SACS Accreditation Reaffirmation Machinery:
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SACS Accreditation Reaffirmation Machinery: Action Plan, Quality Enhancement Plan and Compliance Certification Documen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SACS Accreditation Reaffirmation Machinery: Action Plan, Quality Enhancement Plan and Compliance Certification Documents. David S. Adegboye, PhD Professor of Biology Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & SACS Liaison University Professional Conference August 18, 2008. OUTLINE.

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SACS Accreditation Reaffirmation Machinery: Action Plan, Quality Enhancement Plan and Compliance Certification Documents

David S. Adegboye, PhD

Professor of BiologyAssociate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & SACS LiaisonUniversity Professional ConferenceAugust 18, 2008

Outline l.jpg

  • Academic Program Update

  • The SUNO Action Plan-Class of 2011

  • Quality Enhancement Plan

  • Compliance Certification

Academic program update l.jpg

  • College of Arts & Sciences

    • B.S. Biology

    • B.S. Criminal Justice

    • A.A. Drug & Substance Abuse

    • B.A. English

    • B.G.S. General Studies

    • B.S. Health Information Management(Director to be appointed)

    • B.A. History

    • B.S. Mathematics

    • B.A. Psychology

    • B.A. Sociology

    • B.S. Substance Abuse

    • M.A. Criminal Justice

    • M.A. Museum Studies

Academic program update4 l.jpg

  • College of Business & Public Administration

    • B.S. Business Entrepreneurship

    • B.A. Public Administration

    • B.S. Management Information Systems

    • M.S. Management Information Systems

  • College of Education

    • B.S. Early Childhood Education GR PK-3

    • B.S. Elementary Education GR 1-6

    • B.A. Child Development & Family Studies

    • Alternate Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education

    • Alternate Teacher Certification in Elementary Education

    • M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction (under review)

  • School of Social Work

    • B.A. Social Work

    • M.S.W. Social Work

The action plan document l.jpg

  • Guides accreditation process

  • Reviewed by SUS-appointed Audit Team

  • Approved by SUNO Leadership Team

  • Made available to all faculty, chairs, deans, program directors and the administration

  • A Must-Read Document

  • Committees & Memberships – Pg. 20-29

  • Schedule of Activities (Timelines) – Pg. 36-47

Quality enhancement plan document l.jpg

  • One of the 2 major documents to be submitted to SACS

  • A vehicle for institutional improvement through improved student learning

  • Results in increased overall quality and effectiveness of the institution

  • Must focus on one issue that can improve student learning

  • Will be a 100-page document inclusive of appendices

  • Submission to SACS six (6) weeks in advance of On-site visit

Components of qep document l.jpg
Components of QEP Document

  • 5-year plan linking focus and outcomes of the QEP to resources

  • Brief title

  • Topic linked to improvement of student learning.

  • Clear definition of student learning related to focus of the QEP

  • Documentation of broad based involvement in topic selection and implementation

  • Well crafted goals that can be measured

  • Documentation of research-based efforts & best practices

  • Implementation plan, including timelines, budgets, assessment schedule & personnel

  • Evaluation plan

  • Appendices (not to exceed 25 pages)

Qep topic selection process l.jpg
QEP Topic Selection Process

  • Chair, QEP Task Force address

The compliance certification document l.jpg

  • The second major document that must be submitted to SACS

  • Submission is 15 months prior to scheduled reaffirmation

  • Used by the institution to attest to its compliance with each of the

    • Core Requirements- 2.1 to 2.11

    • Comprehensive Standards – 3.1 to 3.14

    • Federal Regulations- 4.1 to 4.7

Core requirements l.jpg

  • Degree-granting Authority-2.1

  • Governing Board-2.2

  • Chief Executive Officer-2.3

  • Institutional Mission-2.4

  • Institutional Effectiveness-2.5

  • Continuous Operation-2.6

  • Program Length-2.7.1

  • Program Content-2.7.2

  • General Education-2.7.3

  • Course Work for Degrees-2.7.4

  • Faculty-2.8

  • Learning Resources & Services-2.9

  • Student Support Services-2.10

  • Financial Resources-2.11.1

  • Physical Resources-2.11.2


Comprehensive standards l.jpg

  • Institutional Mission-3.1

  • Governance & Administration-3.2.1-3.2.14

  • Institutional Effectiveness-3.3

  • Programs-3.4.1-3.4.12

  • Educational Programs: Undergraduate-3.5.1-3.5.4

  • Educational Programs: Graduate & Post Bacc.-3.6.1-3.6.4

  • Faculty-3.7.1-3.7.5

  • Library & Other Learning Resources-3.8.1-3.8.3

  • Student Affairs & Services-3.9.1-3.9.3

  • Financial Resources-3.10.1-3.10.5

  • Physical Resources-3.11.1-3.11.3

  • Substantive Change Procedures & Policy-3.12

  • Compliance with other Commission Policies-3.13

  • Representation of Status with the Commission-3.14

Federal requirements l.jpg

  • Student Achievement-4.1

  • Program Curriculum-4.2

  • Publication of Policies-4.3

  • Program Length-4.4

  • Student Complaints-4.5

  • Recruitment Materials-4.6

  • Title IV Program Responsibilities-4.7

Fall 2008 goals l.jpg
Fall 2008 Goals

  • University-wide Workshop on Institutional Effectiveness & QEP

  • Compliance Certification Detailed Action Plan with Timelines

  • First Draft of the QEP

  • Start data input into the Xitracts Electronic System

Quality enhancement plan l.jpg
Quality Enhancement Plan

Rose Duhon-Sells, PhD

Professor of EducationVice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Chair, QEP Task Force

Slide15 l.jpg

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Task Force for SACS was constituted in Spring, 2006. The committee members of the Task Force were as follows:

  • Dr. Rose Duhon-Sells, Chair

  • Dr. James Takona

  • Dr. Adnan Omar

  • Dr. Sudipta Das

  • Dr. William Belisle

  • Dr. Ira Neighbors

  • Ms. Stacy Thomas

Slide16 l.jpg
QEP constituted in Spring, 2006. The committee members of the Task Force were as follows:

  • In Fall, 2006 the committee shared at the Faculty Conference a possible topic for the SACS/QEP Task Force which was: Improving student learning through First Time Freshmen Experiences.

  • All faculty members were given the opportunity to participate through a survey disseminated by the QEP Task Force at the Fall, 2006 Faculty Conference.

  • Based on the input from faculty campus-wide, the committee modified the topic and included four strains: E-Learning, Lifelong Learning, Student Support Services and Individualized Attention in Teaching and Learning.

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QEP constituted in Spring, 2006. The committee members of the Task Force were as follows:

  • At the end of Spring, 2007, the committee decided to re-focus the topic and narrow it down to attaining academic excellence by improving retention.

  • During the Summer, 2007 we were fortunate to have Dr. Rudy Jackson , the SACS liaison for SUNO, to meet with the QEP Task Force Committee to assist in narrowing the focus of the QEP topic, resulting in proposing a revised QEP topic as another phase in the process of developing the perfect QEP topic to improve student learning in our institution:

  • The current proposed QEP Topic: “Enhancing First Year Freshmen Student Learning with E-Learning”

  • Please provide your suggestions and comments to the topic on the yellow survey given with your packet.