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The Kamakura Period PowerPoint Presentation
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The Kamakura Period

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The Kamakura Period - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Kamakura Period.

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The Kamakura Period

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1185 Transformation From Ancient to Medieval Japan Medieval Lasts until 1568Minamoto no Yorimitsu(948–1021) Protégé of Fujiwara no Michinaga Minamoto no Yorinobu (968–1048) Suppressed the Rebellion of Taira no Tadatsune in 1032. Minamoto no Yoriyoshi (998–1075),Minamoto no Yoshiie (1039–1106)Pacified Most of Northeastern Japan Between 1051 and 1087.“Teeth and Claws of the Fuijiwara”

Minamoto no Tametomo (1139-1170) drawn by Kikuchi Yosai


Two Wars(1156 until 1568) Hogen Conflict, Heiji War (1159—1160)Minamoto no Tameyoshi (1096-1156) vs Go-Shirakawa and Taira no Kiyormori (1118-1181)Taira Kiyormori Won; no Exiles

Yoritomo's kaō (stylized signature)


Kiyomori and His Knights Settled in KyotoControlled The CourtPrime MinisterImperial MarriagesNew Group of CourtiersWeakened The Taira

Taira no Kiyomori


Scroll Scene of the Gempei War

Kiyomori’s Handling of the TemplesTodaiji and Kofukuji; Fire in The City

Under Yoritomo (Yoshitomo’s Son) Minamoto RecoveredGempei War (1180-1185)Yoshisune

The Tale of Heike



Minamoto Yoritomo and the BakufuCourt at KamakuraEmperor and the FujiwaraTook Title of ShogunSeii Taishogun (Tamuramoro)Commander of The Emperor’s ArmyFirst Military DictatorshipLoose Association of Knights

Minamoto Yoritomo


GovernmentControl Small Bands of KnightsOwed Personal Allegiance to the MinamotoOffices CreatedAdministrative BoardBoard of RetainersBoard of Inquiry

Emperor Go-Toba , 後鳥羽天皇, Go-Toba-tennō?


Board of InquiryControl the Affairs of the KnightsAdministrative BoardCourt of Appeal

Confiscated the Taira Estates in Central and Western JapanAppointment of FollowersStewartsSpread Throughout JapanEstate Managers and Local Knights Ruled the PeasantsPurse Strings of the Court AristocracyKamakura Most effective Central Government

Emperor Go-Toba , 後鳥羽天皇, Go-Toba-tennō?


Japan After the Death of YoritomoStrifeMasako (Wife of Yoritomo)Hojo Eliminated Heirs of YoritomoHojo TakimasaHojo Yoshitoki Assumed Control of the ShogunateEastern Branch of the Taira (Low Status)Shogun First Fujiwara and Later ImperialShogun Did Not Rule



Anti-Shogunate FactionCloistered Emperor Go-Toba Called for Uprising Against Yoshitoki—Jokyu IncidentTwo Permanent Deputies in KyotoAll Acts of Court Approved by HojoImperial Family Still Had Extensive EstatesYoshitoki Founded the Council of State in 1225Highest Source of Judicial and Legislative AuthorityJoei Code—Military CodeHighly Legalistic DocumentRules Over InheritancePunishment and Banishment

Minamoto no Yoritomo


KnightsSwordPersonal LoyaltiesSpartan Indifference to Suffering and DeathNew Type of Literature


Mongol Invasion; Kublai Khan Demands (1268 CE)Ordered Knights to Khushu; Kyoto PrayedMongol Ship (November 1274); 15,000 Fighting MenWindsReturn in 1281; 50,000 Mongols; 20,000 Koreans 10,000 Chinese

Japanese Boarding a Mongol Ship


Stone Wall at HakataMobile Units and Flank AttacksFierce FightingAugust 1216 Great TyphoonThe Kamikaze

Defensive Walls at Hakata


Decline of the Hojo RegencyDefensesLandlord ProblemsTreasury DepletedLaw Suits and ComplaintsBorrow Money to Pay for ResponsibilitiesPawnbrokersSake Shops

MerchantsBuddhist TemplesDebt Postponement and Cancellation; Act of Benevolent GovernmentNow High Interest Rates1333 Emperor led Revolt; Rise of Ashikaga Takauji