world war ii begins n.
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World War II Begins PowerPoint Presentation
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World War II Begins

World War II Begins

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World War II Begins

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  1. World War II Begins

  2. Rise of Dictators • Leaders get power by playing on anger at end of WWI and Versailles • Italy: Benito Mussolini and “The Black Shirts”, said Italy didn’t get enough out of WWI, builds up military –get power of Roman Empire back • Fascism– extreme nationalism and racism spread, no free speech, • Italy invades N. Africa and Ethiopia, world does nothing

  3. Germany: depression and WWI punishment hits hard • Adolf Hitler rises to power, Nazi Party– racist against Jews, thought that they were superior • Totalitarian State– single party, don’t allow others, want to expand Germany and build up military

  4. Japan: military leaders rise to power, want to take over Asia, attack Manchuria (China) • Emperor Hirohito and Hideki Tojo (Prime Minister) • Signs pact with Germany and Italy– become the Axis Powers

  5. American Neutrality • Want to stay out of all crises • Neutrality Acts– banned sale of weapons to countries at war, trade with but must provide own ships

  6. Germany on the March • Germany takes over Rhineland (area between Germany and France) • Then takes Austria because they speak German • Takes over Sudetenland– east of Germany • Munich Pact– conference of European leaders

  7. Other countries use appeasement– give up stuff to avoid a war • Doesn’t work, Germany takes over Czechoslovakia • Germany signs secret deal with Russia– Nazi-Soviet Non Aggression Pact: promise not to attack each other and split up Poland

  8. War Begins • Hitler invades Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 • Britain and France declare war on Germany • German attack was a blitzkrieg– lightning war, troops, tanks, artillery move quickly, Poland defeated quickly

  9. England and France build up defenses on the Maginot Line (Border with Germany) • Hitler takes Denmark, Netherlands, Norway • Belgians fight hard but surrender– leaves thousands of Allied troops trapped against English channel

  10. Escape from Dunkirk– Allied troops need to get to safety in England, anything that floats takes troops across • Germany quickly moves into France, takes Paris and France must surrender

  11. Battle of Britain • England is last country in standing Hitler’s way of taking all of Europe • Germany bombs London and other cities for weeks, bomb shelters all over England • German air force versus British pilots– dog fights all over the skies over England and English Channel

  12. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill inspires his people to hold out • Hitler gets frustrated and turns to attack the Soviet Union– breaks deal with Joseph Stalin, huge mistake