welcome to our grant writing workshop n.
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Welcome to Our Grant Writing Workshop! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Our Grant Writing Workshop!

Welcome to Our Grant Writing Workshop!

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Welcome to Our Grant Writing Workshop!

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  1. Welcome to OurGrant Writing Workshop! Hosted by: VA Blue Ridge Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Pam Adams, Mission Coordinator Date: October 11, 2012

  2. Agenda • Welcome/Introduction of Guests • Funding Basics • Community Profile Report (CPR) • Community Grant Request for Application (RFA) • Small Grant • Grant Writing Tutorial • GeMS (Grants eManagement System) • Questions and Answers VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  3. Workshop Goals • Familiarize applicants with the vision and mission of the VA Blue Ridge Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure • Inform applicants about our funding strategies • Present applicants with Komen Breast Self-Awareness messaging • Provide applicants with resources necessary for developing a successful grant application • Encourage networking with other breast health professionals • Introduce applicants to GeMS: Grants eManagement System VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  4. The Komen Story A Sister’s Promise Established in 1982 by Nancy Brinker to honor the memory of her sister, Susan G. Komen, who died of breast cancer at 36 VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  5. Susan G. Komen for the Cure® • World's largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and • activists • Invested more than $1.9B since inception • Our promise: to save lives and end breast cancer forever VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  6. Our Promise • Our promise is our mission – ending breast cancer forever by… • Empoweringpeople • Ensuringquality of care for all • Energizingscience to find a cure • VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  7. Victories and the Fight Ahead • More Early Detection – 75% of women over 40 get mammograms • More Hope – 5 year survival is 99% • More Research – $900 million a year • More Survivors – 2.5 million in America VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  8. How is the VA Blue Ridge AffiliateMaking a Difference? • By: • understanding the communities’ needs and assets through our Community Profile • funding effective programs that meet prioritized need (Grantmaking) • empowering communities with breast cancer knowledge and resources to take action (Education/Multicultural Health Programs) • leveraging relationships and building partnerships • (Community Organizing) VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  9. AND… VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  10. By providing $308,936 (2012/13) to non-profits in our service area to fund screening/diagnostic mammograms, outreach/breast health education programs, and treatment assistance for uninsured/underinsured women. VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  11. Funding Basics

  12. Eligibility for Funding • Must be a non-profit organization with tax exempt status • Project must be specifically related to breast health/breast cancer and address the priorities of our community profile • All past and current Komen-funded grants and awards must be • up to date and “in good standing” with Komen requirements • Applicant or any if it’s key employees, directors, officers or agents must not have been convicted of fraud or a crime involving any financial or administrative impropriety VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  13. Eligibility for Funding VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Must be located in or providing services in one or more of the • following 32 cities and counties: • Alleghany, Amherst, Bath, Bedford, Bedford City, Bland, Botetourt, Buena Vista City, Campbell, Carroll, Covington City, Craig, Danville City, Floyd, Franklin, Galax City, Giles, Grayson, Henry, Lexington City, Lynchburg City, Martinsville City, Montgomery, Patrick, Pittsylvania, Pulaski, Radford City, Roanoke, Roanoke City, Rockbridge, Salem City, and Wythe

  14. VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  15. Most Common Interventions Funded • Those that: • Reduce cost to the patient for mammography • Reduce logistical barriers to mammography • Reduce logistical barriers to treatment • Reduce financial barriers to treatment • Provide translation/interpretation services • Also: • Outreach programs - Group education - Patient navigation • Support groups - Material development and dissemination VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  16. Most Common Interventions Funded (con’t) • Side-effect management • Complementary therapies • Financial assistance for day-to-day costs during treatment • Individual counseling/psychotherapy • Nutrition services • Caregiver support • End of life care • Many of these fall in the Diagnosis thru Follow-up parts of the Continuum of Care • VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  17. Affiliate Grants Fund VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Salaries and fringe benefits for program staff • Consultant fees • Clinical services or patient care costs • Meeting costs • Supplies • Travel • Other direct program expenses • Equipment not to exceed $5,000 • Indirect costs not to exceed 15% of direct costs

  18. Affiliate Grants DO NOT Fund • Medical or scientific research • (costs associated with program evaluation are allowed) • Scholarships or fellowships • Construction or renovation of facilities • Political campaigns or lobbying • Endowments • Debt reduction • Thermography • Annual fundraising campaigns VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  19. Affiliate Grants DO NOT Fund VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Event sponsorships • Projects completed before the date of the grant approval • Employee matching gifts • Land acquisition • Capital campaigns • Program related investments and loans • Individuals (with the exception of travel scholarships up to $2,000) • Equipment over $5,000

  20. Komen Educational Materials and Messages VA Blue Ridge Affiliate We require that grantees provide educational messages and materials that are consistent with those promoted by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, including promoting the messages of breast self-awareness: Know your risk Get screened Know what is normal for you Make healthy lifestyle choices

  21. Komen Educational Materials and Messages VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • We do not recommend monthly breast self-exam and therefore will not fund education programs that teach monthly breast self-exam or use breast models. • Grantees are eligible to receive preferred pricing for Komen educational materials that should be used and displayed whenever possible. • Grantees may want to include expenses to purchase these materials in the program budget.

  22. Community Profile Report(CPR)

  23. Continuum of Care Annual Screenings Keep Women in the Continuum VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  24. 2013-2014 Community Profile • Our Community Profile was researched and developed by the Virginia Tech Center for Public Health Practice and the national Susan G. Komen Community Profile Team. • This research shows us the areas of greatest need in the VA Blue Ridge Region. • Our Community Profile will be completed in the upcoming months and will provide us with resources to help us meet those needs. • Preliminary results reveal our funding priorities for the grantmaking process. VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  25. 2013-14 Funding Priorities Findings from the 2012 VA Blue Ridge Affiliate Community Profile revealed that access to and timely progression through the breast cancer continuum of care is believed to improve breast cancer survival rates. However, uninsured and racial/ethnic minority women are more likely than other women to delay or miss follow-up appointments after receiving an abnormal mammogram. Higher screening rates for breast cancer could help identify breast cancers at earlier stages and reduce breast cancer mortality rates. African-American women, in particular, and individuals with low socioeconomic status often present with late-stage diagnoses and have higher mortality rates. • VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  26. 2013-14 Funding Priorities • Priority 1: • Increasing breast cancer screenings and follow-up appointments (especially after receiving abnormal mammogram results) primarily within the Cities of Danville and Martinsville, as well as within Alleghany and Wythe Counties. • Priority 2: • Increasing breast cancer screenings and follow-up appointments (especially after receiving abnormal mammogram results) within the secondary locations of the Cities of Roanoke and Lynchburg, as well as within Roanoke, Pulaski, Bedford, Franklin, and Montgomery Counties. • VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  27. 2013-14 Funding Priorities • Priority 3: • Increasing access to quality breast cancer care by addressing one or more of the following barriers for racial and/or ethnic minority women (especially African-American women): • cultural norms • language • low health literacy • lack of insurance • irregular sources of medical care • uncoordinated treatment • VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  28. Community Grant Request for Applications(RFA)

  29. Important Dates 2013 – 2014 Grant Cycle VA Blue Ridge Affiliate Grant Application Workshop Thurs., October 11, 2012 Application Deadline Mon., December 3, 2012 – 5:00 PM Award Notification by Fri., February 15, 2013 Contract Issuance March 4 – March 18, 2013 Award Period April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014

  30. Submission Process • All proposals must be submitted online through the Grants e-Management System (GeMS): • Applications must be received on or before Monday, December 3, 2012 (5:00 P.M.). No late submissions will be accepted. VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  31. Review Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Compliance review is first. Then, grants will be reviewed by at least three independent reviewers who will consider each of the following selection criteria: • Impact – 20% • Feasibility – 20% • Capacity – 20% • Collaboration – 20% • Sustainability – 20%

  32. Application Instructions: Project Narrative • Make sure you are initiating a Community Grant application and not a Small Grant application in GeMS. You will be limited to 3,500 characters for each of the following sections: • Organization Capacity – experience serving target population, successes, fiscal management • Statement of Need – why, population to be served, evidence of need, unique • Project Description – do goals and objectives match Affiliate’s priorities and need statement, continuum of care VA Blue Ridge Affiliate

  33. Application Instructions: Project Narrative VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Collaboration – role of other organizations, direct involvement or outside support, strength of collaboration • Sustainability – long term, resources needed, other funding sources, budget increases and decreases • Evaluation – measure effectiveness, assess impactand • process, expertise, resources

  34. Application Instructions: Attachments VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Information regarding key personnel – resume, curriculum vitae, job description • Proof of non-profit status – IRS determination letter • Letters of support, collaboration, MOUs, etc. – demonstrate partnership • Evaluation form, survey, logic model, etc. – demonstrate effectiveness

  35. Application Instructions: Budget VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Salaries • Fringe (Benefits, Taxes) • Consultant Costs • Supplies • Equipment (not to exceed $5,000) • Travel • Patient Care Costs • Screening • Diagnostics • Treatment • Transportation • Sub-contracts • Indirect Costs (not to exceed 15% of direct costs)

  36. Small Grant Request for Applications(RFA)

  37. Small Grants VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Ask yourself: • What needs are currently not being met within my community? • How can I strategically design a program to meet those needs?

  38. Small Grants VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Not just smaller versions of a community grant • Areopportunities to explore different ways to: • reach new communities • fund innovative/high impact projects • build partnerships • Must be tied to the Community Profile

  39. Small Grants VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Funding Opportunities • The VA Blue Ridge Affiliate is currently offering a total of $10,000 in small grants in the 2013-14 funding cycle to support breast health education projects, conference, and travel scholarships. • Important Dates • Small Grants Applications are accepted throughout the year. However, requests for support of travel scholarships, conferences, or other events must be received at least six weeks prior to the event.

  40. Small Grants VA Blue Ridge Affiliate Educational Grants: Purpose: To raise awareness of breast cancer and increase the capacity of effective breast health programs Amount: TBA Recognition requirements: The VA Blue Ridge Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® must be recognized in all materials.

  41. Small Grants VA Blue Ridge Affiliate Travel Scholarships: Purpose: To assist grantees, health care professionals and advocates to attend, participate in and/or present at meetings, conferences or symposia that would increase the community knowledge of breast cancer and facilitate the exchange of ideas and communication between the scientific and lay public. Amount: TBA. Travel scholarship recipients must submit original receipts and a final report in order to be reimbursed.

  42. Small Grants VA Blue Ridge Affiliate Conference Grants: Purpose: To partner with other organizations to support local scientific or educational conferences, with an emphasis on those that enhance the interaction between the advocate, healthcare and scientific communities. The content must focus on breast cancer or breast cancer must make up a significant part of the conference. Amount: TBA. Recognition requirements: Conference organizers must provide complimentary registration for at least two (2) Affiliate representatives and an Affiliate display area where appropriate. In addition, the VA Blue Ridge Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure must be recognized in all materials.

  43. Grant Writing Tutorial

  44. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Develop a Proposal • Write an Abstract • Develop Objectives • Evaluate Program • Create a Budget

  45. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Develop a Proposal • Read everything! • Carefully consider the funding priorities • Discuss ideas with decision-makers in your organization • Explore opportunities for collaboration • Prepare proposal together

  46. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • 2. Write an abstract • First impressions are important • Brief statement of “case” and summary of proposal • Purpose • Description of key activities • Summary of evaluation • Likely impact • Be concise – characters, spaces, punctuation • Write in lay terms as if speaking to the general public

  47. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Develop Objectives • Be SMART: • Specific • Measurable • Attainable (within the grant period) • Realistic • Timely • Define success ----- Form basis for evaluation

  48. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Develop Objectives • If you have more than five objectives, consider breaking them down and placing them under two or three general goals. • Be realistic • Answer Who? What? By when? How much?

  49. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate • Evaluate Program • Process Evaluation: • What happened • Where it happened • How it happened • To whom • How much/quantity • How well/quality

  50. Grant Writing Process VA Blue Ridge Affiliate Evaluate Program Impact Evaluation: Changes in ~ Behavior ~ Knowledge ~ Attitudes ~ Beliefs Change among ~ Individuals ~ Providers ~ Organizations ~ Communities