

  • Avoid writing messages in ALL CAPITAL
  • Keep messages simple, short, and focused
  • Include a descriptive Subject line and a signature
  • Avoid sending unsolicited messages
  • Use a spell checker and proofread your messages
  • Use common courtesy, politeness, and respect
  • Common E-Mail Problems and Issues
    • Spam
      • spam filters
      • anti-spam measures
      • Microsoft filters 85 to 90 percent of spam (from 10 million e-mails/day)
      • many corporations use spam filters at the server level
  • Phishing
    • e-mail scam: a fraudulent e-mail that appears to be from a legitimate user
    • Goal of the sender is for you to disclose personal information
  • Changing E-mail Addresses
web based e mail services
Web-Based E-Mail Services
  • Many Internet Web sites provide free e-mail
    • Yahoo! Mail, ExciteMail, and Hotmail.
  • Why do companies provide free e-mail?
  • Drawbacks of web based e-mail?
common features of an e mail program
Common Features of an E-Mail Program
  • Sending, Receiving and Storing Messages
  • Printing and Filing a Message
  • Forwarding or Replying to Messages
  • Messages can be queued, printed, filtered
  • When you receive e-mail, it is stored on the mail server until you use your e-mail program to retrieve
configuring e mail client
Configuring E-Mail client
  • Outlook Express needs to be configured to retrieve e-mail from an ISP
other topics for email
Other topics for email:
  • Inbox, addressbook
  • Nickname, mailing list, contacts
  • Web-based e-mail service
    • Netscape Mail , Hotmail …
  • Hotmail powered by
creating a hotmail user account
Creating a Hotmail User Account
  • hotmail homepage
    • Today, Mail,Calendar, Contacts
    • Options and Help
  • e-mail messages
  • Protocols