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ISLAM. An Introduction to Islam. Osama bin Laden’s Fatwa. What is the role of Islam in this piece How does reading this piece explain the thesis” America’s national security depends, at least in part, upon what we know or do not know about Islam.”. What does Islam mean?.

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An Introduction to Islam

osama bin laden s fatwa
Osama bin Laden’s Fatwa
  • What is the role of Islam in this piece
  • How does reading this piece explain the thesis” America’s national security depends, at least in part, upon what we know or do not know about Islam.”
what does islam mean
What does Islam mean?

In Arabic, Salaam =


ISLAM = “Willful Surrender” “Willful Submission” MUSLIM = “One who submits to Allah”

  • Abraham: Patriarch of the BIG THREE: J, C, I!
  • Recognizes only one god: monotheism
  • God makes covenant with Abraham
    • Promises great things to A’s descendants, including Land of Canaan
abraham s two sons
Abraham’s two sons
  • Sarah
    • Originally “barren”
  • Hagar—Egyptian slave
    • Son=Ishmael
  • Miracle!
    • Sarah pregnant!
    • Son is Isaac
  • Which son? Who gets Canaan?
    • OT says it’s Isaac-claimed by Jews
    • Qur’an says it is Ishmael (claimed by Muslims)
prophet muhammad
Prophet Muhammad
  • Descendant of Ishmael, the first son of Abraham.
  • Born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 570 AD
  • Received first revelation at the age 40 through angel Gabriel.
  • Died in the year 632 AD, after preaching Islam for 23 years.
qur an the holy book the recitation

Islam maintains the integrity of original language (Arabic)

Muslims of all language backgrounds recite Islamic verses in Arabic

Qur’an القرآنThe Holy Book “The Recitation”
  • Original message is intact, as given by the Prophet in Arabic
  • 23 Years of Revelations (610 - 632 C.E.)
  • 114 Chapters (Suras)
    • Each begins with the phrase:

“In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

prophets and scriptures
Prophets and Scriptures
  • SOME PROPHETS:Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Ishaq, Jacob (Israel), Joseph, Benjamin, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Zakareya, John, Jesus, Muhammad
  • DIVINE BOOKS:Torah, Zabur (Psalms), Injeel (Gospel), Qur’an
  • Belief in ALL prophets of God
  • Source of All Books is God
  • Main Message of all Prophets: Islam
what muslims believe about jesus
What Muslims believe about Jesus
  • Muslims respect , love and honor Jesus
  • Jesus is considered a great messenger/ prophet
  • Jesus was born from the ‘virgin’ Mary
  • Jesus is a ‘word’ from God
  • Jesus is mentioned in 25 places in the Qur’an with names of respect and honor
  • However, Muslims do not consider Jesus to be of divine nature
what the qur an says about jesus
What the Qur’an says about Jesus

“We believe in Allah (God) and that which was revealed to us, and that which was revealed toAbraham, Ishmael,Isaac,Jacoband the tribes and that which wasgiven toMoses,Jesusand to the Prophets from theirLord; We make NO distinction between any of them, and to Him (God) we submit.” (Qur’an, 3:83)

declaration of faith shahadah
Declaration of Faith (Shahadah)

To say, believe and testify that…

“La ilaha illa Allah”

“There is no true deity, but Allah (God).”

<Denial of other gods—affirmation of the one true God>

لا إله إلا الله

sects within islam
Sects within Islam
  • There are divisions within Islam
    • just as in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Two primary sects: Sunni & Shi’a
    • Sunni: ~85-90%
    • Shi’a: ~10-15%
      • including parts of Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan
  • Third (Minor) sect: Sufism
    • Mystical order
    • May include Sunni and Shi'a followers
sects within islam1
Sects within Islam
  • Sunni & Shi’a Muslims share the most fundamental Islamic beliefs and articles of faith.
  • Nature of the two divisions:
      • 1)Political
          • Succession of the Prophet(Political Leadership)
      • 2)Spiritual
          • Veneration/worship of Imams(Spiritual Leadership)
sects within islam2
Sects within Islam

“Sunni” (“Sunnah” root): “one who follows the traditions of the Prophet” -- “well-trodden path” -- “tradition”

1) Successor to the Prophet should have been the most capable leader, NOT based upon bloodlines.

  • This is what occurred.

2) Spiritual leadership is NOT a birthright, born of community trust and respect

Approximately 85-90% of Muslims are from the Sunni branch

sects within islam3
Sects within Islam

Shi’a is from: “Shi’a-t-Ali” -- “partisans” – “Party of Ali”

  • 1) Successor to the Prophet should have been through bloodlines:
    • First, Ali (son-in-law and cousin of Muhammad)
    • Then, through Fatima’s (Ali’s wife and Muhammad’s daughter) children.
  • 2) Spiritual leadership is anointed directly from Allah (God).
    • Imam is sinless and infallible by nature.
sects within islam4

Sunni and Shi’a also differ in lesser ways:

    • Sunni believe the al-Mahdi (vice-regent of Allah) will arrive at/on Judgment Day
    • Shi’a believe al-Mahdi is on earth, “Hidden” and will emerge at/on Judgment Day
  • Subgroups/”schools” of Sunni:
    • Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanafi, Hanbali
  • Subgroups/”schools” of Shi’a:
    • Ithna ‘Ashariyah, Isma'iliyah and Zaydiyah
Sects within Islam