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UNCLASSIFIED. FCS Technology Challenges. Mr. Patrick Murphy Telephone: 703-628-4784 April, 2005. Right Wed 032603 5/24/2014 10:47 AM. 1. UNCLASSIFIED. Mine for Opportunistic Technologies Stay Aware, Informed, Involved.

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FCS Technology Challenges

Mr. Patrick Murphy

Telephone: 703-628-4784

April, 2005

Right Wed 032603

5/24/2014 10:47 AM



pm unit of action technologies
Mine for Opportunistic Technologies

Stay Aware, Informed, Involved.

Interface with all stakeholders - Relationships

Includes TRADOC, ASAALT, RDECOM, G8, OSD, other UA PMs and IPTs, LSI, S&T Providers……

Influence S&T efforts

Primarily via ASTWG and DARPA Processes, but not limited.

Once Endorsed, Guide/Monitor Efforts until Technology is Transitioned to System PM.

Get the Word Out via Presentations, Conferences, Articles, Summits – and Any Other Opportunity

Present the UA S&T Requirements.

Educate the “Bridge” function to Stakeholders.

Participate in Strategic Guidance efforts such as Army Science Board, UA Board of Directors, DARPA SAG.

PM Unit of Action, Technologies


To be the Bridge between the S&T and PM Communities, Enabling the Transition of Matured Technologies that Address Capability Gaps.

◊ Identify, Influence, and Nurture S&T Efforts toward PM Requirements ◊

◊ Plan for and Negotiate the Transition◊

pm unit of action technologies2
PM Unit of Action, Technologies

Manned Systems

Unmanned Air Vehicles

Class IV

Command and

Control Vehicle

Class III

Class II

Class I

Infantry Carrier


Unattended Munitions

Unattended Ground Sensors



Munitions System



Combat System


Recon and

Surveillance Vehicle



Unmanned Ground Vehicles



ARV Aslt


of Sight Cannon

Small (Manpackable)


Non-Line of Sight Mortar

Armed Robotic Vehicle

Medical Treatment

and Evacuation

FCS Recovery and

Maintenance Vehicle


MULE- Transport


Approved for Public Release, PM UA February 2005

over arching challenges
Over-Arching Challenges
  • Build it Lighter and Smaller
    • C-130 Transportable Vehicles ~ 24 Ton Fighting Weights
    • Air Droppable
  • Build it to Last
    • RAM
    • Failure Prognostics
  • Build it User Friendly
    • Fuse Very Large Data Volumes
    • Manage Operator Workload
  • Use Less Bandwidth for More Information Value
    • Network Bandwidth is a Limited Resource
  • Build it Affordably
    • Reduce component and subsystem cost
platform related challenges
Platform Related Challenges
  • Armor – Structure and Appliqué
  • Active Protection System (APS)
  • Local Hemispheric Situational Awareness – RPG + Top Attack
  • Stand-Off Mine and IED Detection + Clearing
  • Engines, Drive Trains and Suspensions / Hybrid Electric
  • Energy Storage and Distribution
  • Battlefield Gap Crossing / Obstacle Clearance
  • Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Small Heavy-Fuel Engines
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)
  • Robotics with Autonomous Tactical Behaviors in complex, dynamic terrain
maneuver support sustainment challenges
Maneuver Support + Sustainment Challenges
  • Precision Heavy Air Drop
  • Rapid Refueling and Materiel Transfer
  • Rapid Ammunition Reload
  • Human Engineering for Multi-Mode information delivery
  • Fully Embedded Training + Mission Rehearsal
  • On-Board Wideband Data Recording + Recovery
  • Water generation and contaminant detection
sensor related challenges
Sensor Related Challenges
  • Mine and IED Detection
  • Lightweight, Low Cost, High Quality UAV Payloads
  • Through the Wall Sensors
  • FOPEN (sensing through foliage)
  • Disposable, Remotely Delivered, Unattended Ground Sensors
  • Affordable Integrated Multi-Mode Combat ID
  • Standoff CBRN Sensors
  • Sensor Display Technology – Vehicle to Soldier
networking c2 related challenges
Networking/C2 Related Challenges
  • Joint Interoperability / Network Interfaces
  • Network Centric C2
  • Distributed Information Management
  • Collaborative C2 / Warfighter Machine Interface
  • Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
  • Multi-Level Secure Networks
  • Quality of Service Management
  • High Data Rates in Jammed Environments
  • Affordable Directional Wide-Band Antennas
  • Subterranean Wireless Operations
lethality related challenges
Lethality Related Challenges
  • Networked Fires
    • High Fire Rates
    • Light Weight Target Designators
  • BLOS Weapons
    • Higher Accuracy, Extended Range
  • Affordable Precision Munitions / Smart Seekers
  • Variable Lethality Munitions + Non-Lethal Munitions
  • Timely Battle Damage Assessment