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Ask the Interpreters A Chat with Debbie and Roxanne Session with the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Associ

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Ask the Interpreters A Chat with Debbie and Roxanne Session with the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Associ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ask the Interpreters A Chat with Debbie and Roxanne Session with the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association October 4, 2010. Goals for this Session. Discuss Compliance Areas that have posed problems for our members

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Ask the InterpretersA Chat with Debbie and RoxanneSession with the Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators AssociationOctober 4, 2010

goals for this session
Goals for this Session
  • Discuss Compliance Areas that have posed problems for our members
  • Direct members to resources to help in the area of student eligibility
  • Provide answers to specific questions relating to student eligibility – or any other topic
international student rule
International Student Rule
  • International Students – Bylaw 4-8-1 – Students are ineligible in Ohio member schools. Exceptions:
    • 1 – Student and parents move into Ohio or have lived here
    • 2 – Visitor Exchange Program
    • 3 – Student is adopted by Ohio citizens
    • 4 – Student and parents are US citizens but the parents reside outside the USA (missionaries, military, business, etc.)
residence rule
Residence Rule
  • Out of State Parents – 4-6-3 – Student ineligible in an Ohio member school. Exceptions:
    • 1. Change of legal custody for reasons that protect the student
    • 2. Attend 15 days in grade 11
    • 3. Continuous enrollment from grade 1
    • 4. Continuous enrollment in a parochial elementary school from grade 4-8
    • 5. East Liverpool exception
    • 6. Boarding school exception
    • 7. Military children – Please use OHSAA POA
transfer eligibility
Transfer Eligibility
  • Major area of questions
  • OHSAA has developed a “Transfer Bylaw Resource Center” on the web site at to assist schools
  • All principals and athletic administrators received email guidance on most of the major transfer issues this summer
the basic rule 4 7 2
The Basic Rule – 4-7-2
  • If a student transfers high schools after establishing eligibility
    • Plays in a contest prior to school in the fall of grade 9
    • Attends any high school the first five days of grade 9
  • The student will be ineligible for all sports at the new school for one calendar year
  • Transfer means to change schools at any time after establishing eligibility as a 9th grader
  • If the student does not change schools, he/she remains eligible at the school where eligibility was first established
parents bona fide move exception 1
Parents’ Bona Fide MoveException 1
  • Exception one of Bylaw 4-7-2
  • Parents move into a new school district
  • Triggers choice of either the public high school in the new district or any non-public high school
  • Move must be contemporaneous – within the last calendar year
  • Note “Parents” – plural
  • Note: Residence Bylaw 4-6-1 defines a Bona Fide Change of Residence
parents bona fide move
Parents’ Bona Fide Move
  • What should the school administrator do?
    • Interview the parents
    • Check custody documentation – Q #12 on the Affidavit
    • Review the Affidavit of Bona Fide Residence with the parents
    • Sign the front page along with both parents
    • Ask the parent to take the actual affidavit to a notary
    • Review the document after it is notarized
    • Send to OHSAA
    • Be prepared to check on the residence periodically, document the visits, and do so at “off hours”
major problems with the abfr
Major Problems with the ABFR
  • No custody information supplied - #12
  • Move made prior to the last calendar year - #8, #13
  • No Driver’s license/ID with current address - #17,#18
  • No Voter Registration (note that this does not compel the individual to actually vote)
  • No school administrator signature
  • Failure of school personnel to check up on the residence
  • Move not between two public school districts
legal change of custody exception 2
Legal Change of CustodyException 2
  • Exception two of 4-7-2
  • When a court-ordered change of custody results in the student’s change of school district, this triggers:
    • Choice of the public high school in the new custodian’s school district
    • Choice of any non-public school
  • Requires an actual legal change of custody, not a Power of Attorney or an affidavit for school attendance
legal change of custody
Legal Change of Custody
  • What must the school administrator do:
    • Obtain the court order and insure that it is a legal change of custody signed by a judge or magistrate
    • Draft a letter to either Deborah Moore or Roxanne Price stipulating
      • The person named in the custody document is a resident of the new school district into which the student is moving
      • The student will live full time with that resident for one full year
      • Send a copy of the court order along with the letter
legal change of custody12
Legal Change of Custody
  • Note: Redesignation of residential parent within a Shared Parenting agreement is NOT a legal change of custody
bona fide move of a parent in shared parenting exception 3
Bona Fide Move of a parent in Shared parenting - Exception 3
  • The only exception that mentions shared parenting
  • Allows for eligibility when either one of the parents in this agreement (both have legal custody) makes a bona fide move to a new public school district
  • Requires the ABFR
  • Triggers the choice of public school in the district of either parent or any non-public school
  • The same criteria as in exception 1 apply
enrollment and attendance bylaw 4 3 1
Enrollment and AttendanceBylaw 4-3-1
  • Basic rule – Students are eligible only at the school where they are enrolled and attending FULL TIME
  • This rule prohibits eligibility for
    • home-schooled students
    • students at schools that do not sponsor certain sports
    • students who may want to participate on another school’s sports team
    • students who are in non-member schools
exceptions to 4 3 1
Exceptions to 4-3-1

#1 – Separate 9th grade building

#2 – JVS/Career Center

#3 – Community school under ORC. 3314 sponsored by the Board of Education

#4 – Postsecondary Enrollment Option

#5 – Alternative school sponsored by BOE

#6 – Home schooled but in partial enrollment in accordance with BOE policy (at least one course in the physical location of the school)

#7 – STEM school

any other questions
Any other Questions??

Thanks for your attention!!

contact us
Contact Us!

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Ms. Roxanne Price –

Assistant Commissioner


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