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Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism. Chapter 1. Products = Goods and Services. Goods are tangible (can feel, smell, etc.) Examples: Soft drink, t-shirt, food Services are intangible (not touch, smell, etc.) Examples: Wake-up call, concierge. Which is more important to hospitality and travel?????.

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Hospitality and Tourism

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  1. Hospitality and Tourism Chapter 1

  2. Products = Goods and Services • Goods are tangible (can feel, smell, etc.) Examples: Soft drink, t-shirt, food Services are intangible (not touch, smell, etc.) Examples: Wake-up call, concierge

  3. Which is more important to hospitality and travel????? • A good?????? • A service????

  4. Product Variables • Perishability – probability of product ceasing to exist or becoming unusable in a certain period of time • Empty Hotel rooms (lost income)

  5. Intangibility • Things that cannot be touched • Goods and services that related to memories/experiences • Brochures/Web sites to see what looks like (cannot sample prior to arrival)

  6. Changeability • Opinion of guest is subject to being changed or altered. • Example: Guest at a hotel being disturbed by someone in the next room (opinion of hotel will be changed possibly)

  7. ***The Importance of Hospitality and Tourism*** • Employees more than 8 million people • Generates 525+ billion dollars in sales • Third largest retail industry behind automotive and food stores • One out of every 7 Americans employed directly or indirectly

  8. Importance of hospitality and tourism to • Pulaski County????? • Our Country??????

  9. The Hospitality industry • Lodging – hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts • Local Examples???? • Food-service Management – casinos, restaurants, catering companies, hospitals, schools, etc. • Local Examples????

  10. Tourism Businesses • Travel/Transportation vendors: air, rail, auto, cruise, and motor-coach travel • Tourism offices, chamber of commerce, etc. distribute information to travelers

  11. The Tourism Industry • Local Examples???? http://www.lakecumberlandtourism.com/lake_boating.php

  12. Other Businesses • Recreational facilities • Meeting-Planning services • Sports and Entertainment Industries

  13. Technology Trends • Websites – be utilized to entice customers to purchase products and services • Booking reservations • May get discounts if book on Internet (saves company money – don’t have to pay as many employees)

  14. Internet Access • Access to Internet in hotel rooms and lobbies • Restaurants – Internet access • Airports/Airplanes – Internet access

  15. Information management • Networks – have access to guest information (create profiles) • Helps predict sales • Planning promotions • Developing better guest relations • Planning menus

  16. Guest Services • Wake-up calls • Video check-in and check-out • Computerized heating and cooling • Computerized lighting

  17. Trends in hospitality and tourism • Safety – food service sanitation • Increased security at hotels (keyless electronic locks) • Women only floors • Cruises have passport control and photo IDs • Stricter entrance procedures at stadiums, airlines, etc.

  18. Other trends • Diversity – more women and minorities working in hospitality and travel • Managers/employees – will need to be able to work with people of different cultures

  19. Other trends • Ecology – increased awareness of protecting the environment • Recycling • Using environmentally friendly products • Reuse towels

  20. Markets • Certain markets are growing (Baby Boomers) • Spas are growing (seeking wellness and decrease stress) • More states are legalizing gambling (increase in casino properties) • Time sharing (worldwide vacation ownership)

  21. Convenience • Emphasis on value of time and money • Products and services must be convenient and easily accessible • Extensive take-out offerings • 24 hour locations • Casual atmospheres • Convenient checkin/checkout

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