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Program Design

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Program Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Program Design. Foundations & Frameworks. Determining content, scheduling, equipment, technology, supplies. Decisions. Eliminating courses (6 credit hours). Defining prereqs , expectations. Choosing textbooks/ resources. Developing, strengthening faculty.

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Program Design

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Presentation Transcript
program design

Program Design

Foundations & Frameworks

CDYC Overview


Determining content, scheduling, equipment, technology, supplies


Eliminating courses (6 credit hours)

Defining prereqs,expectations

Choosing textbooks/resources

Developing, strengthening faculty

Addressing workforce requirements

CDYC Overview

strategy for decisions
Strategy for Decisions

…essential to effectively establishing program goals, outcomes, curriculum, policy, and resource allocation

…collective agreement about the program’s “reason for being”

(David, 1984; Staples & Black, 1984)

CDYC Overview

…essential first step in program design

strategy for decisions2
Strategy for decisions

CDYC Overview


Learning Outcomes/Goals

Curriculum Mapping

Course/Syllabus Design

Curriculum Committee Approval

Strategic Planning/Assessment

Resource/Project Justification

initial process
Initial Process

…reflects a clear understanding of the [program] by the faculty and staff

…describes the [program’s] uniqueness and its place within the larger college

(SACS accreditation 2.4 and 2.5)

CDYC Overview

…focuses on teaching and learning


Initial Process

CDYC Overview

Creating context

Analyzing data

Drawing conclusions

Brainstorming components

Synthesizing themes

Clarifying terms

Drafting consensus

Polishing mission

session outcomes

Session Outcomes

  • A set of ideas, beliefs, values
  • A draft statement to use
  • A guideline and support

CDYC Overview


Doing the homework

CDYC Overview

Industry Standards

Workforce Climate/Employer Needs

Institutional/Governmental Context

Comparative Analysis

Internal Data


Synthesis & Draft

CDYC Overview

Care & Development of Young Children


(object/who you serve)


(verb/how you achieve it)


Sample Statement

CDYC Overview

ADOT at Delgado Community College educates and trains students, from first-time freshmen to life long learners, who are seeking to develop marketable skills in administrative technology, organization, critical thinking, and professionalism needed for sustained employability in a diverse and changing workforce.

vision mission
Vision? Mission?
  • Who do we serve?
  • What’s our purpose?
  • How do we achieve that?
  • What are the results of achievement?



CDYC Overview

Who are we?

What do we believe is possible?

How do we hope others see us?

program design1
Program Design

Foundations & Frameworks

Program Design: CDYC