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  1. Vocabulary fiddling successful thin control recently confident Rate and review the words with a partner Pronouncing the word: blend, chunk, base word plus prefix or suffix Defining the word: background knowledge Using the word in a sentence: background knowledge

  2. Text, author, and reading goal Today you will start reading To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers by Wendie C. Old. As you read you will analyze and distinguish between facts and opinions in the text. Good readers distinguish between facts and opinions to understand what the author wants them to learn and what the author wants them to think.

  3. Team Cooperation Goal • Explain your ideas/tell why • Good readers always go back to the story to support their answers • Good readers are able to explain their ideas using evidence from the story • Good readers can tell why and how they came to a decision on an answer because they know where they got the information in the story.

  4. Vocabulary fiddling successful thin control recently confident

  5. fiddling Playing around with something When Joshua was supposed to be doing research for his presentation, he was actually fiddling around on the Internet.

  6. thin Narrow; skinny There was only a thin layer of snow covering the ground so we couldn’t build a snowman.

  7. recently lately My mom said I didn’t need a new pair of shoes because she had recently bought me a pair.

  8. successful fortunate My studying for the test was successful because I got a perfect score.

  9. control Steer/drive The captain of the boat gets to control where it goes.

  10. confident Sure; believe in one self Harry was so confident in his magical skills that he didn’t study for the potions test.

  11. Vocabulary Vault wobbly faded odd discovers gazes trimmed

  12. Build Background What is your favorite animal? When you talk about your favorite animal you are giving your opinion about this animal Opinions show what people believe or feel about something. Opinions can not be proven true or false Facts can be proved true, and they can be measured

  13. Fact and opinion • Opinions show what people believe or feel about something • Favorite food • How you feel about something • What type of day you are having • Facts can be proved true, and they can be measured • Dates – can be proven true • Will contain facts

  14. Fact or Opinion? An average television viewer watches 20,000 commercials in a year. Seeing a baseball player advertise a bat or ball will make you want to buy one. The advertising industry must obey special rules for advertising to children under 12.

  15. Add a fact or opinion (opinion) Cats like to _________________ (fact) All books have __________________ (facts) Some birds are_________________ (opinion) All children are ______________

  16. Listening Comprehension Charlotte’s Web Pages 113-122 Discuss facts and opinions

  17. Prepare to read! Days :1-4 To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers Reading Goal:Fact and Opinion Team Cooperation Goal: Explain/Tell Why Genre:Narrative Discussion:Text, illustrations and author information Preview: Team Talk Questions

  18. Teamwork • Read pages 718 with your partner. Make sure that you restate each page after reading and add main idea and details to your story map. • While reading clarify 2 words that are unfamiliar. Use all you strategies • Read page 719 silently – add information to story map

  19. Teamwork Continued • Discuss and answer all four questions • Write the answer to 1 and 2 in your journal

  20. Class Discussion • What words did you clarify? • Did you restate the pages (paragraphs) you read? • Be prepared to answer the Team Talk questions!

  21. Adventures in Writing • Describe your dream – what you want to do most. Give at least two details about your dream

  22. Fluency – 5 min Read page 719 with partner. Give fluency score using fluency rubric.