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Bond villains: Zao .

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Bond villains: Zao . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bond villains: Zao . By Amy Lakin 80. Zao . Who is he?

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Bond villains:


By Amy Lakin 80


Who is he?

Zao is a bond villain that appears in Die another day (2002. He is a international terriostand a hitman .He works for the North Korean colonel moon. Heis the sidekick of Gustav Graves. The new moon is a terriost company who are hoping to take take over Japan.Zao is korean,and graves is as well, but he does not look it because he had gene treatment.



  • Zao is strong and silent, he takes his job working for the moon very seriously and shows immense loyalty to it he has no sympathy for anyone and would quite happily kill somebody without any thought at all..Zaois very strong and vicious and make sure he finishes his job. He make sure his victims suffer as much pain as possible.


  • He has undergone gene treatment to replace his appearance and voice. Bond burst into the middle of the treatment and this is why it failed. Buthis gene treatment failed and his face looks very strange now. Below is two pictures the one on the left is from when he had not had his treatment, and the one of the right is from where he had treatment. The reason he has diamonds in his face is not because of treatment, but because of the fact that bond set off a explosion, because after Zaofound out that Bond was a British agent, he tried to escape in a hovercraft, but Bond distracted him with a diamond explosion, and this left him with serious scars to his face as shown below.
basic plot
basic plot
  • James starts off in North korea in a mission, because he knows that a north Korean named colonel Moon is stockpiling weapons, the weapons are tons and tons of diamonds, this is ready for a invasion on South Korea and Japan. Bonds mission is to kill zao and stop them doing this. But as soon as Bond lands in Korea he is caught and captured tortured for 14 months. Eventually he gets released and traded for Moons right hand man,zao. Bond escapes and chases Zao to Cuba where he meets American agent Jinx who is also trying to find Zao. They both go after Zao,a physiciotic terriost,who knows who betrayed Bond to the North Koreans and who was before captured by M.16.Bond soons finds himself in billionaire Gustav Graves diamond ice palace in Iceland. Here he finds graves,zao and a special satellite called Icarus which is capable of lighting up the whole globe
  • . After escaping from the Ice Palace and being betrayed by a fellow MI6 agent, Bond and Jinx find themselves battling Graves and Zao on a plane which is plummeting to earth.
treatment of bond
Treatment of Bond

The very opening scene before anything, Bond gets treated very badly in the start of the film by Zao and his fellow colleagues who work for the new Moon. He gets burnt,drowned,stung,beated,hosed and general nastiness. The opening science is brutal. They stuck his head in a bathtub, hung him from a roof, burnt him with a red hot poker, beat him until he couldn’t stand, stung him with scorpions, hosed him with a high pressure hose, and were generally just horrible to him. This is why in the song die another day it talks about shutting your body down because of the fact that James is being inflicted with so much pain that he is going to ignore it and shut his body down, so he can as said in the song live another day. He is also attempts to kill Bond in Korea, and he chases Bond in a Aston Martin on a icy plain in Iceland. He

video of the ice chase
Video of the ice chase

This is the ice palace of which gustav Graves billionaire owns ,and is also where Zao lives. This is where the satellite Icarus is kept. and this is where Bond and Jinx went in attempt to stop Graves plans.

why is he the baddest villain
Why is he the baddest villain?
  • Zao is the baddest villain because he has a strong personality and is ruthless. He has no sympathy for anyone, and has killed many people.
  • He tried to kill Bond many times.
  • He is very strong and is a paid hitman meaning he is going to take his job seriously.
  • He survived a diamond explosion, and has horrible scars around his face but does not really show the pain.
  • Graves his boss treated Bond horribly at the start of the filmand Zaoenjoyed it.
  • He had painful genetic treatment just so he could fake his diguise,and works as a terriost.This shows that he would do anything to make sure he succeeds his mission.
what is zaos plan
What is Zaos plan?
  • Zao and Graves plan is to collect and gather tons and tons of diamonds illegally, and build the ultimate laser. They already have a laser named Icarus,but they know that this could be stolen by Bond, so they want to build another one. When they have built the laser they will destroy South Koreas minefields, meaning that North Korea can invade. Then they can take over and have control over South korea,and reunify the nations. But they do not want peace between the two parts of korea,they want to destroy and kill the people of South korea,or use them as slaves or workers. This is their evil plan.