as you notice a seemingly endless expanse n.
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One of the best Bolivian tour operators awarded by TripAdvisor. We design crowds-free, safe and authentic Salar de Uyuni tours, walking tours in La Paz, Madidi and more.

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as you notice a seemingly endless expanse

As you notice a seemingly endless expanse of water that is covered by low lying

scudding clouds you are assured of brilliant archaeological traces that is Lake

Titicaca - a great spot in Peru for enjoying a unique experience. Banjo Tours offers

you the best experience of Lake Titicaca Tours and many fascinating adventures

and sites that the country of Peru can offer.

Banjo Tours is a small group Bolivian travel & tourism professionals based in the

administrative capital of La Paz with a keen eye for offbeat and authentic


Banjo Tours offers tours around Puno also the known gateway to the famous Lake

Titicaca, the world's highest navigable body of water nestled at an altitude of more

than 12500 (at 3,830m ) feet above sea level. Aside from its location, Titicaca is

admired for shimmering deep blue water, which flows in between the border of

Peru and Bolivia. It is a prevalent among intrepid travelers to cross the lake to get

from Puno to the town of La Paz as well for tourists to opt for boat tour around the


Uyuni Salt Flats surrounded by mountains and volcanoes that reach 5000 meters

above sea level in Bolivia is an immense white plain of 12.000 square kilometers of

salt. It is the only place on Earth visible by the naked eye from the moon. The Uyuni

salt flat is a huge white plain surface formed by grain after grain of salt. It is an

extraordinary place that is certain to leave no visitors unimpressed.

neil m windsor united kingdom says well organized

Neil M / Windsor, United Kingdom says, “Well organized and professional outfit - I

took the 5 day trip from La Paz to Uyuni. It was a great way to see parts of the

Altiplano that are off the beaten track and with no other tourists around. Fabian was

our guide and he struck the right balance between telling us about the

countryside/culture etc and giving us space to explore and enjoy it...”

Visiting Uyuni with Banjo Tours is an ideal adventure for those who enjoy

photography and the wonders of nature. The salt desert is the largest deposit of

lithium in the world and contains significant amounts of potassium, magnesium and


About Banjo Tours:

Banjo Tours is the best tour operator in Bolivia. With a team of Bolivian travel &

tourism professionals they are Bolivian tour operator based in the administrative

capital of La Paz.

Our address :


303 Laurel Ave

National City, 91950



N° 116, in front of "Rotary Square",

Abdón Saavedra,

La Paz,