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SFA Thursday

SFA Thursday. Vocabulary. Can you pronounce it Do know the definition Can you use it in a sentence. Title: Marvin of the Great North Woods Reading Goal: Compare and contrast Team Cooperation Goal: Explain your ideas Genre : Biography Author: Kathryn Lasky.

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SFA Thursday

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  1. SFA Thursday

  2. Vocabulary • Can you pronounce it • Do know the definition • Can you use it in a sentence

  3. Title: Marvin of the Great North WoodsReading Goal: Compare and contrastTeam Cooperation Goal: Explain your ideasGenre: BiographyAuthor: Kathryn Lasky

  4. My mother manages her own business, and has fifteen people working for her. manages: controls

  5. When Mr. Applebaum showed us a pie chart I finally realized what fractions were. realized: understood

  6. Don’s fish usually swims slowly around the tank, but when he sprinkles food on the water they get very lively. lively: active

  7. The cat became frantic when we pulled out a ball of yarn. frantic: Overly excited

  8. Greta’s dog is so shaggy that when she had its hair cut, it looked half as big as before. Very hairy shaggy:

  9. Fred didn’t know how to ice skate, so after he ties on the skated he shuffled across the ice in them. shuffled: Walked clumsily

  10. Reading Goal: Compare and Contrast Compare: Look for ways things are the same. Contrast: Look for ways things are different.

  11. Pages TE p. 328 Pages 114-123

  12. Let’s predict Page 218 How do you know Marvin is good at math? TE P. 339

  13. Team Talk Let’s preview the questions on page 85 of your treasure hunt.

  14. Partner Read 15 minutes • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you Pages 227-229 • Partner Read p. A:227 1st Half -B:227 • Restate page B:227 1st half and A:227 • Read Silently: Page 227-229 • Discuss with team words you clarified • Find vocabulary words

  15. Team Discussion • Pass out Team Discussion Cards • Discuss answers to team talk questions • Write answers to question 1 and 3

  16. Class Discussion • What are some of the words you clarified? • Answer questions 1-4

  17. Adventures in Writing 15 min Treasure hunt page 85 Discuss with your table first.

  18. Vocabulary Practice Treasure Hunt Page 73

  19. Fluency5 min Pg 72-74, paragraphs 1-6

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