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Pennsylvania SFA PAC PowerPoint Presentation
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Pennsylvania SFA PAC

Pennsylvania SFA PAC

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Pennsylvania SFA PAC

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  2. MISSION STATEMENT… To support candidates and legislators who align with our State Farm values and who help to create and protect our ability to sell and service insurance and financial service products in Pennsylvania. Ultimately we aim to help create an insurance regulatory system in Pennsylvania that is in the best interest of State Farm policyholders, agents and employees.


  4. PORFESSIONAL ADVISORS • Peter Barsz, Accountant • Matt Steck, Managing Partner • Greenlee Partners, LLC in Harrisburg • Keystone Strategies – Political Consultants

  5. Why Are We Starting This PAC Now, After We Have Talked About It For Years? • Increased Regulatory Trends • Media Scrutiny of the industry • Success of other SF efforts across the country • Pennsylvania is our market to lose! • We either have to get engaged in the political process OR move over and stand on the sidelines.

  6. Is the PAC Company Sponsored? • No, this is not company sponsored, • Separate and distinct entity, • Created by SF Agents and Associates, • Leadership personally supports SFA PAC.

  7. What Is The Money Going To Be Used For? • The PAC will support candidates who support our business and industry. • Efforts will be done on a bi-partisan basis. • Focus on leadership and insurance/banking committees.

  8. What about PIPAC? • PIPAC continues to be an influential and creditable industry organization. • SFA PAC will support PIPAC events and maintain a strong relationship with PIPAC. • The creation on our own SFA PAC will enable us to have the “best of both worlds” – we can support PIPAC endeavors while also supporting individual events that align to our values and objectives.

  9. Who Will Make The Decisions On Whom To Support? • Matt Steck will advise the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee of SFA PAC; they will vote on each PAC expenditure. • All expenditures will be published and make public to our members on an annual basis. • Members are welcome to bring up opportunities for consideration. • Local member involvement in the political process is welcomed!

  10. What Is The Budget For The PAC? • Goal is $150,000 annual budget. • Gold level contributions, from ¾ of all PA SF -Agents and management employees. • Less than $5,000 in expenses/professional fees, thus making each dollar very powerful as the vast majority of funding goes directly to supporting those who support us!

  11. Who Can Participate? • Agents licensed to sell insurance and other financial products offered by State Farm Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania, • Persons training to become State Farm Agents, • Persons who are retired from State Farm, • Employees of Agents, and • Employees of State Farm. Minimum contribution for membership is $50 annually.

  12. How And How Much Should I Give? • Contributions are at your discretion. • We are asking each Agent to consider committing $100 per month, to be automatically deducted ($50 per paycheck). • All contributions are welcomed and can be made in either a lump sum (one individual check) or via payroll withdraw. • Cash cannot be accepted

  13. Legal Notes • Pennsylvania law does not allow contributions from Corporations. Thus if your agency is incorporated and you are writing a check to SFA PAC, you must do so with your individual or personal account. Checks with “Inc.” will be returned. • Contributions to PACs of any kind are NOT tax deductible.

  14. How Else Can I Get Involved? • Encourage your fellow Agents to participate and join the SFA PAC. • If you are interested in serving on the board please alert any of our current board members. • Talk about the issues we face as a company and industry. The more informed we are the better positioned we will be to influence the process. • Attend local events and know your legislator!

  15. Benefits of Membership in SFA PAC • SFA give SF Agents a voice in the political process. • Supporting candidates who support our business, provides access to the process. • Agents and Associates, like you, become resources to those that create the laws that govern our industry. • Agents and Associates will be provided the opportunity to attend special political events at their discretion. • If we achieve our goals, SFA PAC will be a visible and proactive player in our state political process.

  16. SFA PAC’s Commitment • SFA Pac will educate, motivate, and mobilize its members on Pennsylvania political and legislative matters. It will not be merely a political funding mechanism but will provide ongoing communications and opportunities for political involvement.