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The PwC Client Engagement Knowledge Management Lifecycle: PowerPoint Presentation
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The PwC Client Engagement Knowledge Management Lifecycle:

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The PwC Client Engagement Knowledge Management Lifecycle:

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The PwC Client Engagement Knowledge Management Lifecycle:

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  1. The PwC Client Engagement Knowledge Management Lifecycle: Embedding Knowledge Management (KM) in Business Process to Respond to Client Challenges PwC

  2. The Presenters Sloane Menkes – Public Sector Principal, KM Leader Leads the PwC teams serving the Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Postal Service, as well as leads the PwC Public Sector Practice Knowledge Management Program. Mike Flentje – Public Sector Director, People and Change Leader Leads the PwC Public Sector Practice ‘People and Change’ Talent Network and serves as Project Director for the VA Acquisition Intern Program Engagement. Sherlonda Goode-Jones – Public Sector Director Serves as Director on PwC’s Department of Transportation team and is a subject matter specialist in government procurement and acquisitions.

  3. Managing Knowledge at PwC The “usual” business drivers • Make it easy to find knowledge and apply • Shorten process cycles • Better serve our clients • Drive innovation • Facilitate organizational learning

  4. A directional knowledge strategy Integrated technology platform, infrastructure, and interface Clearly defined knowledge domains, processes, and operations Flexible content types Disparate group of 30,000 professionals Multifaceted information Managing Knowledge at PwC The ingredients

  5. Managing Knowledge at PwC The ingredients in action

  6. Managing Knowledge at PwC How we mix ingredients Knowledge Domains Sharing of expertise and knowledge, managing over 65,000 documents; continuously aligned with Firm strategy. Self-service and value-added research support, to deliver a variety of research reports and information for internal and external clients Research & Analytics Market-enablers Writers, editors and quality-control specialists who create, review, edit and publish content plus business process modeling, surveys, benchmarking and third party content procurement and integration Knowledge Development Knowledge Channels Online access and collaboration and technologies Knowledge Strategies Implementation of large knowledge-sharing and innovative initiatives Internal Operations Internal operational support

  7. Managing Knowledge at PwC How we manage knowledge

  8. Issue Identifying client issues throughKM activities and tools Continuous innovation through knowledge enabled business processes

  9. Solution Proposing client solutions throughKM activities and tools Continuous innovation through knowledge enabled business processes

  10. Execution Providing distinctive execution thoughKM activities and tools Continuous innovation through knowledge enabled business processes

  11. Closure Conducing project closure through KM activities and tools Continuous innovation through knowledge enabled business processes

  12. Applying knowledge to business processes: a case study Veterans Affairs (VA) Acquisition Intern Program • Establishment of an Acquisition Intern Program to: • Address the growing skill shortage in VA’s acquisition workforce • Develop acquisition professionals to be trusted business advisors • PwC designed, implemented and supports the execution of a “theory to practice” intern program which includes components such as: • FAC-C contracting courses • Leadership courses • Skill-building exercises and workshops • Job Rotations • Coaching, development planning, team building and mission service • The Acquisition Intern Program will create the acquisition workforce of the future for VA: • Individuals will emerge from the program possessing the skills to act as trusted business advisors trained to support VA’s mission Client Issue PwC Solution Client Benefit

  13. Identify Client Issue VA Acquisition Intern Program • Utilization of KM tools to identify the opportunity • PwC Subject Matter Specialists notified a targeted audience about the opportunity • Completed additional research on VA and other similar government initiatives on external websites • Preliminary identification of PwC personnel and knowledge resources for opportunity capture • Searched people profiles for staff with relevant experience to participate on capture team • Searched Knowledge Repository for relevant marketing material, thought leadership and workproducts • Management of opportunities and projected revenue • Conducted a presentation to PwC leadership for bid consideration • Included opportunity data in PwC Business Development Tools for tracking

  14. PwC People Profile

  15. Propose Client Solution VA Acquisition Intern Program • Identification of teaming partners and key personnel • Searched people profiles to obtain resumes for staff to be proposed as key personnel • Used relationship database to help identify potential teaming partners • Identification of resources for solution development • Searched the Knowledge Repository and the Global Best Practices database for relevant workproducts, resources and thought leadership • Used PwC Collaboration Tools to update and store proposal materials for capture team access • Submission of final proposal materials to PwC Knowledge Repository • Redacted proposal materials were posted to the Knowledge Repository for use by other staff members • Capture team members people profiles were updated to indicate submission of proposal content

  16. PwC Knowledge Repository – People & Change Page

  17. Applying knowledge to business processes: a case study Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Acquisition Management System (AMS) • Acquisition policy was substantially revised with the establishment of FAA's Air Traffic Organization, which altered organizational roles and responsibilities. • PwC was asked to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of AMS and provide actionable findings and recommendations for improvement. • Developed findings based on five key assessment areas: processes, people, governance, systems, and performance metrics. • Provided recommendations around 5 key themes including: (1) Restructure governance (2) Streamline investment selection process (3) Adopt portfolio management (4) Implement purchasing policy improvement and (5) Enable the development of a high-performing organization. • Identified 3 quick wins for immediate impact including (1) Develop Acquisition Categories (2) Streamline Investment Selection and (3) Establish processes and artifacts to management investment selection as a project. • Increased clarity in the investment selection process for program managers and review organizations • Reduced time and cost of moving through investment selection processes • Better governance, reporting and documentation requirements commensurate with the size and complexity of investments • Better resource allocation and planning by investment selection stakeholders • Increased accountability for stakeholders moving an investment through AMS Client Issue PwC Solution Client Benefit

  18. Provide Distinctive Execution FAA Acquisition Executive • Project Team Communication and Development • Utilized “map” tool to update and store proposal materials for capture team access • Accessed PwC on demand learning resource to develop team skills • Levered “Quickplace” to support information sharing on the project • Conducted weekly status meetings with PwC and sub-contractors • Developed weekly Dashboard Progress Report from PwC Engagement Management Process (EMP) • Identification of resources for project delivery • Searched the Knowledge Gateway for relevant acquisition references • Leveraged PwC Global Best Practices® database for relevant work products, resources and thought leadership • Leveraged PwC’s Federal Acquisition Maturity Model (FAMM) to assess FAA acquisition processes • Leveraged GAO’s Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) framework to evaluate maturity of FAA acquisition management • Redacted final work products and deliverables, and posted to the Knowledge Repository for use by other staff members

  19. PwC KM Tool - Global Best Practices® • Leveraged PwC’s Global Best Practices® to support leading practice analysis in the public and private sector including: • Governance structures • Procurement Processes • Acquisition Personnel • Performance Measures

  20. PwC KM Collaboration Tool - MindLink® • Leveraged internal web-based collaboration tool, MinkLink®, to support information sharing across the project team. Information included: • Project Risk/Issues • Status Reports • Interview/Focus Group Schedules • Meeting Minutes • Client Documents Received • Work Products • Deliverables

  21. Conduct Project Closure FAA Acquisition Executive • Identification and documentation of lessons learned • Conducted PwC standard After Action Review activities to Identify and document lessons learned and best practices • Developed project qualification • Developed “thought leadership” materials summarizes tools / techniques employed on the project • Evaluation of team member performance • Utilized PwC Performance Coaching and Development tool to evaluate team member performance and demonstration of PwC behaviors • Team members updated people profiles and resumes to reflect additional skills and experience • Completion of risk management and other closeout activities • Completed official closure process utilizing “map” tool which contains all final work products, critical client communications and contract documentation

  22. PwC KM Tool - MAP® a business process tool • Leveraged “map” file to store project information including: • Contract Documentation • Work Products • Deliverables • Meeting Minutes • Project Qualification • Other Mandatory Risk and Quality Assurance Items

  23. Embedding KM into Business Processes Allows for greater responsiveness to client challenges Leverages our talent networks Pushes knowledge and innovation across account teams Increases the application of knowledge at the client service level Enhances learning and education programs Integrates knowledge into our business development efforts Contributes to winning work Supports the journey toward a learning organization Growing Value Knowledge Management as a driver of distinction

  24. Managing Knowledge Applying KM Across the Acquisition Framework

  25. Requirements Phase KM to improve Market Research and lessons learned for formal Acquisition Plans Developing Acquisition Strategy and contract type determinations, source selection evaluation criteria Solicitation Phase KM to improve lessons learned for pre-solicitation conferences and synopsizing requirements Evaluation Phase KM to improve documentation preparation, oral proposal criteria and evaluation and conducting unsuccessful offer or debriefs Contract Performance Phase KM to improve knowledge of contractor performance and management of services acquisition quality assurance Managing Knowledge Applying KM Across the Acquisition Framework

  26. Questions