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Choose Your Own Adventure 351 Ways to Make Money Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Choose Your Own Adventure 351 Ways to Make Money Online

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Choose Your Own Adventure 351 Ways to Make Money Online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choose Your Own Adventure 351 Ways to Make Money Online. The #Truth About $$$. / FBS2012 . The Formula. ( NM + YP ) x ( BI) 10 x OPC x POS / 5% = $$$ $$$ + MM = LWL. How I Made My FIRST Sale. Credibility/Trust Men’s Health Magazine.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

351 Ways to Make Money Online

the truth about
The #Truth About $$$

the formula
The Formula
  • (NM + YP) x (BI)10 x OPC x POS / 5% = $$$
  • $$$ + MM = LWL
how i made my first sale
How I Made My FIRSTSale
  • Credibility/Trust
    • Men’s Health Magazine
how i made my first sale1
How I Made My FIRST Sale
  • Product Creation – TT evolution
how i made my first sale2
How I Made My FIRST Sale
  • Paypal – Bootstrap

“Having too much capital leads to incredible waste and doing things using conventional means.”

– Yanik Silver

34 Maverick Business Rules

how i made my first sale3
How I Made My FIRST Sale
  • Mini-Product Launch ($9.95 TT)
how i made my first sale4
How I Made My FIRST Sale
  • Passion




your 5 ability
Your 5%Ability
  • What is it that you do better than everyone else?
  • What are your best qualities, skills, characteristics?
  • What is your MAGIC TIME?
  • What do you know better than anyone else?
  • Who are your raving fans?



Market andProduct

toSell to It

This is the most IMPORTANT step


Starts with

Turning Your

Personality Into Profits

3 truths
3 #Truths

You must have a BIG IDEA.

No one has time these days for you to be anything less than extraordinary.

3 truths1
3 #Truths

You will not inspire people to achieve great things by living within the bounds of normalcy.

3 truths2
3 #Truths

Success is simple once you accept how difficult it is.

what i would do

What I Would Do…

your getting started plan
Your Getting Started Plan
  • Identify the niche market you want to dominate.
your getting started plan1
Your Getting Started Plan

2. Start creating content (blog, YouTube videos, guest articles) about that topic – and ONLY about that topic.

  • Six articles of 1000 words
  • Six articles of 500 words
your getting started plan2
Your Getting Started Plan

3. Create the most AWESOME free report on the #1 secret your prospects need to know about your topic.

  • Do not hold anything back. Give one AMAZING tip.
  • Over-deliver in expertise.
  • Build Category of ONE as Go-To expert.
your getting started plan3
Your Getting Started Plan

4. Build the relationship with consistent awesome content.

  • Daily to weekly.
  • Make them “beg” for a product.
  • POS
your getting started plan4
YourGetting Started Plan

5. Create the Perfect Product for your prospects.

affiliate lists to make
Affiliate Lists to Make
  • Who has the customers you want?
  • Who can you help?
  • Answer the TOUGHEST question…



I Did to Build

My Online Business…


10. Relationship Building / NetworkingContact potential business partner/affiliate each day& help them first.

8 my diet book method of product creation people want information fast speed of implementation

8. My Diet-Book Method of Product CreationPeople want information fast. SPEED of Implementation

5 creating a recurring product system tt for fat loss tt meatheads tt for women tt members

5. Creating a Recurring Product System TT for Fat Loss, TT Meatheads, TT for Women, TT Members

BIG Lesson: Don’t create a product you think your market wants.

3 moving customer to next level allow your customer to give more to get more

3. Moving Customer to Next LevelAllow your customer to give more to get more

Offer an upsell & different membership levels

1 working with a mentor when the student is ready the teacher will appear

1. Working with a Mentor“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

Leapfrog Effect

the formula1
The Formula
  • (NM + YP) x (BI)10 x OPC x POS / 5% = $$$
  • $$$ + MM = LWL

“Mastermind and collaborate with other smart entrepreneurs if they have futures that are bigger than their present.” – Yanik Silver, Maverick Business Rule #29