carolina fitness instructor training program f i t p l.
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Carolina Fitness Instructor Training Program (F.I.T.P) PowerPoint Presentation
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Carolina Fitness Instructor Training Program (F.I.T.P)

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Carolina Fitness Instructor Training Program (F.I.T.P) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Carolina Fitness Instructor Training Program (F.I.T.P) F.I.T.P - Fall 2008 Promote physical activity and movement. Inspire lifestyle change. Make a difference. THE FITNESS INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAM (F.I.T.P.)

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promote physical activity and movement inspire lifestyle change make a difference
Promote physical activity and movement. Inspire lifestyle change. Make a difference.


“Training UNC students and staff who are passionate about exercise and health to become competent and motivating fitness leaders.”

f i t p

Welcome to the Carolina Fitness Instructor Training Program (FITP). While it is essential that today’s group fitness instructors have a thorough knowledge of basic anatomy, kinesiology, and exercise physiology, we know that there is a lot more to teaching group fitness than exercise science, such as: choreography development and execution, injury prevention, modification techniques, communication skills, and practical experience. This program is designed to provide you with a solid base of information and experience as you prepare to become a nationally certified group fitness instructor.

  • Costs and What’s Included in the Program
  • Program Goals and Expectations
  • Training Schedule
  • Application
costs and what s included
Costs and What’s Included
  • Trainees will receive:
    • 50 hours of practical and theoretical training
    • ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual
    • Practice CD
    • Discount on ACE certification exam
  • Cost: $100 *
    • For the cost of ACE instructor manuals
program goals and expectations
Program Goals and Expectations
  • SRC FITP is a semester-long instructor training program. Trainees will undergo 1.5 hours of classroom training and 1.5 hours of practical training each week. Trainees will be prepared to take the ACE certification exam, if they choose, and be competent to teach step, hi/lo, and group strength training, and will be familiar with other formats, such as kickboxing and cycling. Auditions to teach at the SRC in the spring will be held during the last week of classes.
  • The program costs $100 including training and the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual.
  • To assure that FITP trainees have a positive and successful learning experience, several program goals and expectations have been developed. Trainees should have a clear understanding of these goals and expectations before committing to the program.
  • Develop safe, effective, and motivating instructors to teach for the SRC who are knowledgeable of both theoretical and practical applications in fitness.
  • Prepare each trainee to pass the ACE national certification exam or other comparable certification exams.
  • Create a positive learning experience for all trainees so that the FITP is a worthwhile investment of their time.
  • Trainees must attend a theoretical lecture and a practical training workshop for the duration of the program. A total of three absences will be excused before the participant may be asked not to continue with the program. No refund will be given.
  • Trainees are expected to stay up with covered material. Although no credit is given for this program, trainees must take control of their learning and produce quality work in order to pass the ACE exam and be hired for employment at the SRC.
  • Each trainee is required to serve as an intern in one fitness class (will be assigned). The trainee will establish a relationship with that instructor and will be asked to teach portions of the class as the trainee becomes competent and according to the schedule.
The trainee is expected to regularly practice outside of classroom time. When teaching portions of classes, he or she should be fully prepared and should never pose a risk to the safety of the participants.
  • Trainees are expected to exemplify impeccable form in all exercises.
  • Trainees must continue to show progress and take initiative throughout the program.
  • Trainees must be familiar with all SRC policies, adhere to them, and enforce them.
  • Before auditioning, trainees must successfully complete required competencies.
  • Each trainee must acknowledge that upon completion of the program, he or she is not guaranteed employment at the SRC.
  • This program is affordable and offered only to those with UNC affiliation. Comparable programs cost at least $300.
  • The program will prepare trainees to pass a respectable national certification exam. A passing score makes the trainee eligible to teach at most health clubs and fitness establishments.
  • The knowledge gained from the program is invaluable. Each trainee will leave with a firm grasp of basic anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and the essentials of designing an effective workout!
  • The relationships that trainees develop with each other and their fitness instructor mentors may be among the strongest relationships they develop at UNC. Oftentimes, trainees not only are coworkers but also friends.
schedule 4 00 5 30pm monday wednesday beginning sept 8 2008
Schedule:4:00- 5:30PM; Monday & Wednesday (beginning Sept. 8, 2008)


Principles of Fitness / Health Screening

Anatomy I

Anatomy II


Exercise Physiology



Adherence and Motivation / Injury Prevention and Emergency Procedures

Special Populations I

Special Populations II

Legal and Professional Responsibilities

Audition Tips and Exam Prep


Practical Training Schedule (Wednesday)

Introduction, Music, Form

Cueing and Choreography, Warm Up & Cool Down, Stretching

Step Intro

Step-Putting a Class Together

Group Strength Training

Ultimate Cardio (Hi/Lo)


Introduction to Cardio Kickboxing

Pilates/Yoga/Deep Stretch

Auditions to teach for UNC Carolina Fitness (optional)

how can i get more information
How can I get more information?

Application Information:

The F.I.T.P. program will be offered for the Fall 2008 for all those wishing to become fitness instructors

Registration information will be available on-line at

Registration Due Dates TBA

Please E-mail

for additional questions

contact information
Contact Information
  • You will receive an E-mail confirming your registration before the first day of class.
  • If you have questions, contact Lauren Mangili
  • Email:

I look forward to hearing from you!!