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Tribal Email Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Tribal Email Marketing

Tribal Email Marketing

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Tribal Email Marketing

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  1. Tribal Marketing Getting your members to actually read and value your email Tribal Email Marketing Email Marketing that Your Audience Will Actually Care About and Read

  2. Is Anyone Reading Your Email? • Basic Email Challenges: • Spam filters increasingly block legitimate email to opted in addresses • Messages that get through are often buried in tremendous inbox clutter • Up to a third of all Americans change their email addresses every year • BUT NONE OF THESE ARE THE BIGGEST EMAIL PROBLEM

  3. The Biggest Problem is Irrelevance • Many broadcasters have gained permission to send email to their audience but have no granular knowledge of their specific wants. As a result, most stations push out everything to everyone • Many are pushing information that is important to the station, not the consumer. The information sent is not relevant or anticipated by the consumer. • Continued abuse of the consumer’s “permission” to send messages reduces readership and can damage the overall relationship.

  4. Tribal Marketing – What is it? Recognizing… that your audience actually consists of many different ‘tribes’ of consumers each with its own set of common interests, crises, causes, and passions Identifying… these tribes by asking consumers what information they would like to receive and also observing the content they consume Serving… these tribes with shorter, single purpose emails, targeted to their common interests (in other words – get the right information to the right people!)

  5. Why Should You Care? • Increasing the utility of information you send to listeners will: • Increase the value they place on their relationship with you • Drive up brand recall, thereby increasing the likelihood they will give you credit in the diary • Open up opportunities to drive new revenue by integrating relevant sponsors that the member will welcome

  6. Tribal Email - Reinventing the Newsletter A Typical Tribe Tribes form around common passions, interests, crises, or causes. These tribes gravitate to shared possessions, shared knowledge, and shared rituals.

  7. Be a Trusted Source of Shared Knowledge • Tribal Email Marketing is about becoming a trusted source of ‘shared knowledge’ to a given tribe • Don’t try to tell them everything about everything (as a newsletter might), just deliver short, relevant, anticipated information and alerts: • Breaking News • Traffic Updates • Underground club events • Concert presale info • Wine of Week, Cigar of the Month • Family events for the weekend • Quick meals for working moms • Political commentary • Others? Shared Knowledge “Propaganda”

  8. A Simple First Step – Let Them Choose! Let your members “subscribe” to the specific content they want based on tribal interest • Take the content you send now and use your StickyFish admin to set up the different categories of content as individual “subscriptions” (see KRXQ’s example to the left) • Members can choose the content they want all the way down to “sub lists” such as choosing favorite artists from a list of hundreds. • These selections can be maintained by the member in real time (drop/add subscriptions). • When you are ready to send an email, our backend email tools make the list management and message creation easy. • We can help train station personnel on how to set up subscriptions and we can help create additional HTML templates for use with each subscription.

  9. Step 2 – Develop/Acquire New Content and Serve More Tribes • Once you have set up subscriptions for your existing content, you’re ready to serve more tribes: • Start by researching the lifestyle interests of your audience • Then develop or acquire content that can serve the interests you identify (in our example to the left, we show an wine subscription – you could recruit a local sommelier to create the content in exchange for the exposure you provide for his restaurant). • How we can help: • The survey tools within your StickyFish program can be used to research audience needs/wants • We can design HTML templates for each subscription and consult on the local ‘content’ partners you might try to recruit • We are working on acquiring licensed content that you can use (so you can add more value without having to develop or acquire more content yourself)

  10. Making Money From Tribal Email Marketing • Generate additional revenue by recruiting relevant sponsors for each subscription: • If the sponsor is relevant to the content, the response rates to their promotion and special offers will be very high • Using direct marketing pricing models, you only need 2700 people in a tribe to justify an advertiser’s investment of $1,000 per email • Email marketing to 8 tribes, once per month at a $1000 per sponsor per month will yield $96K in annual revenue…far more than you are probably making from email marketing today. • Increasing the members of the tribe and/or the frequency of the messages will yield even more revenue. • We are available to consult on sponsorship packaging, pricing and sales. Just give us a ring!