roller skates by agata lazewska n.
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Roller-skates By: Agata Lazewska PowerPoint Presentation
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Roller-skates By: Agata Lazewska

Roller-skates By: Agata Lazewska

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Roller-skates By: Agata Lazewska

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  1. Roller-skatesBy: Agata Lazewska Inventor Invention Early roller-skates Conclusion Bibliography

  2. The inventor The first roller-skates were invented in 1700’s. The inventor of the first roller skates was an unknown Dutch. When he invented roller skates he was thinking of ice-skating in the summer. He called those roller skates the “Steelers”. Then in 1760 Joseph Merlin invented the medal wheeled roller skates. After that roller skates started to become very popular around the world. BACK NEXT BIBLIOGRAPHY HOME

  3. The invention • To make the “Steelers” the inventor nailed wooden spools to strips of wood and attached them to his shoes. And then 1760 Joseph Merlin invented metal wheeled roller skates. They had metal wheels so they can be sturdier then those on wood. BACK NEXT BIBLIOGRAPHY HOME

  4. Early roller-skates In 1840 in Berlin, Germany invented serving soda and food on skates. And then public rings opened for people to skate on. After that James Plimpton an American invented roller skates that could turn and stop. Those pair of skates had 2 pairs of wheels next to each other one pair of wheels was under the ball of the foot and the other pair was under the heel. Those wheels were made out of boxwood and they were the first dry-land skates. In late 1700’s and mid 1800’s disco and roller-skating was invented. And so then roller-movies were invented. In 1983 Scott Olson found the Rollerblade Inc. Before Rollerblade Inc. people had to Tilt their foot back to stop and now they have to straighten one leg to stop. BACK NEXT BIBLIOGRAPHY HOME

  5. Conclusion I think that It’s very good that the inventor invented roller-skates. Now when you’re bored you can just go outside and go skating. It’s like ice-skating on the ground. Roller-skating is a lot of fun and you can go as fast as you want. If nobody had invented roller-skates we would now sit at home and be bored. Also roller-skating helps you exercise so you can be healthy. BACK NEXT BIBLIOGRAPHY HOME

  6. Bibliography 1)Roller Sports History 2/16/05 2)The invention of the wheel 2/16/05 3)History Picks 2/24/05 ?imgurl=http:// 4)National Museum of roller-skates 3/3/05 BACK HOME