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How to grab the attention of your Customers and make your Barber Shop money-running?

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How to grab the attention of your Customers and make your Barber Shop money-running? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Barber comes from a Latin word that indicates ‘beard’. Conventionally, barber shops were run by the men with the sole purpose of trimming as well as shaving men’s facial hair.

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How to grab the attention of your Customers and make your Barber Shop money-running?

In recent times, barber shops offer a wide variety of services along with shaving a men’s face. Cutting,

styling and dying hair is also performed inside the barber shop as a service for both men as well as women.

You can follow the steps to run your barber shop and attract the attention of the customers:

Step 1

Choose a location for your barber shop which does not have much competition as well as meets your

targeted customers. For instance, setting up a barber shop in an elementary school district will only be good

if you plan to market the services of your salon to young children.

Step 2

You need to follow all the requirements set forth in your state permit. It might include the barber shop

ventilated so that clients do not have to breathe in the fumes from diverse hair products, or installing the

disinfectant containers at every station in your barber shop. Experienced clients will not come to your shop

if they noticed that you have not followed the guidelines of the state.

Step 3

You should keep the barber shop in a pristine condition as well as sterilize all the instruments after using it.

Consumers will not prefer to visit your barber shop if they find that it is filthy as well as putting their health

at risk.

Step 4

You should hire only licensed barbers who are in the field for a long time and have the expertise to

understand the needs of the different customers and able to fulfill it with proficiency. The friendliness and

talent of then barbers that you employ will attract the customers again and again to your barber store and

they will themselves endorse the services that you offer to their friends and relatives.

Step 5

Advertise your barber shop in the newspaper of the town, on a local radio station, or through handing out

fliers at the nearby grocery store. Word-of-mouth is more effective, however, if you want to reach to a large

number of customers then you need to arrange several campaigns in different corners of the town and

endorse the services that you provide in your shop.

Step 6

You can build a barber shop and collect basic data of the customers, including their email addresses. You

can send them a newsletter with informative beauty tips and offer them discount coupons. It will draw

customers to your shop when giving them the sense that they are getting their money’s back.

Step 7

You can start a few social networking accounts to keep in contact with your customers. You might use

Facebook, MySpace or Twitter in order to post new services which your shop offers. You can also use the

accounts to request feedback from the customers as well as ask for their advice so that you can improve

the services in your shop. Thus, by fulfilling the requirements of the customers, you can increase your profit


Step 8

You might arrange to place an ad in the business directory of the telephone book of your country. This tactic

will help to draw new customers who will, later on, turn to regular customers of your barber shop.

By following the guidelines, you are able to run your barber shop successfully. If you like to know more

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