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Pregnancy Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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Pregnancy Projects

Pregnancy Projects

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Pregnancy Projects

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  1. Pregnancy Projects Sean Buel Block G

  2. Table of Contents • Conception • Zygote • Embryo • Fetus • Pregnancy • First Trimester • Second Trimester • Third Trimester • Birth Problems • Types of Birth • Prenatal Care

  3. Conception or Fertilization • The Sperm Cell moves through the vaginal cavity and into the Fallopian Tubes. • Only one Sperm Cell will penetrate the Egg.

  4. Conception…continued. • Once the sperm cell and the egg cell meet they go through three stages. • Zygote, which is a single cell that is formed when the sperm and egg cells first meet. • After a zygote comes the embryo, which is the mass of cells after the first eight weeks of pregnancy. • After the first eight weeks of pregnancy the cells becomes a fetus. A fetus is the development of the cells after the eight week of pregnancy.

  5. Pregnancy • Pregnancy is divided into three sections called Trimesters. FIRST TRIMESTER: • The first trimester is from the end of the first month to the end of the third month. • During the end of the first and the second month the baby is in the Embryo stage, and the Heart, Brain, and lungs begin to form. • From the end of the second month into the third the baby is called a fetus and the heart separates into four chambers. • At the end of the third month the baby’s external sex sign begin to appear and develop. • This is the time when the doctor will know if the woman has a miscarriage.

  6. Second Trimester • The seconds trimester start at the end of the fourth month and go to the end of the sixth month. • During the second trimester the skin develops and the fetus is able to push and kick. • A fine hair will develop on the baby • Eyelashes and nails start to appear and grow. • During this stage the heartbeat of the fetus will increase and it will move vigorously.

  7. Third Trimester • The third trimester takes place from the end of seventh month to the end of the ninth month. • During this stage the baby’s eyes will open • The arms and legs start to move. • Most of the organs inside the fetus’s body are complete. • When the baby comes out the eyes area slate color. • The skin is smoothed and polished.

  8. Types of Birth • Cesarean birth, or C section, is when the baby has to be surgically removed. The surgeon but go through the abdomen and the uterus, then take the baby out. • Breech Birth is when the baby comes out feet first instead of head first. When this happens the female usually has a C Section, or cesarean section. • A vaginal birth is when the baby is delivered through the vaginal cavity. • When a baby is delivered into a tube of warm water is called a water birth. Some people believe that a water birth is less traumatizing for the baby. • When someone has a still birth the baby’s organs are all grown, but it died inside the uterus. The female still goes through the delivery process.

  9. More types of birth Prenatal Care • A premature birth is when a baby is born before the 37th week. When a baby is premature it is also referred to as a preemie • A problem that can occur is miscarriage, which is when the body terminates the pregnancy. • Another problem that can occur is premature birth which is when the baby I born before the 37th week. • Females can go to a doctor called an obstetrician, who is a doctor who monitors fetal growth. • When a female is pregnant she should go to an obstetrician to make sure the baby is gr0wing properly the whole time throughout pregnancy.