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Goals of the Project

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Goals of the Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation of the investment Project « Development of a sheep farming complex with completed production cycle of high-technology and competitive light and food industry products in the Krasnoperekopskiy region of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea ». Goals of the Project.

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Presentation of the investment Project «Development of a sheep farming complex with completed production cycle of high-technology and competitive light and food industry productsin the Krasnoperekopskiyregion of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea»

goals of the project
Goals of the Project
  • Further development of agricultural complex of the AR of Crimea
  • Renewal of a sheep farming as a part of long-range branch of Crimea to solve economic and social problem in rural territories
  • Effective using of pasture resources and land in reserve
  • Organization of sheep farming complex with completed production cycle with processing, including production of freeze meat, production of wool and hide
  • Increasing in number of employed population in Krasnoperekopsk region
  • Production of ecology clear livestock product for local population
planned breeds of sheep for a flock forming
Planned breeds of sheep for a flock forming
  • These breeds adopted for climate conditions of Crimea and for it landscape
  • Number of sheep in a flock –

20 000

  • In sum up with yang lambs number of a flock will be around 35 000
sheep farming in crimea
Sheep farming in Crimea

In 2.8 times less

In 8.5 times more

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea has more sheep than Ukraine, but much lessthan in developed countries

location of the objects on the territory of krasnoperakopskiy region
Location of the objects on the territory of Krasnoperakopskiy region

The main localization facilities for sheep

Facilities for keeping sheep

5,8 thousands of hectares of pasture

Facilities for keeping sheep

directions of development for the enterprise on the further stages
Directions of development for the enterprise on the further stages
  • In way of reinvestments of gained profit will be available to create a sewing shop for followings:
    • Products of sheep wool, cleared and treated on a factory of wool processing:
    • Pillows, blankets, clothing, medical accessories and other products.
  • Products made of lambskin, treated at the enterprise:
    • Upper and home clothing, household goods
  • Possibility of biogas and electricity generation production at the expense of manure
investment expenditures of the project
Investment expenditures of the Project

The Project is going to be implemented under attraction of private investments and creating of a new legal entity in Krasnoperekopsk region.

expected outlet markets
Expected outlet markets

Sales of mutton :

  • The main outlet for dietetic mutton is a domestic market of the AR of Crimea and Ukraine.
  • The main export partners are Turkey, UAE, Iran and other.
  • One of the biggest outlets is a market of the EU. But, export to the EU countries can be available only in strict compliance with EU standards and specifications for slaughter houses. These standards can be achieved only with support of the Government.

Supply of lambskin and wool on the following enterprises:

  • Sheep wool, Sumy
  • «TransAgroMir»Ltd. Ukraine, Kirovogradskaya oblast, Alexandria
  • Bars-Wool, Ltd., Ukraine, Chernigov
  • Tatarbunarskaya cloth factory. Odesskaya oblast
  • «Ukrainian Fur» Ltd.
  • Other domestic and foreign consumers
profit and loss statement thsnd dollars usa
Profit and loss statement, thsnd dollars USA

7 year

4 year

9 year

8 year

5 year

2 year

3 year

indicators of the project budget and social effectiveness
Indicators of the Project, budget and social effectiveness
  • Total tax payments during the Project implementation estimated in 9 076,80 thousand dollars USA.
  • Including money sum gained from land renting that estimated in 733,02 thousand dollars USA.
general results of the project
General results of the Project
  • New sheep farming enterprise with completed production cycle to be created that will improve indicators of agriculture on the territory of the AR of Crimea as well as sales of products, not raw materials;
  • Establishment of a processing company will create an opportunity for raw material conversion from other sheep farming enterprises of Crimea;
  • Additional revenues to the budget of Krasnoperekopskiy region are expected;
  • Планируется бюджетная эффективность Проекта за счет роста объемов оказанных услуг, роста объемов платежей в бюджеты и во внебюджетные фонды всех уровней
  • Будут созданы новые рабочие места для местных жителей
  • Будет налажено обеспечение населения и предприятий пищевой промышленности высококачественной бараниной
thank you for attention

Thank you for attention!

The Declarant/Applicant of the Project contacts:

Krasnoperekopskiyregion state administration

Legal address of the Declarant:

Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,Krasnoperekopsk, st. Heroes Of Perekop, 1.

Tel./fax 380 - 6565 2-12-21


Support of the project

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Simferopol, str. Kyivskaya, 81

(0652) 27-67-10