op amp based circuits l.
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Op-Amp Based Circuits

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Op-Amp Based Circuits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Op-Amp Based Circuits . Section 8.2 . Topics. Non-Inverting Amplifier Inverting Amplifier Integrator Differentiator. Non-Inverting Amplifier (Ideal). (Assumption: A o is infinite). Non-Inverting Amplifier (Practical). Approximation. (Large, since Ao is large). (Taylor series

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Op-Amp Based Circuits

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  • Non-Inverting Amplifier
  • Inverting Amplifier
  • Integrator
  • Differentiator
non inverting amplifier ideal
Non-Inverting Amplifier (Ideal)

(Assumption: Ao is infinite)


(Large, since Ao is large)

(Taylor series


application of inverting amplifier
Application of Inverting Amplifier
  • Analog Filters
  • Control Systems
inverting amplifier
Inverting Amplifier

Input impedance: R2

Trade off: Input impedance versus voltage gain.

virtual ground versus an ordinary ground
Virtual Ground Versus An Ordinary Ground

Node X is a virtual ground, but not an ordinary ground.

If X were an ordinary ground, current from Vin would be

diverted from R1since R1 represents a path of high impedance.

practical inverting amplifier
Practical Inverting Amplifier

(Equating current in R1 and R2)

frequency response of integrator
Frequency Response of Integrator

(Pole at the origin)

(Pole frequency is obtained by setting the denominator to zero)

active integrator versus passive integrator
Active Integrator Versus Passive Integrator

(Active integrator)

(Passive integrator)

Current decreases

as Vout rises, leading to a

slower increase in Vout.

Passive integrator approximates the behavior of an active integrator.

active differentiator circuit versus passive differentiator circuit
Active Differentiator Circuit Versus Passive Differentiator Circuit

Node X is not pinned to ground.

Capacitor can not charge instantaneously.

Therefore, Vout rises rapidly to V1 initially.

voltage adder
Voltage Adder

(Application:Noise Cancellation)