global knowledge management at danone n.
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Global Knowledge Management at Danone

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Global Knowledge Management at Danone. Josh Barretto  Joe Killinger  Alexis King  Adriane Leithauser. Nutrition is the essential aspect with which all people achieve and preserve their health . Pursues its mission by providing Fresh dairy products Water/beverages Baby food

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Global Knowledge Management at Danone

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global knowledge management at danone

Global Knowledge Management at Danone

Josh Barretto Joe Killinger  Alexis King  Adriane Leithauser

danone groupe introduction

Nutrition is the essential aspect with which all people achieve and preserve their health.

  • Pursues its mission by providing
        • Fresh dairy products
        • Water/beverages
        • Baby food
        • Clinical nutrition
Danone Groupe Introduction

  • 1919 Isaac Carasso, Barcelona
      • Small yogurt factory
      • Danone “Little Daniel”
  • -French glass bottle company, Souchon-Neuvesel& Industrial glass manufacturer Glaces de Boussois.
  • Through years of acquisition in the French food, mineral water, and beer manufacturing industries, the merged companies took the name Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel (BSN).
  • Antoine Riboud &BSN Gervais-Danone.

- Divested itself of non core activities

- Glass making/ Beer/ cheese/ meat/ sauces

  • Focused itself on health and well being products.
        • Narrow focus and small size
        • Tasty and balanced food products which deliver a health benefit to a large number of consumers and are adapted to their markets’ specific public health concerns

Business Strategy

“Strong brands and clearly defined geographic locations”

Differentiation (health)

Cost Leadership in emerging markets

“Civic company, close to interests of society and the environment”

Growth: Products, geography, and acquisitions

Connecting people

IS/IT Strategy




Who’s Who

Instant Messaging

File Sharing

Web and Video Conferencing


QuickR Collaboration

Vivisimo Search Engine

Organizational Strategy

Decentralized; Footwork management

Products differ by market

3 months to launch

Knowledge Management

Growth Program/Growth Too; Pyramid of affordability; Acceleration Units

Marketplace & communities

3 Divisions with localized CBU’s

Learning Expeditions

Networking Attitude

knowledge management challenges at danone

Sharing information across a global marketplace

  • Identifying an efficient management approach that recognizes local managers’ desires for autonomy
  • Utilizing information technology to manage knowledge
Knowledge Management Challenges at Danone
networking attitude

Director of Organizational Design, Benedikt Benenati, stated “Networking Attitude is a means for the company to move faster and to perform in a better way. It’s a way to work transversally and to break the silos.”

Networking Attitude
networking attitude cont d

Key ingredients of a marketplace:

  • Attendees were not specifically invited
  • Each had a theme with costumes, music, and decorations
  • Used videos, stories, and objects, but not Powerpoint
  • Facilitators wrote Little Black Book of Good Practices
  • Facilitators, Givers, and Takers attended Marketplace
  • “Interest Checks” were written to symbolize a good practice
Networking Attitude cont’d
networking attitude cont d1

Mini Case Study

  • Domestic Bank has 100 branches in 10 states
  • Domestic Bank conducts an annual customer satisfaction surveys and the most recent survey has shown a dramatic decrease in overall customer satisfaction
  • There is a mix of rural and urban banks that distribute mostly agricultural, vehicle, home, and personal loans.
  • The CEO of Domestic Bank is concerned and has tasked your team with increasing customer satisfaction
Networking Attitude cont’d
networking attitude cont d2

Key Components of Networking Attitude:

  • Get cross-functional employees in a room together
  • Find methods to relax and have fun.
  • Direct discussion to solve problems or share best practices
  • Develop tools to maintain networking relationships and sharing best practices
Networking Attitude cont’d
franck riboud

Danone Way

  • Networking Attitude
  • Danone Values:
    • Openness
    • Enthusiasm
    • Humanism
    • Proximity
Franck Riboud
going wider outside danone


Lack of unified vision


  • Bridge to suppliers and retailers
  • Better connection to customers
Going wider (outside Danone)
going deeper more employees


Language barriers


Organizational structure

  • Integrate culture throughout company
  • Reach 80,000 employees
  • Expand beyond marketing and sales
Going deeper (more employees)
going richer collaboration innovation


Currently only senior management

Culture constraints

  • Agility/competitiveness
  • 7 co-building successes
  • Aligning constituents quickly
Going richer (collaboration & innovation)
today dan 2 0

Communication 2.0

Going Deeper:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Web-conferencing
  • Video for PCs
  • File Sharing

Collaboration 2.0

Going Richer:

  • Social Network
  • Search Engine
Today: Dan 2.0
dan 2 0 project objectives


Connect & Share

Express Yourself

Reduce CO2 Footprint

Accelerate & Innovate

Dan 2.0 Project Objectives

Recommendations for Danone

Networking Attitude should become a standard workplace behavior for Danoners

Create a “Networking Attitude Office” as a stand alone social networking platform for best practices

Continue to innovate technologies to support connections between staff and CBU’s


Lessons Learned

Expected work will take precedence over non-expected work

Networking is an important strategy for multinational organizations

Strategy perspective in emerging markets