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WHAT IS MOVE? OBJECTIVES & VISION MOVE 2006 Program me P ro motion Media plan PRODUCERS PowerPoint Presentation
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WHAT IS MOVE? OBJECTIVES & VISION MOVE 2006 Program me P ro motion Media plan PRODUCERS

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WHAT IS MOVE? OBJECTIVES & VISION MOVE 2006 Program me P ro motion Media plan PRODUCERS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WHAT IS MOVE? OBJECTIVES & VISION MOVE 2006 Program me P ro motion Media plan PRODUCERS C ONTA C T. WHAT IS MOVE?. MOVE is a European festival of a new generation reflecting current cultural trends focused on urban avant-garde . The festival interconnects the club scene in Prague.

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WHAT IS MOVE? OBJECTIVES & VISION MOVE 2006 Program me P ro motion Media plan PRODUCERS

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MOVE 2006



Media plan



what is move
  • MOVEis a European festival of a new generation reflecting current cultural trends focused on urban avant-garde. The festival interconnects the club scene in Prague.
  • The festival introduces new talents and show the public that we are able to organise a high quality festival without the performance of well-known megastars.
  • The festival wants to give an opportunity to introduce work of cutting edge young European artists coming from different cultural environments. The Festival is supposed to presenta wide range of audiovisual art and open space for confrontation.
  • The festival offers a number of concerts, parties and other significant art such as dance, fine art, multimedia and selected extreme sports.
  • The festival includes a special program in order to gatherprofessionals and representatives from EU countries and open several discussions concerning topics of cultural policy.
  • The target market of the festival is young generation between the age 18 - 30.
objectives vision

The festival MOVE has an ambition to become unique in the Czech market.The festival is open to European markets and should contribute to the export of Czech artists.

The festival is open to co-operation with international promoters, professionals, media representatives and journalists which is necessary for presentation of Czech art beyond borders and spread significant knowledge of Prague and Czech Republic within the EU.

The festival is addressed to young people and new talents. The admission to all events is supposed to be adequate to social-economic profile of the visitors under 30.

Main objectives:

  • promotion of Prague and Czech art
  • establish a tradition of the first European festival in Praguereflecting urban culture
  • motivation of professionals to export Czech art
  • support creativity of young talents
  • enter an internationalcultural network withinEUcountries
move 2006
MOVE 2006
  • WHEN: October9-14th 2006
  • WHERE:
        • Prague Clubs(Abaton, Agharta jazz centrum, Cross, Kain, Matrix, Palác Akropolis, Rock Café, Roxy)
        • Main Stage(Sport Hall / Průmyslový palác / Veletržní palác)
        • Attendance 10.000 people
        • PR activity addressed to300.000 people

(with the location of central Czech Republic)

program me

The festival will follow its main aim:

  • to feature cutting edge Czech and European artists
  • to interconnect the Prague club scene
  • to ensure high quality performances
  • to present culture diversity
  • to offer possible confrontation of artists withinthe EU
  • to offer a wide range of audiovisual performances
  • to focus on the following export of artists
pro motion
  • outdoor:
  • Festival newspapers MOVE 100.000 pcs
  • posters A2 10.000 pcs
  • leaflets 50.000 pcs
  • stickers 5.000 pcs
  • city lights 75 pcs
  • billboard 10 pcs
  • cultural poster FAN

- outdoor promotion campaign FAN2.000 pcs

  • (official posters at bus stations) 800 pcs
  • movebus– a bus with the logo MOVE shuttling among all clubs
  • merchandising– T-shirts, caps, cups,key rings,...
  • promotion at the venues:banners, programme of the clubs, posters, leaflets
m e dia p l a n
Media Plan

Major media partners:

  • Óčko – cable TV, the only one Czech music and lifestyleTV station in the Czech market
  • Houser –cultural by-weekly magazine with wide spread distribution

(multi-cinemas, restaurants, clubs, culturalcentres, cafés... )

  • Express– radio station focused onthe age group 25-35
  • Rádio 1 –independent radio station with the main target market of a young generation
  • FAN –the most effective outdoor agency (posters FAN, posters at bus stations )
media p l a n
  • Radio Stations:
  • Rádio 1 – 2 week campaign (spots, competitions, announcement)
  • Expess Rádio/ Evropa 2– 2 week campaign
  • Rádio Akropolis – festival radio
  • otherradio stations–announcement incultural news, interviews, competitions
  • TV:
  • TV Óčko – 2 week campaign (spots, competitions, announcement)
  • ČT – announcement and info ofcultural news, interviews, competitions, report forecasted on the cultural and music programmes(Události v kultuře, Paskvil, Poprask,, Noc s Andělem, Dobré ráno)
  • TV Nova – announcement and info ofcultural news, interviews, competitions on the morning programme “Snídaně s Novou” and music programme “ESO”
  • TV Prima - announcementand info ofcultural news, interviews, competitionson music programme “T-music”
m edia plan
Media Plan
  • Press in English
  • Prague Tribune (monthly, cir. 25.000)
  • Prague Post (weekly, cir.15.000)
  • Think again (monthly, cir. 30.000)
  • cultural and lifestyle magazines
  • Elle (monthly, cir.40.000 )
  • Time In (monthly, cir. 20.000 )
  • Reflex (weekly, cir. 60.000 )
  • Týden (weekly, cir. 60.000 )
  • Instinkt (weekly, cir. 35.000 )
  • Mladá Fronta Plus (weekly, cir.40.000 )
  • Zoom (monthly, cir.30.000 )
  • Houser (weekly, cir. 50.000 )
  • Metropolis (weekly, cir.30.000 )
  • NVG weekly (weekly, cir.60.000 )
  • PRESS: (PR articles, information)

music magazines

  • Filter (monthly, circulation 10.000)
  • Rock & Pop (monthly, cir. 10.000)
  • Report (monthly, cir. 20.000)
  • Bbarak (monthly, cir.15.000 )

daily newspapers

  • MF Dnes (cir. 380.000)
  • Lidové noviny (cir. 100.000)
  • Večerník Praha (cir. 70.000)
  • Právo (cir. 200.000)
  • Metro (cir. 300.000)
  • Blesk (cir. 600.000)
  • Hospodářské noviny (cir. 70.000)
m edia plan1
Media Plan


  • Elle–lifestyle monthly magazine - cir.40.000
  • Time in –lifestyle monthly magazine - cir.20.000
  • Reflex/Týden–lifestyle weekly magazine - cir. 60.000
  • MF Plus –lifestyle weekly magazine - cir.40.000
  • Filter –music monthly magazine - cir.10.000
  • Report –music monthly magazine - cir.20.000
  • Rock& Pop –music monthly magazine - cir.10.000
  • Houser –cultural weekly magazine - cir.50.000
  • Metropolis –cultural weekly magazine - cir.30.000
  • Think again –cultural monthly magazine in English - cir.30.000
  • NVG weekly–cultural weekly magazine - cir.60.000
media plan
Media Plan
  • Internet:
  • – 2 week campaign in the amount of 3.000.000 banners, chats, info, announcement, articles, competitions etc.
  • – 2 weekcampaign (banners, info, announcement, articles, competitions etc.)
  • other cultural and lifestyle websites – banners, info, announcement, articles, competitions etc.
  • WEB of the, websites of the media partners and clubs.
  • Direct Mail:
  • Repeated electronic invitation to more than 120.000 e-mail addresses
  • Printed invitation to over 500 addresses, preferably addressed to promoters, club producers and managers, theatres, dance companies, journalists, professionals at culture sphere etc.

The producers of the festival are:

  • Palác Akropolis
  • Gato Loco Productions

in cooperation with the Prague clubs

pal c akropolis
Palác Akropolis

Palác Akropolis is a private multi-purpose cultural facility specialized inmanaging an independent production of both local and foreign projects following the current trends in music, theatre, film, fine art and other social activities.

Palác Akropolis was honoured with the following awards:

  • No. 1 club scene and the fourth most popular concert hall in Prague – Gallup Organization CZ, summer 2001
  • The Best Interior 1996 - Grand Prix by the Architects Association.
  • The Best Rock Club1999 – The Prague Post magazine
  • The Theater Bar – ranks among the four most favorite dance clubs in the Czech Republic - CDMA 2001
  • Czech Chamber of Architects and Czech Republic Design Center awardspainter František Skála for interior design.
  • The Best Live Music Venue 2004 – The Prague Post magazine
gato loco productions
Gato Loco Productions
  • Gato Loco Productions (GLP) which was established in 1992 specializes in finding new European talents. Over the past 13 years Gato Loco have already presented more than 400 artists and 600 concerts in 17 countries.
  • As the most successful festivals organized by GLP have to be mentioned the BEM (Barcelona), Rock Pop Bratislava, Green Energy (Dublin), FIRM (Montréal) or the festival of electronic art - COSMOPOLIS (Lisbon).
  • Among other events of international significance belong Jour de Fête (Bruxelles) and European Music Tour (Bratislava, Madrid, Copenhagen, Dublin).
  • In 1998 Gato Loco Productions set up the international project EuroConnections in Prague which has built a strong tradition

so far.

c onta c t

Monika Klementova

Palac Akropolis

Kubelikova 27

130 00 Praha 3

  • Tel: + 420-296330911

+ 420-602695929

  • E-mail:
  • Website: