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eSafety Implementation Road Map PowerPoint Presentation
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eSafety Implementation Road Map

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eSafety Implementation Road Map - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eSafety Implementation Road Map Results and Recommendations of the Implementation Road Map Working Group Risto Kulmala Research Professor at VTT, Finland. Objectives.

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eSafety Implementation Road Map

Results and Recommendations of the Implementation Road Map Working Group

Risto KulmalaResearch Professor at VTT, Finland

  • To identify the technical and economical potentials of the industry as well as the topics and time table for infrastructure improvements by the public sector with regard to eSafety systems capable of affecting road fatalities in Europe by 2010
  • To develop regularly reviewed road map which focuses technological steps and economic implication models for introduction of intelligent integrated road safety systems as well as the required improvements in road and information infrastructure
priority systems
Priority systems
  • Autonomous Vehicle Systems:
    • ESP
    • Blind spot monitoring
    • Adaptive head lights
    • Obstacle and collision warning
    • Lane departure warning
priority systems1
Priority systems
  • Infrastructure related Systems
    • eCall
    • Extended environmental information (extended FCD)
    • Real-time Traffic and Travel Information
    • Dynamic traffic management
    • Local danger warning
    • Speed Alert
implementation road maps
Implementation road maps
  • For each priority system
    • System description
    • Technology availability
    • Road and information infrastructure need and availability
    • Organisation requirements
    • Regulatory requirements / barriers
    • Business case / Customer awareness and acceptance
    • Key success factors
    • Feasible deployment strategies
recommendations in vehicle systems
Recommendations: In-vehicle systems
  • Enhance customer awareness via European campaigns
  • Government and insurance incentives
  • Feasible sustainable business models
  • EuroNCAP to incorporate systems mature enough
  • Regulatory actions only as a last option
  • Follow the recommendations of the HMI WG
  • Continue R&D efforts: solutions and effects
recomm infrastructure related systems
Recomm: Infrastructure-related systems
  • MS to ensure deployment of economically feasible systems and services
  • EC to support the deployment
  • Digital maps with the information required
  • Increase the willingness of “early adopters”
  • Continue R&D efforts: solutions and effects
  • eCall: DG recommendations
  • RTTI: WG recommendations
  • Dynamic traffic management and local danger warnings: European vision & strategy
  • Speed alert: specific roap map & solve open issues