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Tyumen region

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Tyumen region
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Tyumen region

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  1. Tyumen region

  2. Geographical position, railway and air transport The railway transport is being significantly developed. The main Trans-Siberian railway connects the Tyumen oblast with other regional centers of the country. Pipeline transport, aircraft and river waterway transport are developed.The rivers of Ob’-and-Irtysh basin with developed port infrastructure provide access to the Northern Sea Route. International airport “Roshchino” is located in the city of Tyumen Moscow TYUMEN The Tyumen oblast is a cross of roads coming from West to East, from Southto North. The main highways are: 1. «Moscow-Vladivistok» highway, which will make part of the transnational corridor «Berlin-Beijing» currently being developed; 2. Federal highway, connecting the South of the Tyumen oblast with KhMAO-Yugra (Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug) and YaNAO (Yamalo-Nenetsk autonomous okrug). Vladivostok

  3. Potential of the region • Natural resources (oil, timber, waterand land resources) • Geographical location • Industrial potential (multi-sector industrial, agricultural, and construction complexes) • Transport and communal infrastructure • Power industry • Science and education complex • Social infrastructure • Financial infrastructure • Skilled labor • Tourism and recreation

  4. Gross Regional Product billionUS dollars

  5. Economic Potential 5

  6. Industrial Output Index % to corresponding period in comparable prices Extraction of minerals Manufacturing Production and distribution of electric power, gas and water

  7. Oil extraction

  8. Power industry

  9. Agriculture Production of main of livestock farming products Million pieces Production of main of crop sector products Thousand tons

  10. Consumermarket Retail Trade Turnover Billion USD Volume of Paid Services Billion USD

  11. Demography Population as of August 1st 2010 – 1354.3 thousand people Natural population increase People Estimated life expectancy since birth Years Increase in population due to migration

  12. Attraction of investments Actions • Organizational support: provision of industrial land plots, ensuring connections to infrastructure • Financial support: granting of tax benefits (income tax, property tax), provision of compensations for repaying credit and leasing interests • Information support of investment policy, building up a positive image of the region • Organization and participation in International and Russian fairs, exhibitions and other presentation events • Organization of seminars, conferences, forums and other education-related events, including organization of competitions intended to improve investment skills of participants

  13. Volume of Investments in Fixed Capital, in billion US dollars

  14. Key investment projects implemented in the territory of Tyumen Region • “TNK-BP”– development of the Uvat group of oil deposits. Volume of investments – 11,4 billion USD. • 2. “Anitipinsky Oil Refinery” - Construction of 3rd,4thstages of the Oil Refinery with production capacity of up to 7 million tons per year; launching a production of high-octane petrol. Investments volume – 4 billion USD. • 3. “Tobolsk Polymer” (“Sibur-holding”) – construction of a polypropylene-producing plant with production capacity of 500 thousand tons per year. Investments volume – 1,8billion USD. • 4. “UGMK-Steel” - Construction of a metallurgical works, capable of producing rolled section steel. Investments volume – 0,73 billion USD. • 5. “Technological company Schlumberger” – launching production of equipment and spare parts used in oil extraction, development of scientific, educational and technological infrastructure within the oil extracting sector in Tyumen Region. Investments volume – 100 million USD. • 6.“Tyumenstalmost” - construction of a plant for producing metal carcasses for bridge-building. Investments volume – 80 million USD. • 7.“Steklotech”– construction of a plant for producing glass tare. • Investments volume – 58,7 million USD. • 8.“Construction materials plant”– construction of a plant for producing construction materials. Investments volume – 85.7 million USD. • 9.“Bentech Drilling and Oilfield Systems” -construction of a plant for producing drilling equipment. Investments volume – 24,3 million USD. • 10.“Tyumen plywood plant” – Production of large-format plywood. Investments volume – • 22,2 million USD. In total, there are currently more than 40 large-scale projects being implemented in Tyumen Region, with overall investment volume surpassing 17 billion USD.

  15. External trade Million USD

  16. Key directions for economic development and attraction of investment capital • Oil and petrochemical industries • Machine building for oil and gas industry • Timber processing • Innovation technologies • Agro-industrial complex • Transport and logistics • Tourism

  17. Tyumen region is your reliable partner! Department of investment policy and business support of Tyumen region Tyumen, RespublikiSt., 24 Tel. +7 (3452) 296-315, 296-486 www.tyumen-region.ru Government of Tyumen region Tyumen, Volodarskogo St., 45 Tel. +7 (3452) 46-58-10, 46-38-25 www.admtyumen.ru