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Chapter Nine Strategic Quality Plan

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Chapter Nine Strategic Quality Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter Nine Strategic Quality Plan. Strategic Quality Plan. “Managing quality is often a topic we only assume is being addressed until reality tells us otherwise.” . Allegra Johnson, CCM Club Manager Dunwoody Country Club Dunwoody, GA. Strategic Quality Plan.

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Chapter Nine Strategic Quality Plan

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strategic quality plan
Strategic Quality Plan

“Managing quality is often a topic we only

assume is being addressed until reality tells

us otherwise.”

Allegra Johnson, CCM

Club Manager

Dunwoody Country Club

Dunwoody, GA

strategic quality plan3
Strategic Quality Plan

“Everyone in the organization must believe in the

Strategic Quality Plan and integrate the plan’s

directives into all actions and decisions. When the

plan is used, the associates and the customers

know it, and teamwork and partnerships are


Bob Wills

Executive Vice President Operations

HDS Services

Farmington Hills, MI

learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Define “a vision” and the desired link between a personal vision and an organization’s vision
  • Describe the characteristics of a shared vision
  • Detail the question that core values answer and how the vision, mission, and core values fit together in an organization
learning objectives cont
Learning Objectives (cont.)
  • Describe strategic goals and the areas of the organization that they typically address
  • Define how to generate the strategic quality plan and make it operational
  • Understand how to build commitment for a strategic quality plan
  • How are the Balanced Score Card and the Strategic Action Plans linked?
strategic planning process
Strategic Planning Process
  • Quality
    • Defined processes
    • Continuously improved
  • Strategic quality planning process
    • Comprehensive
    • Position organization for the long term
    • Key strategic issues in the near term
strategic planning process cont
Strategic Planning Process (cont.)
  • A vision of the future
  • An ideal view of where we want to be or what we want to create
  • The expected impact of our current and future performance
  • Personal vision
shared vision
Shared Vision
  • Core values of employing organization must be genuinely reflected by employees
  • Reflection of both individual visions and the collective shared vision of the group
  • Organizational and personal visions evolve
shared vision cont
Shared Vision (cont.)
  • Grows from personal vision
  • A reflection of the personal visions of the people in that organization
  • Uses synergy to make itself stronger than each individual’s personal visions
  • Results from the interaction of personal visions in an organization
  • Freedom to choose; not “buy in”
  • Easy if personal vision in line with organization’s
  • The leader enrolls first, others will follow
  • A shared vision is based on trust and placing the needs, wants, and expectations of others first
  • Visions are crafted by discussing the completion of this statement:
    • The vision of the [organization] is to be [state what we want to create to complete this sentence]
sample vision statement
Sample Vision Statement
  • The Detroit Athletic Club
    • The vision of the Detroit Athletic Club is to be recognized as the premier private gathering place in Southeast Michigan
sample vision statement cont
Sample Vision Statement (cont.)
  • Elk Creek Resort
    • We will be the Pinnacle in Hospitality, Unmatched Among Destinations
  • HDS Services
    • We will be the preferred partner in providing management and consulting in the Food Service and Hospitality Industries
  • A mission statement answers the questions:
    • “Why do we exist?”
    • “What is our purpose?”
    • “In what interest do we function/operate?”
  • The mission seeks to clarify why the organization exists, and how the organization adds value
  • A mission is often expressed in terms of what we are in business to do or the line of work we are in
mission cont
Mission (cont.)
  • A mission is crafted by discussing the completion of this statement:
    • the mission of the [organization] is to be [state the purpose for internal customers/ associates]
    • [state the purpose for external customers]
    • [state the purpose for partners/suppliers]
    • [state the purpose for the community]
    • [state the purpose about financial expectations]
sample mission statement
Sample Mission Statement
  • HDS Services
    • HDS Services is dedicated to providing hospitality-based dining services management at a level which exceeds our customers’ expectations
sample mission statement cont
Sample Mission Statement (cont.)
  • RARE Hospitality, Inc.
    • The mission of RARE Hospitality is to be financially successful through GREAT PEOPLE consistently delivering GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, and making every guest a loyal guest
core values
Core Values
  • How do we want to act?
  • Behaviors important to the organization
  • Helps determine our morals and decide which commitments we are willing to make
  • Guides our interactions with others
core values examples
Core Values-Examples
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Loyalty
  • Personal Development
  • Mutual Respect
  • Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Merit
  • Credibility
  • Efficiency
  • Honesty
  • Quality
core values20
Core Values
  • The core values of the organization are surfaced by discussing the completion of this statement:
    • The corevalues of the [organization] are [state the ways that we will act/how we will behave] ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, ______________, and ______________.
sample core value statement22
Sample Core Value Statement
  • The University Club of Michigan State University
    • The core values of The University Club of MSU are personal and professional growth, communication, integrity, teamwork, balance, leadership, and excellence
sample core value statement cont
Sample Core Value Statement (cont.)
  • Nordic Lights Resort & Conference Center
    • The core values of Nordic Lights Resort & Conference Center are loyalty, integrity and ethics, mentoring, honesty and trust, diversity, positive attitude, respect, empowerment, fun, teamwork, continuous quality improvement, and a passion for excellence
core values24
Core Values
  • Discover values through benchmarking
  • Model values of most admired leaders
  • Vision, mission, and core values tell others why we exist, how we think, and how we act
    • What? (the vision)
    • Why? (the mission)
    • How we act? (the core values)
    • Together: what we believe in
self knowledge
  • Requires honesty with oneself and the ability to accept feedback from others
  • Clarify personal values by asking:
    • What values are attractive to me in others (historic and modern day leaders, role models) and why?
    • Who do I admire and why?
    • Who do I try to emulate because I respect them?
    • What do I believe in and why?
    • What do I stand for and why?
  • What other questions can you think of?
organization s values
Organization’s Values
  • Ask and answer the following questions to clarify the organization’s values:
    • What values are attractive to our organization in other organizations (e.g., leaders in our industry) and why?
    • Who do we admire most in our industry segment and why?
    • Which organization(s) does our organization try to emulate because we respect the other organization(s)?
  • What other questions can you think of?
building commitment
Building Commitment
  • This strategic quality planning process will be worth the effort if we _________________
  • People commit if they are involved
  • Each person must be clear about their goal
  • The vision must be compelling
strategic goals
Strategic Goals
  • Action plans and identify with a prime mover to drive the goal
  • Each goal has a time frame indicating start and end date
  • Broad definitions of how the organization intends to assign resources to move toward the mission and vision
  • Describe how people intend to focus
balanced score card
Balanced Score Card
  • For strategic goals that can be measured
  • A change process, not a metrics process
  • Five categories of strategies:
    • Financial
    • Marketing/Growth
    • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Human Resources
    • Customer Satisfaction
critical processes
Critical Processes
  • Necessary to meet present and future needs of organization’s customers
  • Human resources processes
  • CQI process
  • Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) Five Points of Hospitality
    • Greet
    • Anticipate
    • Instill
    • Suggest –discuss-take action- follow-up
    • Continuously improving
sampling of strategic goals
Sampling of Strategic Goals
  • Financial
    • Increase in overall dollar volume
    • Increase in profit
    • Productivity
sampling of strategic goals cont
Sampling of Strategic Goals (cont.)
  • Marketing/Growth
    • What to sell
    • Who is the customer
    • Pricing
    • Advertising
    • Promotions and sales
    • Marketing
    • New products
    • Maintaining the competitive edge
sampling of strategic goals cont33
Sampling of Strategic Goals (cont.)
  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Process identification
    • Organizational functions
    • Staffing requirements
    • Control procedures
    • Technology
    • Materials, equipment, and facilities
    • Scheduling
    • Hassle identification
sampling of strategic goals cont34
Sampling of Strategic Goals (cont.)
  • Human Resources
    • External growth rate vs. internal talent
    • Associate expectations
    • Idea generation
    • Associate training
    • Associate selection
    • Benefits
    • Wage/salary administration
    • Associate turnover rates
sampling of strategic goals cont35
Sampling of Strategic Goals (cont.)
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Feedback
    • Areas for improvement
    • Expectations
linking the bsc
Linking the BSC
  • Measurable information from the Strategic Action Plans is put on the BSC
  • BSC aligns performance measures with the activation of strategies that affect any particular metric
  • BSC keeps everyone focused on the future
strategic results
Strategic Results
  • Begin with vision, mission, and core values
  • Agree that the vision, mission, and core values accurately reflect what we want to create, why we exist, and how we act
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Develop a “wish list” for the next one, three, and five years
strategic results cont
Strategic Results (cont.)
  • Brainstorm “wish-list” and prioritize
  • Set target dates for each issue as well as tentative completion dates for each
  • Select project manager, establish goals
  • Build commitment empowering all
  • Best plans are based on CQI process
building commitment42
Building Commitment
  • The process of planning is relatively easy compared to the process of building commitment for the strategic quality plan.
building commitment cont
Building Commitment (cont.)
  • Understand each person’s point of reference in the strategic quality planning process by asking each individual to complete the following statement:
    • This strategic quality planning process will be worth the effort if we _____________
building commitment44
Building Commitment
  • Some questions to ask at the onset of the planning process include the following:
    • What is my personal definition of quality?
    • What is our internal customers’ definition of quality?
    • What is our external customers’ definition of quality?
    • How does our organization’s definition of quality fit with these definitions?
    • How does our organization survive?
  • Strategic quality planning is the core process in any high performance service organization
  • Processes should be continuously improved
  • Strategic quality planning embedded in all processes
summary cont
Summary (cont.)
  • Other processes are derived from the organization’s strategic quality planning process
  • The strategic quality planning process is the heart and soul of the organization
key terms
Balanced Score Card (BSC)


Building Commitment

Core Values Statement

Key Terms
key terms cont
Critical Processes



Mission Statement

Personal Vision

Key Terms (cont.)
key terms cont49
Shared Vision

Statements of Core Values

Strategic Goals

Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Quality Plan

Key Terms (cont.)
key terms cont50
Strategic Quality Planning Process Model

Strategic Results

S.W.O.T. Analysis



Key Terms (cont.)
relevant web sites
Relevant Web Sites
  • Best Practices in Resolving Customer Complaints:
  • Detroit Athletic Club Website:

  • HDS Services Website

  • RARE Hospitality International, Inc. Website:
relevant web sites cont
Relevant Web Sites (cont.)
  • Strategic Quality Plan:
  • Strategic Quality Planning Through Quality’s Five Dimensions (by Richard Winder):

  • University Club of MSU Website:
  • What is Strategic Planning?: