got the grant what s next n.
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Got the Grant What’s next??????????? PowerPoint Presentation
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Got the Grant What’s next???????????

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Got the Grant What’s next??????????? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Got the Grant What’s next???????????
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  1. Got the GrantWhat’s next??????????? Joy R. Knipple Team Leader, National Institute of Mental Health July 26, 2006

  2. Now that I have a Grant –What’s next????????????????

  3. The NIH Extramural Team Review Grants Management Program

  4. Review Performs administrative & technical review of applications Also: • Manages study sections and project site visits • Prepares summary statements • Provides any requested information about study section requirements

  5. Program Officer Responsible for the scientific and/or technical aspects of grants Also: • Prepares funding recommendations • Reviews annual progress of grants

  6. Grants Management Officer Monitors administrative and fiscal aspects of the grant Also: • Assures compliance with Federal laws and NIH administrative policies and procedures • The only NIH official authorized to obligate NIH funds • Authorizes terms and conditions to an award

  7. Grants Management Specialist Acts as an agent of the GMO • Assures compliance with Federal laws, NIH policies and procedures • Analyzes grant applications prior to award • Negotiates start dates • Prepares award for GMO release • Receipt point for all post-award actions

  8. Essential Documents • NIH Guide • NIH Grants Policy Statement • PHS 398 Application • PHS 2590 Application (Progress Report) • PHS 416-1 Application • Notice of Grant Award • Relevant RFA or PA http://www.grants.nih/grants/oer.htm

  9. Sample Number 1 R01 MH 012345 01 A1/S1 Suffixes ActivityCode Serial Number Application Type Institute/Center Year ofSupport

  10. What is in the Notice of Grant Award (NGA)? • Legally Binding Document • Establishes funding level • Establishes period of support • Sets forth terms and conditions • NIH Contact Information • Program Director • Grants Management Specialist

  11. What is in the Notice of Grant Award? (con’t) Notice of Grant Award: • Identifies name of institution, PI, budget period, project period, amount of award, issue date, title of project • Sent to the business official • Specifies that the award terms are accepted once funds are drawn or obtained from the payment system

  12. What is in the Notice of Grant Award? (con’t) NGA Section I: • Award Data • Provides a categorical breakdown of the budget (unless modular or SNAP award) for current and future years • Indicates whether an unobligated balance has been applied to the award amount

  13. What is in the Notice of Grant Award? (con’t) NGA Section I • Fiscal Information NGA Section II: • Grant Payment Information • OIG Hotline Information

  14. What is in the Notice of Grant Award? (con’t) NGA Section III: Terms and Conditions • Grant program legislation and regulations • Restrictions on the expenditure of funds in appropriation acts • 45 CFR 74 or 92 as applicable • NIH Grants Policy Statement

  15. Standard Terms and Conditions • Included or excluded from carryover • Included/excluded in Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) as appropriate • Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP) • Program Income

  16. Special Terms and Conditions • Revised award • Supplemental award • Cooperative agreement • Restrictive terms

  17. Administrative and Fiscal Monitoring SNAP (Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process) • Award in total direct and facilities & administrative (indirect) costs • Total costs as commitment base • Modified financial reporting – FSR only due at the end of the competitive segment • Three questions in noncompeting applications

  18. Administrative and Fiscal Monitoring SNAP Questions • Change in “Other Support” key personnel? • Change in the level of effort for key personnel? • Estimated unobligated balance greater than 25% of current year’s total budget?

  19. To SNAP or Not to SNAP • Awards typically not SNAPed: • Cooperative Agreements • Clinical Trials • Program Projects (P01’s) • Centers • Training Grants • Grants for a Large Dollar Amount

  20. Commons Questions

  21. After award, when do we need to contact NIH? Prior Approval Is Required for • Change of scope or research objectives • Change in Principal Investigator • Change of grantee institution • Award terms and conditions • Pre-award costs exceeding 90 days prior to start date of the project

  22. Due dates for Progress Reports • Standard--due two months prior to anniversary date • E-SNAP(electronic submission)--due 45 days prior to anniversary date

  23. When Do I Have to Submit a Modular Grant? • Research project grant mechanisms (R01, R03, R15, R21, R34, R41 & R43) and RFAs with no more than $250,000 direct costs/year. • Requested total direct costs in modules of $25,000 reflecting appropriate support for project. There will be no future year escalations in the traditional sense.

  24. Just-In-Time (JIT) Information • Other Support of Key Personnel • IACUC Approval Within 3 Years • IRB Approval Within 1 year • Certification of Education on Human Subjects

  25. What can slow down the award process… • Lack of or Slow Response to Inquiries • Delays Sending JIT Info • IRB approvals • IACUC approvals • Certification of Education on Human Subjects • Other Support • Info Sent Without Identification (Grant #) • Lack of Institutional Signatures

  26. What can slow down the award process … • Budgets with Inadequate Justification • Other Support for an Individual that the level of effort totals more than 100% • Missing Information for Key Personnel • Checklist F&A that Doesn’t Make Sense • Out of date IRB/IACUC approvals • Lack of population data for clinical grants

  27. Award Closeout Final Reports – Grantees are required to submit 90 days after the end of the project period • Final Financial Status Reports • Final invention statement and certification • Final Progress Report


  29. You can’t see the picture if you are inside the frame. GRANTS MANAGEMENT BRANCH

  30. Contact information: Joy R. Knipple Grants Management Officer/Team Leader National Institutes of Health National Institute of Mental Health Telephone: 301-443-8811 Fax: 301-443-6885 E-mail: