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By Dylan and Lewis enjoy!!!

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By Dylan and Lewis enjoy!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By. By Dylan and Lewis enjoy!!!. It was a still, starry night. The sky was as black as coal and all that could be heard was the hoot of a solitary owl and a gentle rustle, as the breeze danced through the trees.

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By Dylan and Lewis enjoy!!!


It was a still, starry night. The sky was as black as coal and all that could be heard was the hoot of a solitary owl and a gentle rustle, as the breeze danced through the trees.

The entrance to the Magik Circus was quiet and deserted. A sign by the entrance held a poster: Artistes Wanted.


The shimmering candle was flickering as the girl was sighing. The fed-up lonely girl put a shiny gold coin into an old, dusty ripped up box. The small young girl was very tired and cold.

The gold coin was lying in an old, messed up box. She did not have enough money to pay the bills.


A small golden tea pot hopped up to an old sign, the sign said: wanted artists. The tea pot stared at the sign and read it. After reading the sign the teapot hopped away towards the Magik Circus.

Meanwhile the circus girl was in her bed. She was finding it hard to sleep and she was tossing and turning. She was worrying about the bills and how she would get the money to pay them.


Suddenly the girl heard a noise coming from the circus. She woke up and got out of bed. She crept over to the window to investigate.

She saw a huge shadow and was scared. The shadow was jumping in the distance. It was a strange shadow because it looked like there was something in the circus that was a weird shape.


The little girl was gazing and wondering if anyone was there. She looked around the empty, boring circus ring, but no one was there.

Suddenly, the golden tea pot bounced down the stairs scaring the frightened girl. The golden tea pot did a summersault in the air and landed as straight as a soldier.

She bent down on her knees and grinned. She started to snigger.


The tea pot transformed to a ghost and flew around the empty, boring circus.

The poor little girl looks frighten and starts to cry with a very sad face.

The Frog Genie wanted a job thinking, “what’s she going to do?”

The frog Genie magically made a plant come out of his hand. The plant was very vicious, the plant was snapping at her.


The little girl hopped back and pulled a face. The plant was the most scariest thing she had ever seen.

Even the frog Genie was frightened of the plant and he threw it on the floor.

The Frog genie pulled out an old, brown poster from behind his back. It said: Artistes Wanted. He smiled at the girl. He wanted a job at the circus.


The girl was thinking of giving the frog Genie a job.

The frog Genie pulled a piece of string with a circle at the bottom.

The frog genie chops the girl up with a huge sword and the girl gets injured. The frog genie puts the girl on a wheel and throws knives, axes and a big rock at her; the girl dies. The frog genie fires a cannon ball trying to get the apple on the girls head and the girl dies.


The frog genie made the girl very sad because she was going to get injured if she takes the risk of doing his tricks.

The frog genie regrets showing his tricks to the little girl and feels sorrowful. He pulled a shiny wand and waved it in the air making lots of sparkles. He turned himself into a small green frog.


The little girl feels happy and thankful to the frog genie.

The frog genie feels like he shouldn’t have turned into a frog because the girl is now throwing him up into the air. This makes him feel sick and dizzy.

The Great Talent Show is starting tomorrow night in the gloomy dark.


The frog genie feels worried that he might get hurt whilst the girl is doing all these tricks to him. The frog genie feels scared and gets injured by banging into the wall. He feels terrified as he is flying into the wall. The little girl was lighting the cannon to fire the apple off the frog genies head.


The little girl is cutting the rope with scissors. The frog genie drops down onto the hard floor and lands on his face and hurts himself.

The little girl feels glad that she’s got money and feels glad for doing all of them tricks.