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Chapter 4 – Settlement of the Thirteenth Colony PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 4 – Settlement of the Thirteenth Colony

Chapter 4 – Settlement of the Thirteenth Colony

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Chapter 4 – Settlement of the Thirteenth Colony

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  1. Chapter 4 – Settlement of the Thirteenth Colony Warm-ups and Discussion Questions

  2. Section 1 – An Age of Exploration ESSENTIAL QUESTION • What were the effects of the interactions of Europeans and Native Americans?

  3. Vocabulary • Garrison – Unit of soldiers • Mission – Church outpost • Pilgrims – Colonists who came to America on Mayflower • Puritans – Religious group that wanted to change Church of England

  4. Vocabulary • Charter – Legal document • Colony – land on foreign soil • Friars – Catholic missionaries • Huguenots – persecuted French protestants • Separatists- group that wanted to break away from Church of England

  5. What is a middleman? A trader who buys goods from producers & sells them to other traders & consumers

  6. How does he affect the cost of luxury goods? It drives the price up.

  7. What made Europeans want to find a sea route to trade with China? Marco Polo’s publication told of China’s wonderful riches.

  8. What explorer was 1st to sail eastward from Europe to the Indian Ocean? When? Bartholomew Diaz in 1488

  9. Which explorer thought there was a shorter, easier westward route? Christopher Columbus

  10. Which European country would sponsor Columbus’s voyage? Spain (even though he was Italian)

  11. What mistake did Columbus make when he 1st landed on October 12, 1492? He thought he had landed on the islands off the coast of India & called the natives “Indians”.

  12. What areas did Columbus explore? Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, & coasts of Central & South America

  13. How many trips to the New World did Columbus make? Four

  14. What happened between the battle for land between Spain and Portugal? Pope Alexander VI split the new world with his “Line of Demarcation”

  15. Who made first settlement in New World and what happened? Allyon - for spain in 1504. They hit a hard winter Allyon died and revolt broke out.

  16. For whom did John Cabot sail & what area did he explore? England; Newfoundland this was England’s claim on New World

  17. Who was the 1st explorer to find an eastward ocean trade route to India? Vasco da Gama

  18. For whom was the New World named? Amerigo Vespucci – explored South America; a mapmaker read Vespucci’s writings & named the new land “America” after Vespucci

  19. Who was the 1st explorer to reach Asia by sailing west? When? Ferdinand Magellan in 1522

  20. Why did other Europeans not use this route? This was a longer, harder trip around the southern tip of South America; they were looking for an easier all-water route through the North American continent.

  21. What were Spanish explorers searching for in the Caribbean? Wealth

  22. What 2 explorers actually did find the riches they were hunting for? Cortes & Pizarro (see next slide)

  23. What area did each explore/conquer & what was the prize? Cortes – Mexico – conquered the Aztecs – won treasure in silver & gold Pizarro – Peru – conquered the Incas – controlled the world’s richest silver mines

  24. Who was the 1st to explore modern-day Georgia? When? Hernando de Soto in 1540

  25. What was he hoping to find? Gold

  26. Why was de Soto able to defeat a larger army? He had superior weapons – guns, crossbows, horses, & armor.

  27. What caused the deaths of millions of Native Americans? Name them. European diseases killed almost ½ – measles, smallpox, influenza, whooping cough

  28. What caused de Soto’s expedition to fail? Most of his troops died of disease or starvation.

  29. Define the term “colony”. A settlement in a new land that has ties to their homeland

  30. Where & when was GA’s 1st settlement established? Santa Catalina mission on St. Catherine’s Island in 1566

  31. Which European country was important in the fight to control the New World? What would it gain? Spain – gain wealth and power

  32. What was the French goal in exploration and what was their first settelment? Trading Fort Charles in Florida

  33. What happened to Spain’s fleet of ships? It was destroyed by England’s better sailors & ships and by bad storms at sea.

  34. Section 2 – English Settlementof the New World ESSENTIAL QUESTION • What caused a rivalry between England and Spain in the New World?

  35. How did the defeat of the Spanish Armada affect England? It gave them control of the seas & opened their door to the New World.

  36. How many colonies did England establish by the late 1600s & where? 12 were established along the Atlantic coast of North America.

  37. Give 3 reasons why people came to settle in these new colonies. Religious freedom Economic gain New start Better life

  38. What is “mercantilism”? An economic system for England to export more than it imported

  39. Under this system, what did the colonists provide for England? Name 3. Raw materials – sugar, timber, rice, tobacco,& cotton

  40. Name 3 ways this was of benefit to England. • No longer needed to import these goods from other countries • Could sell finished products back to the colonies & other countries • It strengthened the British economy.

  41. What crop was very important to Great Britain’s success in the South? tobacco

  42. Where was the 1st permanent English colony in the New World & when was it begun? Jamestown, VA in 1607

  43. What happened there during the 1st year? Malaria killed all but 38 of the settlers.

  44. What impact did the growing of tobacco have on the Jamestown settlement? It created a need for labor.

  45. What is an “indentured servant”? A person who agreed to work 4-7 years in exchange for paid passage to the New World

  46. From where did these indentured servants come? Africa

  47. How did this system change by the end of the 17th century? They became slaves instead of servants.

  48. What caused a conflict between Spain & Great Britain in the Carolinas? Spain was already in Guale when Great Britain wanted to establish settlements.

  49. Why did Great Britain establish a colony in GA? To act as a buffer between its colonies in the Carolinas and the Spanish in Florida.

  50. Where was GA’s 1st fort located and what was its name? At the mouth of the Altamaha River; called Fort King George