chapter 5 modes of modern communication n.
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Chapter 5 Modes of Modern Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 5 Modes of Modern Communication

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Chapter 5 Modes of Modern Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 5 Modes of Modern Communication
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  1. Chapter 5Modes of Modern Communication

  2. Structure • The Study of Modern Communication Modes • Telegram • Telex • Fax • E-mail • Homework

  3. telex fax telegram e-mail Modern Communication Modes

  4. Telegram • once was the most common method of communication years ago • may be classified into two main types: • plain language telegram and code language telegram.

  5. Telegram A usual format of a common international telegram contains the following items that are to be filled in by the telegraph officer at the sender’s end: (1) Start off communicating signal. (2) Channel sequence numbers. (3) Name of receiving location. (4) Class of telegram.

  6. Telegram • (5) Name of sending location. • (6) Unfixed words. • (7) Date and time of dispatch. • (8) Collation.

  7. Telegram The sender should type or write out as the following: (1) Recipient’s address. (2) Main idea. (3) Sender’s address.

  8. Telegram • When using telegram, you should remember the following notes: • (1) Clearness, conciseness and courtesy. • (2) No salutation. • (3) When using block capitals, leave enough space between words. • (4) No punctuation except “ .” and “,”. • (5) Address in full.

  9. Case 1 We thank you for your letter of July 5 enquiring for North China sheep skins. We regret being unable to offer them at present because we have a thick pile of orders to fulfill. Once we are in a position to supply, we will contact you and revert to this matter. Telegram: YLJUY5 NORTHCHINA SHEEPSKINS UNAVAILABLE REVERTING

  10. Case 2 Your shipment of brass beds under our Order No.13 arrived yesterday and greatly disappointed us. They are not what we want , having a dull finish instead of a bright one, and are very unattractive. We can not sell them, for they would not be of any use. You will have to take them back and send us the kind we ordered. Telegram: ORDER13 BRASSBEDS ARRIVED DULL FINISH USELESS PLS REPLACE

  11. Telex • The message sent or received through a teleprinter is called telex. • Also called telegram exchange

  12. Telex • characteristics: • faster than normal telegrams, more accurate. • can be on service for whole day and night without any operator. can still work whether there is any operator at the other terminal or not. • charges according to the time while not the number of the words. Sending faster means saving more.

  13. Examples 1.接受,确认 YC15TH350 PHONESHKD150 EACHCIF C3 PCTHONGKONGACCEPTEDPLS CONFIRMAIRMAIL S/C ENABLINGOPEN L/C 贵公司15日电悉,接受350部移动电话,每部150港币,CIF香港,3%佣金,请即确认并航寄售货确认书,以便开信用证。 250MP4 MOBILEPHONESCONFIRMEDL/C AA123OPENED WITHBANK OF CHINASHIPAT ONCE 250部mp4手机确认,AA123号信用证已由中国银行开出,请即装运。


  15. 3.信用证 LC1276PLS DELETEPACKING LISTEXETENDSHIPMENT31MARCHVALI-DITY27MAY 贵公司信用证1276号收悉,请删除装箱单,船期延至3月31日,有效期延至5月27日。 L/C1176AMOUNTSHORTUSD237PLS AMEND BY CABLETO ENABLE(ENABLING)US CATCH SSLONDONSAILING10TH 贵公司信用证1176号少237美元,请速电修改, 以便赶装10日启航的“伦敦”号轮。

  16. 4.装运、保险 L/C AA122850CELLPNONESWHENLOADEDPLS CABLESHIP NAME &SAILINGDATEENABLING COVERINSURANCE 第AA122号信用证项下850部蜂窝电话装船后即请电告船名、航期,以便本公司保险。 L/CAG1135& AG1137 SHIPPEDSSFUTUREUSD21 900PLS INSURE 信用证AG1135号和AG1137号项下货物已装“未来”号轮,价值21900美元,请保险。

  17. Fax Brief Introduction History of Fax Machine fax Characteristics of Fax Layout of Fax How to operate Fax Machine

  18. Brief Introduction • One of the most popular modes of communication on business nowadays. • The short form of facsimile • Using the telephone line or a specially reserved telephone line for sending and receiving messages

  19. History of Fax Machine In 1842, Alexander Bain, a Scotch, invented the first fax machine in the world.

  20. Characteristics of Fax 1)Fax is easy to operate. 2)Fax has its own layout. 3) The cost of fax or electrical transmission(fax)is expensive before. Now the fee is decreased. 4)A fax can only be sent one piece in one time, and documents can’t be saved as E-mail format.

  21. Layout of A Fax

  22. How to operate Fax Machine 1)Insert the document you want to fax into the slot. 2)Input the code first, and then input the opposite party’s fax number. 3)Press START button to send out the document. 4)When there is a long sound of tootling, the whole process of electrical transmission is over.

  23. Case 1 宁波波导股份有限公司是专业从事移动通信产 品开发、制造和销售的高科技上市公司,是通过国家科技部 和中国科学院的高新技术企业评审的国家级重点高新技术企 业。公司位于浙江省宁波市,创立于1992年10月,主要产品 有移动电话、掌上电脑、系统设备等。该公司于2006年7月 通过阿里巴巴商务网络,与土耳其阿吉利克(Areclik)进 出口有限公司取得了联系,并希望通过传真方式与对方探讨 建立合作伙伴关系的可能性。 • 专业从事移动通信产品开发、制造和销售 • 通过传真方式 • 建立合作伙伴关系 Key points

  24. Fax

  25. Fax Attention: Market Manager Dear Sir, We understand fromour cooperative partners that your firm is planning to expand overseas market. And we have obtained your name and address fromAlibaba Commercial Network. It’s our honor tointroduce our company on the basis of seeking cooperation withyou.

  26. Fax We are one of the leading exporters in the field ofproducing modern communication products in China. Our main products include mobile phones, PDA and relative system equipment. We have built up5 research institutes in Ningbo, Hangzhou and Chongqing, etc. So we are confident in our technical level. We are the first company that produces mp4 mobile phones series in China, and our products are popular in European and American markets for their high quality with low price.

  27. Nowadays, we are seeking joint-venture with foreign companies which have rich experience in expanding global market. We know your company is the best one of them. We are looking forward to cooperating with you. Any information on business cooperation or on similar projects is highly appreciated. Fax

  28. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are out of great appreciation if you could give us a prompt reply. Sincerely yours, Ningbo Bird Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Fax

  29. Notes to Fax • understand from 从……了解到 • e.g. We understand from the Bank of • China that you run the business of • phone maintenance. • 我们从中国银行获悉贵公司从事手机 • 维修业务。

  30. Notes to Fax • 2. expand overseas market • 拓展海外市场 • expand可搭配: • cooperation(合作), business(业务), relationship(关系), experience (经验)等

  31. Notes to Fax 3. obtain your name and address from… 从…得知了贵公司的名称和地址 “由某处得知某人的姓名和地址”还可表述为: learn/know/obtain/note one’s name and address from owe one’s name and address to

  32. Notes to Fax e.g. We have obtained your name and address from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. 我们从中国国际贸易促进委员会得知了贵公司的 名称和地址。 We owe your name and address to ABC Corp., through whom we have learnt you are importers of toys. 承蒙ABC公司告知公司名称和地址,得知贵公司是 玩具进口商。

  33. Notes to Fax 4. It’s our honor to … 我们很荣幸… e.g. It’s my honor to be here to introduce our company to you. 能给您介绍我们的公司, 我感到很荣幸。 5. cooperate with 与……合作 e.g. If you cooperate with us, we believe that we will make rapid progresses soon. 如果您和我们合作,我们相信很快我们会取得进步。

  34. Notes to Fax 6. in the field of 在 …领域 e.g. in the field of finance(金融)/ foreign trade(外贸) 7. PDA: personal Digital Assistant 个人数字助理 8. built up 建立,创办 e.g. We have built up a very successful business. 我们创办的生意很红火.

  35. Notes to Fax 9. joint-venture 合资(企业) (也可写作joint venture) e.g. This company is one of the most famous joint-ventures in the world. 这家公司是全球最为知名的合资企业之一。

  36. Notes to Fax 10. behighly appreciated 万分感激,感激不尽 e.g. Helping others who are in trouble, is a kind of highly appreciated activity. 帮助那些有困难的人的行为是一种令人 感激的行为。

  37. Notes to Fax 11. Should you have any questions 如果您有什么问题 倒装条件句,相当于if you have any questions或in case you have any questions

  38. E-mail Characteristics of E-mail Layout of E-mail

  39. Characteristics of E-mail (1) The cost of E-mail is quite low. One needn’t pay extra telecommunication fees. (2) E-mails can be easily saved and leave copies in computers. They can be used at any time. (3) E-mails, not like fax, can be sent in large amount, and it doesn’t need any paper, one can read the mail via computers. (4) E-mail can be sent with photos, sounds and even short videos. And it works 24 hours and doesn’t need any operators.

  40. The layout of E-mail From: To: CC: Subject: An enquiry

  41. Analysis of E-mail Address • 123: user name • @: at • where the receiver puts his E-mail box

  42. Case 1 2005年,宁波波导手机实现销售1393万台,稳获 国产品牌手机销量六连冠,出口611万台,总量超过所有其 他国产品牌手机出口量的总和,占国产品牌手机出口总量的 60%以上,稳居国产品牌手机出口总量第一,全球累计出口 已超过1000万台,全球累计销量突破5000万台。在销量节节 攀升的同时,宁波波导更加注重售后服务的质量。土耳其阿 吉利克(Areclik)进出口有限公司在收到波导公司探求建 立合作伙伴关系可能性的传真后,就售后服务以电子邮件方 式进行了咨询。 Key points • 注重售后服务质量 • 建立合作伙伴关系 • 以电子邮件方式进行咨询

  43. E-mail From:market@ Cc:None Subject: An enquiry Dear Sirs, We are glad tolearn from your fax dated July 25, 2006. We are interested in the possibility to cooperate with your firm. But here, we still have some questions. Please offer us information on your after-sales serviceif it is convenient.

  44. How long is the guarantee to keep your phone and PDA in good operation? Are there any favorable methods such as free of chargefor phone components or discount in fixing? Are you planning to open a branch here or it won’t be easy for local customers to repair the phones? Thank for your attention and we are waiting for your prompt reply. Yours faithfully, Market Manager E-mail

  45. Notes to E-mail 1. be glad to do sth. 乐意去做 近似于be happy to do sth.。 e.g. We are glad to have such a chance to spend our holidays. 我们很乐意有这样的机会来度假。 I’m glad to devote myself to the construction of our motherland. 我乐意致力于祖国的建设事业。

  46. Notes to E-mail 2. after-sales service 售后服务 (pre-sales service 售前服务) 3. free of charge 免费 charge n. 负荷, 费用;主管, 掌管 v. 装满;告诫, 指示;收费(与to, up to连用),记账;在帐册等上记入……;(常与with连用)责令,公开指责,控诉

  47. Notes to E-mail e.g. That seaside hotel charges exorbitant prices during the summer holidays. 那家海滨旅馆在夏天休假期间漫天要价。 Don’t forget to charge the fee of telecommunication to my account. 别忘了把通话费用记在我的账上。 He was charged with stealing a mobile phone. 他被指控偷了一部手机。

  48. Notes to E-mail 4. discount n. 折扣 常用作: Allow/give/make/grant…% discount off/on the prices of goods 按货价给予……%的折扣 cash discount 现金折扣 quantity discount 数量折扣

  49. Notes to E-mail e.g. If you order for 6,000 pieces, we would grant you 8% discount. 如果贵公司能订购6000件, 我们将给予8% 的折扣。 We give 10% discount for cash payment. 现金付款, 我们给予九折优惠。

  50. Notes to E-mail 4. branch n. 分部,分公司 e.g. The company has branches all over the country. 那家公司在全国各地设有分部。 Our New York branch is dealing with the matter. 我们的纽约分部正在处理这件事。