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  1. Socialization Culture Wars

  2. Socialization Culture Wars Question Should euthanasia be allowed???

  3. Terri Schiavo Case

  4. Views on the Case WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN TO TERRI SCHIAVO NOW? ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN DECIDING LIFE SUPPORT CASES Federal government should decide 9%State government should decide 13%Government should stay out 75% • Re-insert tube 27% Do not re-insert66%

  5. Questions to Consider • If you were in a coma, would you want your doctor to remove the feeding tube and let you die? • If a patient was in a coma, should close family members be able to have a doctor remove the feeding tube and let the person die? • Who should have the final decision if a patient is in a vegetative state and did not leave legal instructions?

  6. Questions to Consider • If a doctor injects terminally ill patient with lethal dose of drugs at the person’s request, is that the same as murder? • Should a “living will” be allowable in deciding a patient’s outcome? • When is euthanasia acceptable, when is it not?

  7. Euthanasia Facts • Euthanasia in Greek means “good death” • It is the practice of ending the life of a person either by lethal injection or the suspension of medical treatment • Typically is bringing relief to alleviating pain and suffering • “heroic” measures are not being made in an end-of-life situation

  8. Euthanasia Facts • There are many terms associated with the word euthanasia: • Voluntary euthanasia • Involuntary euthanasia • Active euthanasia • Passive euthanasia • Physician-Assisted Suicide • Assisted Suicide

  9. Physician Assisted Suicide • Suicide accomplished with the aid of a medical doctor intentionally providing a person with an overdose of prescription medication • Legal and widely practiced in the Netherlands • Cases existed where doctors administer assisted suicide for people determined to be “chronically” depressed

  10. Physician Assisted Suicide in United States • Oregon made it legal 1st, Washington and Montana have recently followed suit • Requests have been made for psychological and social concerns as primary reasons • 1997 Supreme Court ruled that there is no federal constitutional substantive right to assisted suicide • Virtually every medical and nursing organization is unethical • Doctors say 95% of all cancer pain is controllable and remaining 5% can be reduced to a tolerable level