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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus. Victorious Explorer & Navigator. Depictions of Columbus. Columbus’s Family History.

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christopher columbus

Christopher Columbus

Victorious Explorer & Navigator


Depictions of Columbus

columbus s family history
Columbus’s Family History
  • Cristoforo Colombo born to Susanna Fontanarossa and Domenico Colombo in 1451
  • Domenico Colombo- son of Giovanni Colombo
  • Family craft- weaving
  • Respectable family of lower-middle class

family history continued
Family History Continued
  • Columbus was one of at least five children
  • He and his brother Bartholomew took to careers at sea instead of weaving
  • His family history is partly a mystery. Columbus remained silent on the matter so little details are known.
  • Because he kept silent, some historians believe he was of Jewish descent.

timeline of columbus s life
Timeline of Columbus’s Life

1451: Born in Genoa (now a part of Italy)

1476: Survives a shipwreck after a battle with pirates and swims to shore

1485: Moves to Spain

1492: After many tries, he finally convinces Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to fund his explorations (to find a westerly route to the Indies)

1492: Departs from Spain in search of a new route to the Indies with three ships; Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta

Oct. 12, 1492: They see the new world! (most likely the Bahamas)

timeline continued
Timeline Continued

Oct. 29, 1492: Arrives in Cuba

Dec. 5, 1492: Arrives in Hispaniola

Dec. 25, 1492: Santa Maria Sinks

1493: Returns to Lisbon, Portugal

Sept. 1493: Begins Second Voyage

1496: Returns to Portugal

1498: Begins third voyage

1504: Columbus returns to Spain

May 20, 1506: Columbus dies

columbus s importance in history
Columbus’s Importance in History
  • Although he didn’t ‘discover’ America, Columbus’s findings were the only well-published account of the Americas (Even if he did think he was in the Indies).
  • Previous discoveries were so obscure, no one knew about the Americas. Thanks to Columbus, everyone knew.
and thanks to columbus large scale trade started up between the two worlds
And thanks to Columbus, large scale trade started up between the two worlds.


America had often been discovered before Columbus, but it had always been hushed up.

    • Oscar WildeIrish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 - 1900)

Importance Continued

  • So, even though Columbus wasn’t the first to find the New World, he did changethe Old World

columbus was a leader
Columbus was a leader
  • Columbus successfully lead three ships on a voyage that most people thought impossible
  • After this success, he was given much wealth and power as Admiral of the Ocean Sea

He used this power to command three more voyages to the Americas

Map of Columbus’s Four Voyages

  • It is unknown the amount of formal education Columbusreceived as a child
  • He was part of Italian craft guilds so it can safely be assumed that he received a relatively good education
  • He did learn to speak several languages besides his native tongue of Ligurian and was familiar with classic literature
obstacles overcame to get power
Obstacles Overcame to get Power
  • It took Columbus a long time to find monarchs to fund his plans.
  • Finally, the king and queen of Spain agreed.
  • In order to really get power, Columbus had to make it back to Spain with good news.
problems faced as a leader
Problems faced as a Leader
  • Firstly, it was very hard to lead a crew that was afraid of where they were going. They thought they were going to fall off the edge of the world or that a huge sea-monster would get them.

another problem
Another problem
  • Columbus also had to deal with the crew getting restless. There was a near-mutiny a few days before land was spotted.

qualities of columbus
Qualities of Columbus
  • Columbus is often charged with being a very mean and active in the slave trade.
  • Columbus did take many slaves back to Spain to sell, but the monarchs sent them back. He saw them as a good profit
  • However, this is better than the “take no prisoners” approach
  • I personally think that Columbus was quite greedy. The supposed reason for the expedition was to spread Christianity.
  • However, it was really a chance for Columbus to become rich and earn a name for himself.
  • Columbus also must have had much confidence. He went around proposing an idea that most thought unfathomable.

  • He also had courage to go somewhere and do something that no one else (that they knew of) had ever done.

  • Finally, Columbus must had great leadership quality. He led a crew that was scared they might reach the edge of the Earth.

timeline of key events 1451 1506
Timeline of Key Events 1451-1506

1453: Ottoman Empire takes over Constantinople, ends Byzantine Empire

1465: Major Flooding in Ming Empire leads to construction of thousands of bridges

1488: End of Civil War in England

1492: Moors driven from Spain

1503-06: Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa

1509: Istanbul Earthquake kills around 10,000 people

helpful poem
Helpful Poem

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,Columbus sailed the ocean blue.He took three ships with him, too,And called aboard his faithful crew.Mighty, strong and brave was heAs he sailed across the open sea.Some people still thought the world was flat!Can you even imagine that?

  • SONG- Victory Song by Ensiferum