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Win, Lose or Draw

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Win, Lose or Draw - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Win, Lose or Draw. Vegetables Review. Directions. You will be divided into 4 team, and each team member will be assigned a number 1-6. Each person needs a sheet of paper and a writing utensil.

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win lose or draw

Win, Lose or Draw

Vegetables Review


You will be divided into 4 team, and each team member will be assigned a number 1-6.

Each person needs a sheet of paper and a writing utensil.

I will put a question on the screen pertaining to vegetables. EACH PERSON will write down the question on the board. Then, you will write down your answer.

I will roll a die. If it lands on your number, you will represent your team and bring your answer sheet to the front. I will check your answer.

If you get the answer correct, you get a point, AND you will get a chance to draw for your team for a bonus point!

question round 1
Question Round 1

Name two vegetables very high in starch.

question round 2
Question Round 2

Yellow and orange vegetables provide the body with a great deal of Vitamin A. List two of these vegetables!

questions round 3
Questions Round 3

If you eat a lot of leafy green vegetables, you will get a lot of iron and Vitamin C. Name two DARK leafy green veggies!

questions round 4
Questions Round 4

List three nutrients found in most vegetables.

questions round 5
Questions Round 5

Name three of the classes of vegetables.

questions round 6
Questions Round 6
  • Which of the following nutrients help the body to fight infection and repair itself?
    • Fiber
    • Vitamin C
    • Fat
question round 7
Question Round 7

Name 2 qualities you should look for when selecting fresh vegetables.

questions round 8
Questions Round 8

Fresh vegetables cost less and taste better when they are __________________.

questions round 9
Questions Round 9

Name three ways you can prepare vegetables.

question 10
Question 10

What cooking method causes vegetables to lose the most nutrients?

question 11
Question 11

Define “vegetable”.

question 12
Question 12

What kind of vegetables are the closest to fresh?

question 13
Question 13

How should a properly cooked vegetable taste and feel?

question 14
Question 14

Why is it so important to cook vegetables in a minimum amount of water?

question 15
Question 15

Name three ROOT vegetables we studied

question 16
Question 16

List three examples of a vegetable that falls into the LEAF classification.

question 17
Question 17

Vegetables tend to have the most nutrients when they are ______________.