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SFA STEM Academy

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SFA STEM Academy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SFA STEM Academy
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  1. SFA STEM Academy Inspiring the next generation of Mathematicians, Scientists, and Engineers

  2. The mission of the SFA STEM Academy is to engage high school students in real-world applications of the STEM disciplines within an encouraging community of SFA faculty and high school teachers who support and inspire them both academically and interpersonally. Mission

  3. The primary objective of the SFA STEM Academy is to engage academically capable high school students in real-world, problem-based, integrated research/field experiences where science and mathematics are brought to life. Primary Objective

  4. SFA Faculty Area Master Teachers Key Players High School Students

  5. NISD high school students with: • Good academic standing (“B” average in science and math courses) • Good attendance/tardy record • Successful completion of Algebra 1 • Interest in STEM disciplines • Aptitude in mathematics • Enthusiasm for learning • Investigative nature • Team player mentality Target Population

  6. Rigorous program of coursework in science and mathematics • STEM elective courses that integrate science and mathematics in real-life, problem-based experiences • Research and field-based experiences with SFA faculty utilizing SFA laboratories, equipment, and facilities for a half day every three weeks • Cohort design that encourages cohesiveness among academy participants (students, teachers, and SFA faculty) and serves as a community of support and scholarly enrichment • Selective pathways for upper-level students allowing them to investigate specific areas of interest with SFA STEM faculty while gaining college credit in science and mathematics • Peer-mentoring system Program Components

  7. STEM Endorsement vs. SFA STEM Academy: What’s the Difference?

  8. Rigorous set of coursework that enhances college readiness • High School graduation with a minimum of 15 college credit hours in science and mathematics • Ongoing interaction with SFA STEM faculty • Opportunity for real-life investigation and field experiences • Individualized research project opportunities • Utilization of SFA laboratories, equipment, and facilities • Personalized attention from SFA STEM faculty and NISD master teachers • Community of support with mentorship experiences • Opportunities for exposure to research activity • Opportunity to enter a STEM career path fully qualified Why choose this academy?

  9. Selective Pathways

  10. Sample high school degree plan

  11. Sample high school degree plan

  12. Sample high school degree plan

  13. STEM Elective Courses • STEM 1, STEM 2, General STEM, Chemical and Life Sciences, Math and Engineering • Six, six-week sessions • Project-based • Integrated curriculum of the science and math the students are taking that year • Held at SFA or field sites (1/2 day every 3 weeks) and NHS (regular class period) • SFA faculty member(s) and NHS teacher (involved in the academy) deliver each course • SFA faculty, master teachers and STEM Academies Coordinator are currently developing the courses • STEM Research Project

  14. Applications available beginning tonight and are due by March 24th. • Application packets can be attained in two ways: • Directly following our meeting tonight, or • From Katy Gibbs or Michelle Baggett anytime until March 24th. • Applications should be returned to Katy Gibbs or Michelle Baggett. Student Applications

  15. Questions?