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Cultural Quotient

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Cultural Quotient. What is Cultural Quotient (CQ)?. “the ability to cope with national, corporate and vocational cultures. CQ is the ability to make sense of unfamiliar contexts and then blend in.”

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Cultural Quotient

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what is cultural quotient cq
What is Cultural Quotient (CQ)?
  • “the ability to cope with national, corporate and vocational cultures. CQ is the ability to make sense of unfamiliar contexts and then blend in.”

-as first described by Christopher Earley and Elaine Mosakowski, who coined the term, in Harvard Business Review (HBR), October 2004 Issue

  • Cultural Quotient, or CQ for short, helps us understand and communicate with people from other cultures effectively.
our definition of cq
Our definition of CQ
  • “It is one’s ability to recognize cultural differences through knowledge and mindfulness, and behave appropriately when facing people from other cultures”

-coined after looking at original definition, other definitions and researching on various ways to improve one’s CQ

why cq
Why CQ?
  • Widespread globalization- People of different cultures today live together everywhere in the world
  • More opportunities to interact with foreigners in many aspects (domestically, business, work, etc)
  • One would need to know the customs of other cultures, especially the taboos or risk offending people
  • People with higher CQ would be able to interact with people from other cultures easily and more effectively
integrating cq
Integrating CQ

Applicable in:

  • business world –making business deals with foreign companies
  • daily life –interacting with neighbors, friends, in laws, etc from other cultures
three parts of cq
Three Parts of CQ
  • The Head /  Cognitive (rote learning about the beliefs, customs, and taboos of foreign cultures, the approach corporate training programs tend to favor, will never prepare a person for every situation that arises, nor will it prevent terrible gaffes),
  • The Body / Physical (one will not disarm one’s foreign hosts, guests, or colleagues simply by showing that one understands their culture; one’s actions and demeanor must prove that one has already to some extent entered their world), and
  • The Heart / Emotional/ Motivational (Adapting to a new culture involves overcoming obstacles and setbacks. People can do that only if they believe in their own efficacy).
cq development case studies
CQ development: Case Studies
  • Singapore: Built the first Cultural Intelligence Centre in the world, at its Nanyang Technological University
  • United States of America: Many Businessmen taking lessons on Chinese and Indian Culture in an effort to do business there.
  • Commercial Companies: Novartis and Nike have started to revamp their human resource (HR) agenda to include cultural diversity.
tips to improve one s cq
Tips to improve one’s CQ
  • Discover different cultural groups:

Research on the different major ethnic groups and their many sub-groups

  • Discover their habits and ways:

Look up on websites and books, but the best way would be living and interacting with them itself

  • Discover the dos and don’ts:

mindsets, beliefs, behavioral patterns will differ in every culture

one world
One World
  • There would always be different nationalities and races, cultures and traditions in the world
  • Racial harmony is when people of different nationalities and races work together harmoniously in a society
  • Understanding each other’s culture practices and habits through CQ can help achieve this seemingly impossible goal.
  • In our globalized world it is inevitable to meet more and more people of different ethnicities and cultures, and interaction with them is unavoidable.
  • We would need to understand each other better, which is to say having a higher Cultural Quotient, if we are going to start living and working together.