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Benchmark Reports

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Benchmark Reports
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Benchmark Reports

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  1. Seminole County Public Schools &Discovery Education Benchmark Reports Teachers

  2. Discovery Education’s Site • Log in to Discovery Education’s site • Go to Enter your username and password under Subscriber Login • Your name and password are your SCPS network credentials.

  3. Discovery Education’s Site • Once logged in, click Assessment from the My DE Services drop down menu Services

  4. Accessing Benchmark Reports • Access the following from the Assessment Home Page • Choose: View Benchmark Reports

  5. Benchmark Reports for Teachers • Drilldown Report • Interactive Item Summary • PDF Individual Student • Comparative Growth • PDF Teacher • Detail Export • Item Analysis

  6. Accessing Benchmark Reports (teacher view) • Under Benchmark Reports you may select a report from the following menu:

  7. Drilldown Report • Used to drill down reports by grade, teacher, or student, and sort by proficiency prediction.

  8. Sample – Drilldown Report

  9. Interactive Item Summary Report (teacher view) • This report allows you to sort by multiple criteria and instant access to test items, reporting categories, and associated resources.

  10. Sample – Interactive Item Summary Report • Presents information on every question in the assessment.

  11. Sample - Interactive Item Summary Report • You can click on any column heading to sort ascending to descending • If you click on the Question Number it will display the test question • If you click on the plus sign (+) next to the right wrong and answer choices, it will display the students under each category

  12. Sample - Interactive Item Summary Report • If you click on the reporting category and/or subcategory, it will display a description and related resources

  13. PDF Individual Student Report (teacher view) • Display individual student reports. • Selection options by class or by student. Select Class Select Student

  14. Sample – Individual Student Report • Summarizes scores on all interim assessments for an individual student.

  15. Comparative Growth Report (teacher view) • This report will not be available until you participate in two PMAs. Report allows you compare growth between the two PMAs for Reading and Math.

  16. Sample – Comparative Growth

  17. PDF Teacher Report s (teacher view) • Display teacher reports for the selected period and grade. Includes summary, item summary, student skill, student subskill, and answers reports option for each subject and class.

  18. Sample – PDF Teacher Answers Report • This report is a great way to see how the student is performing during testing (how many questions he/she answered, how many they have left blank) and also to see who completed and not completed the test. Make sure you ONLY check the “Answers” and the Class box.

  19. Sample – PDF TeacherSummary Report • Identifies performance by skill for entire class or grade.

  20. Sample – PDF TeacherItem Summary Report • Presents information on every question in an interim assessment.

  21. Sample – PDF TeacherStudent Skill Report • Provides individual student performance and proficiency by skill.

  22. Sample – PDF TeacherStudent Subskill Report

  23. Detail Export (teacher view) • This report is an Excel spreadsheet containing individual scores for each student.

  24. Item Analysis (teacher view) • Displays item level information at the class and exportable to Excel • You can select multiple classes to compare.

  25. Sample - Item Analysis Report (teacher view)

  26. Additional information will be provided at a later date. Stay Tuned….