automated creation of resources for html based concept maps l.
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Automated Creation of Resources for HTML based Concept Maps PowerPoint Presentation
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Automated Creation of Resources for HTML based Concept Maps

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Automated Creation of Resources for HTML based Concept Maps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automated Creation of Resources for HTML based Concept Maps. James McClellan Milind Borkar, Greg Krudysz Rajbabu Velmurugan Georgia Institute of Technology. Issue: What’s available ?. Have created 100’s of learning items Solved homework & quiz problems Demos: animations & GUIs

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automated creation of resources for html based concept maps

Automated Creation of Resources for HTML based Concept Maps

James McClellan Milind Borkar, Greg Krudysz

Rajbabu Velmurugan

Georgia Institute of Technology

issue what s available
Issue: What’s available ?
  • Have created 100’s of learning items
    • Solved homework & quiz problems
    • Demos: animations & GUIs
    • Movies: mini-lectures & tutorials for GUIs
  • Student View
    • Where is it?
    • How should I use it ?
issue use it
Issue: Use it
  • If you know about 100’s of learning items
    • Learn about a concept ?
    • Preference: link to specific quiz or assignment
    • Study for Quiz #2, for example
  • Develop Lessons that actively use GUIs
    • Labs and Pre-Labs
    • Multiple steps in each lesson
  • Courses
    • Books
  • Units
    • Chapters
  • Lessons
    • Labs
  • Learning Objects
concept maps
Concept Maps
  • A primary purpose of the brain is to process incoming information to find meaning.
  • This task can be made easier if incoming information is presented in visual formats.
  • Concept maps present relationships in graphical form and allow us to understand complex information at a glance.
definitions j d novak
Definitions – J. D. Novak
  • “A concept is a perceived regularity in events or objects, or records of events or objects, designated by a label”
  • “Propositions are statements about some object or event in the universe, either naturally occurring or constructed. Propositions contain two or more concepts connected with other words to form a meaningful statement.”
concept map graph structure
Concept Map Graph Structure
  • Concepts are usually enclosed in circles or boxes.
  • Propositions, or relationships between concepts, are indicated on a line connecting the two concepts.
applications of concept maps
Applications of Concept Maps
  • Structure information in various academic courses
  • Note-taking
  • Aids for brainstorming
  • Providing graphics for presentations
  • Refining creative and critical thinking
  • Planning studies and career
software used
Software Used
  • Concept maps were created using the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) Concept Map Software
  • Software runs on JAVA
  • Allows the user to add resources
    • web pages, videos
    • PDF documents, etc.
automation to link resources
Automation to Link Resources
  • Motivation: Adding resources to concepts in a Concept Map is a tedious process
    • Need to use the tool over the network
    • Need to identify different resources/resource types that are relevant to a concept
  • So, we need a better/faster way to go from the basic Concept Map to one that has all relevant resources linked to concepts in it
  • Existing large database of material for 12 chapters could be used, but not linked by hand
creating html concept maps with resources

HTML Concept Map

with Resources

Template HTML

for Concept Map

Concept Map

Creating HTML Concept Maps with Resources
  • A Concept Map and a template HTML file are created using the IHMC Concept Map tool
  • The HTML Concept Map with Resources is generated from the template HTML file using
    • PERL scripts
    • Data repository, that has Keywords linked to different types of resources (Homeworks, Exams, Demos, Labs, Tutorials)
scripts and outline of steps
Scripts and Outline of steps…
  • Using the IHMC Concept Map tool
    • Create the basic Concept Map. The concepts are also Keywords in the database
    • Identify representative resources for concepts in the map
    • Export the Concept Map to a HTML file, which will serve as the template file to be used in the scripts
  • Two PERL scripts are used to convert the template HTML file to a Concept Map HTML file with more number of resources and resource types
    • One script generates a text file with relevant resources for a Chapter and Keywords used in the Concept Map
    • The second script uses the text file and the template HTML file to add more resources to relevant concepts
concept map template html final html
Concept Map  Template HTML  Final HTML


Using PERL Scripts,

Data base

dynamic creation

Concept Map



Concept Map

with Resources

PHP Layer



of Resources

Dynamic Creation
  • Easy to update as new resources are created
resources for concept map
Resources for Concept Map
  • GUIs: using MATLAB for animation of mathematical concepts
    • Tutorial Videos for usability
  • Homework Problems with solutions
  • Laboratory Assignments
    • Pre-Lab Videos
  • Lectures
    • Short mini-lectures on specific concepts
matlab gui development
Matlab GUI Development
  • Developed the GUI in Matlab to demonstrate properties of Fourier Transform Pairs.
gui movie making
GUI Movie Making
  • Three movies are created for each GUI:
    • Tutorial Movie - Demonstrates GUI functionality and usability
    • Theory Movie - Explains theory and its applications
    • Lab Movie - Exemplifies problem solving techniques using GUIs
  • Use Camtasia Studio & SnagIt software from TechSmith®
  • SnagIt is an image and text capturing software
  • Camtasia Studio is a recording and editing software
  • Movie duration approx. 2-4 min
  • Storage less than 10 MB in AVI format
camtasia studio video recording and editing tool
Camtasia StudioVideo recording and editing tool

GUI Movie-making Stages:

  • Record audio and video clips. (Recorder)
  • Produce AVI file from video/audio clips and screenshots. (Producer, SnagIt)
  • Add visual effects. (Effects)
  • Publish in desired format (Producer)
camtasia recorder
Camtasia Recorder
  • Allows for screen activity recording of screen, window, or user specified region.
  • Features include:
    • Audio with cursor and keyboard sounds
    • Zooming
    • Automatic panning
    • Cursor highlight
    • Annotations such as caption or watermark
  • Recorded at 10 frames/sec
  • File saved in AVI format
camtasia producer
Camtasia Producer
  • Editing tool which combines audio and video clips along with image files to produce a movie.
  • Publish in desired format:
      • Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
      • Macromedia Flash (SWF)
      • Windows Media (WMV)
      • Quick Time (MOV)
      • Real Media (RM)
      • Animated GIF
      • Self-running .EXE Real Media (RM)
  • A 2-4 min AVI file is stored at less than 10 MB.
camtasia effects
Camtasia Effects
  • Tool for adding special effects to an already existing AVI file
  • Object are added on a timeline with specified duration
  • Objects can be:
        • Callouts
        • Textboxes
        • Highlights
        • Shapes
        • Freehand drawing
        • Custom bitmaps
tscc codec
TSCC Codec
  • Camtasia uses TSCC codec to compress the audio and video files.
  • It is lossless with high compression ratio, optimized especially for screen capture recordings.
  • Movies require the installation of TSCC codec file tscc.exe.
  • Additional information about the TSCC codec along with its download sites can be found at:

  • Concept Maps give a structured graphical view of chapters
  • Adding more resources all the time
  • Start trials with large class this fall