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Region I – Ilocos Region

Region I – Ilocos Region. Northwest Coast of Luzon. Provinces - coastal. Capitals. Laoag City (regional center) – Ilocos Norte Vigan City (regional center) – Ilocos Sur San Fernando City (regional center) – La Union Lingayen City - Pangasinan. People. Ilocanos – industrious and thrifty

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Region I – Ilocos Region

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  1. Region I – Ilocos Region

  2. Northwest Coast of Luzon

  3. Provinces - coastal

  4. Capitals Laoag City (regional center) – Ilocos Norte Vigan City (regional center) – Ilocos Sur San Fernando City (regional center) – La Union Lingayen City - Pangasinan

  5. People Ilocanos – industrious and thrifty Ilocano – major dialect in Ilocos Panggalatok – major dialect in Pangasinan

  6. Can you speak Ilocano? al-alia – ghost agwatwat – exercise agiw-iwa-iti-mangga – slicing a mango Agsalsala ti tukak. – The frog is dancing. Annay! – Ouch!

  7. Ilocano Proverbs • Ti táo nga mannaríta, awán ti ania nga magapuánanna. A man that talks too much accomplishes little. • Ti agmúla, agápit. He who sows, reaps. • Yánud ti danúm ti matmatúrog nga udáng. A sleeping lobster is carried away by the current.

  8. Famous Figures Juan Luna – painter – known for Spoliarium Gregorio Aglipay – leader of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Philippine Independent Church / Aglipayan Church) Elpidio Quirino, Ferdinand Marcos, Fidel Ramos – former Presidents Fidel Go – famous pot-maker from Vigan

  9. Juan Luna Shrine, Ilocos

  10. Spoliarium

  11. Gregorio Aglipay

  12. Elpidio Quirino

  13. Marcos proclaimed Martial Law in Sept. 1972.

  14. Marcos Museum, Ilocos Norte

  15. Fidel Ramos

  16. My family with Pres. Ramos

  17. Fidel Go with Burnay Pot

  18. Climate Two seasons: dry from October to April wet from May to September Weather – usually mild Cordillera – blocks rains so less rainfall reaches plains

  19. Products and Industries Agriculture – people are mostly farmers Salt making, fish sauce, basi (wine from sugarcane) Handicrafts from bamboo and shells Sugarcane, tobacco, rice Maguey – to make cotton or string Abel Iloko (cloth), Burnay pot making

  20. Salt Making

  21. Commercial Salt Making

  22. Fish Sauce in Burnay Jars

  23. Basi

  24. Bamboo bank (with Ilocano word in alibata)

  25. Bamboo Hat

  26. Shell Crafts

  27. Maguey (Plant)

  28. Maguey Products – inspected by Ilocos govt officials

  29. Abel Iloko – textile of cotton & natural fiber

  30. Abel Iloko dress

  31. Abel Iloko loom

  32. Burnay Pot Making

  33. Beautiful Places in Ilocos Norte Balay ti Amianan (House of the North) – house of former President Marcos (Malacañang of the North) Paoay Lake & Resort Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel Paoay Church Bacarra Church Sta. Monica Church White Beach, Pagudpud

  34. Balay ti Amianan

  35. Inside Marcos’s House

  36. Paoay Lake

  37. Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel

  38. Statue at Fort Ilocandia

  39. Paoay Church

  40. Bacarra Church

  41. Sta. Monica Church

  42. White Beach

  43. Famous Spots in Ilocos Sur Tirad Pass – defended by Gen. Gregorio del Pilar against the US (he died there) Heritage City of Vigan – example of Spanish architecture

  44. Gregorio del Pilar

  45. Tirad Pass

  46. Example of Vigan House

  47. Beautiful Places in Pangasinan Hundred Islands Lingayen Gulf Limahong Channel Isla Santiago Pangasinan – Gateway to the North

  48. Hundred Islands

  49. US Forces at Lingayen Gulf in World War 2

  50. Isla Santiago

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