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From your ideas… PowerPoint Presentation
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From your ideas…

From your ideas…

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From your ideas…

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  1. Interacting Electronically with NIH From your ideas… …into our systems… …to advance medical discovery. Megan Columbus NIH Program Manager for Electronic Receipt of Grant Applications Scarlett GibbeRACustomer Relationship Manager

  2. Electronic Interaction Points NIH Grant Web site Check ReviewAssignment Learn About Grants at NIH NIH Guide Find Opportunities Check ReviewOutcome Download App Package Submit Pre-AwardInformation Submit Application Check Submission Status Prepare/Submit Post-Award Reports eRA Commons View Assembled Application Image Closeout Grants


  4. Electronic Submission Required! Electronic submission via is now required for ALL competing grant applications with the exception of Complex, Multi-project applications (Project/Centers)* *These grant mechanisms will continue to use the paper PHS398 application process until a transition to electronic submission is scheduled, announced and implemented.

  5. eSubmission Process Prepare to Apply & Register Find Opportunity and Download Application Package Prepare Application Submit, Track and View Application Submission Complete!

  6. Two Systems Working Together • – the Federal government’s single online portal to find and apply for Federal grant funding • Used by all 26 Federal grant-making agencies • eRA Commons – electronic Research Administration system that allows applicants, grantees and Federal staff to access, share and transmit information related to their applications and grants • Used by NIH and a few other HHS components IMPORTANT:Each system has its own registration and validations requirements

  7. Registration • • Applicant Organizations only • Designate E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz P • - Approves Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs) providing authority to submit applications • No registration needed to find opportunities or download forms • eRA Commons • Applicant Organization & PD/PI • Designate Signing Official (SO) - Registers or affiliates Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) Many organizations are already registered. Check with your Office of Sponsored Projects.

  8. Registration • Tips for Success: • Start early! The registration process can take up to 4 weeks (8 weeks or more for new or foreign businesses) • Register for & Commons simultaneously once DUNS# is obtained • Update CCR information yearly to keep credentials active • Do not combine SO and PI roles on single Commons account • If PD/PI has a Commons account, affiliate them to your organization rather than creating new account • PIs should update their Commons profile prior to submitting (degree info used to determine Early Stage Investigator eligibility)

  9. Make a Submission Plan • Internal organization considerations… • Submission method • Downloadable forms • System-to-System using XML data stream • Services of a commercial service provider • Application preparation responsibilities • Sharing applications in progress • Internal review & approval process • Internal deadlines Administrators and PIs must work together!

  10. Obtain Software • Adobe Reader • Only specific Adobe Reader versionsare compatible with forms • PDF conversion program • Attachments must be converted to PDF • Download Software Web Page: •

  11. eSubmission Process Prepare to Apply & Register Find Opportunity and Download Application Package Prepare Application Submit, Track and View Application Submission Complete!

  12. Find Opportunity & Download Package • NIH posts Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) on: • NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts • Announcements include button to download package and instructions from •

  13. Investigator–Initiated Research • All applications must be submitted in response to a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) • Applicants can submit for funding opportunities focused on specific programs/areas of science OR in response to a general “parent” announcement • Applicants MUST use the application package specific to the FOA that they choose

  14. Parent FOAs NIH Office of Extramural Research Parent Announcements for Unsolicited Applications

  15. Finding FOAs in NIH Guide NIH Guide for Grants & Contracts Enter search string or click Advanced Search

  16. Finding FOAs in NIH Guide Enter search parameters Click Search

  17. Finding FOAs in NIH Guide • Review list of FOAs matching your criteria and find FOA of interest Click Announcement Number link to access FOA information

  18. Announcement • Read and follow announcement instructions • Pay special attention to Section IV. Application and Submission Information • Includes any FOA-specific submission instructions • Instructions in FOA trump instructions in the application guide

  19. Announcement Notes • Pay attention to Key dates: • Release/Posted Date: package and instructions available for download • Opening Date: application can be submitted • Expiration Date: announcement closed

  20. Announcement Notes • FOAs in the NIH Guide include button to download app from Click Apply for Grant Electronically found within the NIH Guide announcement. Verify information Click download

  21. Download Package & Application Guide Sign up for Agency updates to FOA Download application instructions and Application Package

  22. Application Guide • Read and follow application guide instructions • Agency-specific instructions are marked with the HHS logo

  23. eSubmission Process Prepare to Apply Find Opportunity and Download Application Package Prepare Application Submit Track and View Appilcation Submission Complete!

  24. Grant Application Package Screen Save the package locally. *Application Form Screen - Top* Make sure you have the correct application package. FOA information is automatically populated and not editable. Mandatory fields highlighted yellow with red box.

  25. Grant Application Package Screen Mandatory Documents must be completed prior to submission. Complete the SF424 (R&R) form first – info from this form populates fields in other forms in the package. *Application Form Screen - Bottom* See application guide to determine which Optional Documents you need to include.

  26. Completing the Application • Tips for Success: • Follow FOA-specific guidelines (e.g., special attachments, specific section headings) • Follow application guide requirements • Follow guidelines for fonts, margins • Do not include headers or footers • - Section headings as part of the text (i.e., Specific Aims, Background & Significance) are encouraged • Avoid 2-column format for text • Avoid “landscape” format 26

  27. Final Application Check • Avoid & eRA Commons Errors: • SF424 (R&R) cover • Does the DUNS number on your application match the DUNS used for & Commons registration? • Did you include the Contact Email address? • Did you provide correct Type of Application, Federal Identifier, and Type of Submission information? • Sr/Key Person Profile • Did you include Commons ID in Credential field for all PD/PIs? • Did you include Organization name for all Sr/Key?

  28. Final Application Check • Avoid & eRA Commons Errors (cont.): • Did you use the correct Budget form? • Did you include effort > 0 for all Sr/Key listed on the R&R Budget form? • Did you include all required attachments? • Are all your attachments in PDF format? • Are all attachment names 50 characters or less and use only letters, numbers and underscore (_)?

  29. eSubmission Process Prepare to Apply Find Opportunity and Download Application Package Prepare Application Submit, Track & View Application Submission Complete!

  30. AOR - Submit Application • Save & Submit button will not become active until: • All fields marked as mandatory on the forms are completed • All Mandatory Documents are moved to Mandatory Documents for Submission box and completed • The application is Saved Check Package for Errors only checks errors. You MUST submit the application for it to go through the NIH validation process. NIH errors will be shown in the eRA Commons

  31. AOR - Submit Application Enter your username and password – you must be fully registered to successfully submit. Only the AOR can Submit application!

  32. AOR - Submit Application Click Sign and Submit Application button to record electronic signature and initiate submission process to

  33. AOR - Submit Application Print/Save your Confirmation screen info Tracking # Date/Time Stamp - due 5 p.m. local time of the applicant org. on submission deadline date

  34. On-time Submission • On-time Submission • All registrations must be completedprior to initial submission • Submission must be accepted by with a timestamp on or before 5:00 p.m. local time of submitting organization on submission deadline date • Errors/Warnings must be corrected within the error correction window

  35. Track Application • AORs track application status at • Signing Officials(SOs), Principal Investigators (PIs) and Assistants (ASSTs) track appilcation status in the eRA Commons 35

  36. Track – (AOR) • Applicant interface application status

  37. You’re not done yet! Signing Officials (SOs), Principal Investigators (PIs) and Assistants (ASSTs) track application status in the eRA Commons. 37

  38. Track Your Application • Applications are picked up by eRA Commons and checked against application and opportunity instructions • Forms are owned by and used by many agencies, so NIH cannot build agency-specific business rules into the formProcessing result available in eRA Commons Status • Processing result available in eRA Commons Status • Email notifications sent to AOR/SO, PD/PI and contact emails listed on the SF424 (R&R) form

  39. Accessing eRA Commons • Go to: • Enter your Username and Password Username Password

  40. Check Status in Commons – PD/PI Select Recent/Pending eSubmissions Or provide tracking number from email notification 40

  41. Status – eSub Errors/Warnings Indicates eSubmission Error Tracking # tracking # and date are displayed followed by the list of errors/warnings for each submission attempt

  42. Status – eSub Errors/Warnings • Errors stop application processing and must be corrected • Warnings do not stop application submission and are corrected at the discretion of the applicant Helpful LinksAvoiding Common Errors page: Full list of Commons Validations

  43. Error Correction Window • NIH currently allows applicants to correct errors/warnings during the temporary “Error Correction Window” • Standard window: 2 business days after the submission deadline (temporarily extended to 5 days through May 2010) • Initial submission made “on time” • All registrations completed before deadline • Proof of “on time” submission and description of all changes documented in Cover Letter AOR is expected to enforce that appilcation changes are restricted to those needed to fix indentified errors/warnings. NIH may reject any application that includes additional changes.

  44. Correcting eRA Errors/Warnings Make changes to address error/warning messages in local copy of application • Select Changed/Corrected on SF424 (R&R) cover (box #1) • Federal Identifier on SF424 (R&R) cover (box #4) is a required field when Changed/Corrected is selected • If New is selected in box #8, use tracking number for original submission • Otherwise, continue to use the Institute/Center and serial number from original grant award (ex. CA123456) • Include cover letter if after submission deadline • AOR must submit the entire changed/corrected application to • Track submission through to Commons NOTE:Reviewers do not see applicant errors/warnings.

  45. View Application Image Once an error-free application is received, the eRA systemwill: • Assemble the grant application image • Insert headers (PI name) & footers (page numbers) on all pages • Generate Table of Contents and bookmark important sections • Post the assembled application image in the PI’s eRA Commons account

  46. Application Viewing Window • Applicants have two (2) business days to view the assembled application before it automatically moves forward to NIH for further processing • SO can Reject application within viewing window to address Warnings (if within error correction window) or to address a system issue affecting the application image • If Rejected after deadline for any other reason, application is subject to late policy • PI will receive email notification if SO rejectsapplication If you can’t VIEW it, we can’t REVIEW it!

  47. Status – View Application Image Status is Pending Verification Follow link to detailed status info Follow e-Application link to view assembled application image View Appendices and Cover Letter

  48. Status – e-Application TIP:Carefully review the entire application. This is your first chance to view/print the same application image that will be used by Reviewers!

  49. Reject Application (SO) PIs: If the application image in the eRA Commons does not properly reflect the submitted material, work with your SO to reject the application! Must have SO role Enter Search Criteria Click Search Select Recent/ Pending eSubmissions

  50. Reject Application (SO) Select Reject eApplication Enter comment to be sent with email notification Click Reject